Seven cases underway in justice efforts to combat corruption in government

The Dominican government has a total of seven on-going investigations into corrupt practices, money laundering, and criminal association. An op-ed piece in El Dia concludes that the cases are fit for movie thrillers scripts.

Operation Coral 5G
The very latest, apparently an off-shoot of the previous six cases, is called Operation Coral 5G. It involves at least three generals, including the head of the Tourism Police (Cestur), and an Air Force general and an Army general. Operation Coral 5G deals with a lot of money, with one of those generals admitting to receiving over RD$700,000,000 over a six-year period, and another found in possession of a beach apartment that cost US$3,000 a month. Operation Coral 5G is a Part II of Operation Coral, involving new arrests of military and persons close to former President Danilo Medina.

Operation Anti-Octopus
In November of 2020, the first case, called by the curious name of Operation Anti-Octopus, involved Juan Alexis Medina Sanchez, the brother of former president Danilo Medina Sanchez. A sister was also arraigned. Over half a dozen persons are currently in preventive custody in that case that has involved the now closed Office of Supervising Engineers for State Works (Oisoe) and other, lesser-known government entities. Other persons that were arraigned are wearing ankle bracelets and are under house arrest.

Operation Coral

The first part of Operation Coral took place just four months later, in April of this year, and under the guidance of Miriam German Brito, the Attorney General once again. Operation Coral is a money laundering scheme to the tune of some RD$3 billion that has involved high-ranking members of the armed forces, including the former security chief of former President Danilo Medina, Major General Adan Cáceres.

Operation 13
Operation 13 is defined as an attempt to defraud the National Lottery by fixing the winning numbers. The amount involved is said to be RD$150 million this time. Lottery officials were fired, others placed in preventive custody, and still others under house arrest.

Operation Medusa
Operation Medusa was a bombshell of a case because, after 38 searches and seizures under judicial warrant, the arrest and jailing under protective custody of the former Attorney General Jean Alain Rodriguez and seven others was announced. Jean Alain Rodriguez is currently serving up to 18 months of preventive custody at Najayo Jail. Some of the others are in jail and others are under house arrest or out on a bail-bond. The crime: Detouring some RD$6 billion from the Plan to Humanize the Penitentiary System for personal profit.

Operation Falcon
Operation Falcon uncovered the participation of 60 prosecutors and at least 200 members of the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD). This operation led to over 80 search warrants being served in Santiago Santo Domingo and the National District. Twenty-five persons are currently in preventive custody, under house arrest, or are out on a bail bond.

Operation Larva
And then there is the Operation Larva. The case began in October 2021. It started with over two dozen search warrants being served in the National District, Santo Domingo East and West, San Cristobal and Punta Cana. This operation involves drugs and the activity it is investigating goes back at least two years. Both men and women are involved and at least 12 are in custody. Many had rather picturesque nicknames such as “Bonbon,” “Luis Hookah,” or “Little Eyes.”

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22 November 2021