Estrella del Mar barges investigated for polluting the Ozama

Judge Kenya Romero authorized a search warrant to verify contamination levels caused by the electricity barges Estrella del Mar II and Estrella del Mar III operating in the Ozama River. Seaboard Transcontinental has the contract for the operation.

Inspectors from the Specialized Attorney’s Office for the Defense of the Environment tested the waters and air discharged by the electric generators into the Ozama River for polluting substances. The Attorney General Office is carrying out the investigations after receiving complaints the barges were violating water and air permissible limits.

The prosecutors also measured the noise levels generated by the plants and have checked if the different species of fauna and flora found in the environment have been affected by the operation of the floating electric barges.

On 23 March 2021, the Institute of Lawyers for the Protection of the Environment (Insaproma) filed a complaint before the Specialized Attorney’s Office for the Defense of the Environment against Seabord Transcontinental, owner of the barge on the Ozama River, for violating several articles of Environment Law 64-00.

Environmental groups have denounced that the transfer of fuels for the operation of these plants “clearly constitutes a potential risk of contamination”, and have called on the authorities to take corrective actions.

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22 July 2021