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DR lobbies to improve health grading for French travelers

Tourism Minister David Collado took advantage of the country participation in the Top Resa tourism fair to have a side meeting with his French colleague, Jean Baptiste Leomoyne. Collado lobbied for France to upgrade the Dominican Republic to green category to facilitate that French people travel again in large numbers to their preferred long haul destination, the Dominican Republic.

The French government has three categories. At present, the DR is in category orange. Red is for active virus circulation and the presence of variants of concern. Orange is for active virus circulation in controlled proportions without the spread of variants of concern. Green is for no active virus circulation, no variants of concern identified.

The Ministry of Tourism reports that Collado argued that the virus is contained locally through a mass vaccination program that includes all hotel and tourism staff and the population in general. In the Dominican Republic, there is a surplus of vaccines.

Collado argued that the United States Center for Disease Control recently upgraded the Dominican Republic to category 2 given the measures taken to control the virus.

Collado said Leomoyne committed to channeling the request for an upgrade.

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12 October 2021