C-section births are the norm in private clinics; matter of convenience and cost

Diario Libre is reporting on what everyone knows in the Dominican Republic, but people have accepted as normal. In the Dominican Republic most births are by c-section. As reported in Diario Libre, the president of the Dominican Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Cesar Lopez recognizes the reason is an economical one. A C-section and a vaginal delivery here cost almost the same. For a vaginal birth, the physician needs to spend hours, not so for a c-section.

Cesarean birth is quite different from a vaginal delivery. In general, a C-section is a surgical procedure that takes about 45 minutes, whereas a vaginal birth can take hours. Another advantage to the physicians and the woman giving birth, is that cesareans can be scheduled, while vaginal deliveries are spontaneous.

Dr. Lopez says that health risk providers would have to pay physicians more for vaginal births in order to revert the situation. ARS here pay RD$8,000 for a vaginal birth and RD$10,000 for a c-section.

Diario Libre also explains that many women demand giving birth by c-section because then they can decide when the baby is born. The newspaper says that 90% of births in private clinics are by c-section.

Diario Libre reports that the Enhogar MICS 2019 survey of the National Statistics Office reveals that in 2014 c-section births were 58% of the total, but by 2019, these had increased to 63%.

An editorial in Diario Libre calls the present situation “obstetrical violence” against women. Diario Libre reports that 54% of maternal deaths are to women giving birth by c-section.

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Diario Libre

11 October 2021