Tax reform coming, now or later

During the 6 October 2021 meeting of the Social and Economic Council (CES) there were discussions on the priority the government is giving to the Fiscal Pact ordered by the National Development Strategy Law 1-12, but that has yet to happen.

During the CES session it was decided that the fiscal reform topic would no longer be included in the proposals to be discussed by the CES and would instead be tackled directly by the government with key players to ensure its prompt passing.

The conclusion is that there is no time to discuss the fiscal pact in the Social and Economic Council and still get it included in the 2022 National Budget Bill. If the Fiscal Pact is passed later, it still could be included in the 2022 National Budget in the form of a complementary bill that would need to pass in Congress. The government party has the majority in Congress.

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7 October 2021