National survey shows that obesity and high blood pressure is a problem in the DR

A recent Ministry of Public Health study reveals that more than 70% of the Dominican population is overweight, 32.3% is hypertensive, and 12% are diabetic. The findings were presented for National Arterial Hypertension Day.

7,949 adults ages 45 to 64 participated in the study. Of these 52.8% were men and 47.2% women. 39.3% confirmed they consumed alcoholic beverages, 10.1% used tobacco products or nicotine. However, 91.5% regularly ate fruits, 88.6% ate vegetables, and 47.4% said they were physically active.

Of those participating in the study, 40.6% did not know they had high blood pressure and another 33.5% were not aware they had diabetes mellitus (33.5%). The nationwide survey was carried out 15, 22 and 29 May and 5, 11 and 12 June 2021.

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30 July 2021