Haiti turns down Dominican donation of 100,000 vaccines

In the Dominican Republic, the first vaccines to arrive in February 2021 were of the AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company. These were used to inoculate health care providers. Subsequently, the Dominican government contracted for vaccines with Sinovac of China. And eventually, the batches of AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines have begun to arrive

Now the country has a surplus of vaccines. Donations of AstraZeneca vaccines have been made to Honduras (101,000) and Guatemala (304,000). Both countries have expressed their appreciation. A 100,000 AstraZeneca donation to Haiti, nevertheless, has been rejected by the Haitian government.

From the start, the Haitian government rejected a first batch of AstraZeneca vaccines that it would have received free of charge from Covax Initiative.

Now the Haitian government says that the same way it didn’t accept the AstraZeneca vaccines as part of Covax, it does not accept the vaccines donated by the Dominican government.

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8 September 2021