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Dominican Republic Cascading and Canyoning
Here are two examples of the more popular and accessible excursions, one in the north, near Puerto Plata, and one in the Jarabacoa area.

The Jimenoa River in the central mountain range is one of the tributaries of the Yaque del Norte River, one of the main rivers in the Dominican Republic. A canyoning adventure in the Jimenoa River takes you down along the river canyons, through crystal clear, ice-cold river water and several natural pools, shaded by cool highland pinewood forests, ending up cascading down the scenic Jimenoa waterfall.

In the north of the country, a popular excursion is the 27 (some say 28) waterfalls at Damajagua, near the town of Imbert in Puerto Plata province. This is an adventure that people of all levels of fitness and bravery can take on, but it is recommended that you use a lifejacket. You can visit Damajagua independently or with a tour company. There are local guides who will take you to the site, and you can choose between cascading down the entire series of waterfalls, or just the first seven. The trek is deceptively easy to start with, as you cross over a few small streams. Then you have to get more than your feet wet and swim upstream, and climb up a series of waterfalls until it is time to turn around and start the descent. In some spots the best way is to cascade down the falls, and in others, depending on the advice of the guides, you have to jump into the pools. Some jumps are up to 6 meters high (20 feet).

If you are staying in Constanza, hotels in that area help their guests plan excursions to Salto se Aguas Blancas which is the highest free waterfall in the Caribbean. It had two separate cascades of water that tumble down at two stages form an impressive height of 83 meters (272 feet), at approximately 1800 meters (5,905 ft) above sea level.

Other popular cascading locations include Salto El Limon on the Samana peninsula, and Cascada Ojo de Agua in Jarabacoa.

Choosing your cascading or canyoning adventure is easy. Your hotel or resort will probably offer canyoning and cascading excursions as part of their off-site activities, or you can organize this independently with a specialist tour operator. For a vacation in the Dominican Republic dedicated specifically to canyoning or cascading, there are also several specialist companies that will sell you a complete package. However, in addition to specialized packages and tours, the majority of hotels in areas close to canyoning and cascading locations will provide information on assistance on visiting these locations.
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