Who was Virginia Elena Ortea?



Teatro Guloya presents "Jacobito," a play that seeks to revive and interview that Virginia Elena Ortea carried out in 1901 with Jacobito de Lara, while raising awareness of gender violence. The play will be staged on 8, 9, 10 April 2016 at the Teatro Guloya in Santo Domingo's Colonial City at 8:30pm.

Inspired by real life events, it tells the story of 17-year old Jacobito de Lara who was one of the key players in the murder of dictator Ulises Hereaux (Lilis) in 1899.

Two years after the assassination that turned him into a national hero, he killed his fiancee Emilia Michel, blinded by jealousy, and went from fame to rejection. The play is based on the interview carried out by Virginia Elena Ortea, Listin Diario correspondent in Puerto Plata, in 1901.

The play is inspired by the historical event, but it also seeks to relate gender violence in the 1900s to what is happening in modern times. Simultaneously, the script juxtaposes dialogue from people in the early 1900s and relates it to crime today. So far this year, more than 100 women have been killed in gender violence cases. The leading roles are played by Ellen Perez (Virginia Elena Ortea) and Luis Minervino (Jacobito de Lara).

Ellen Perez wrote the script herself with inputs from historical chronicles and works by Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca.

Virginia Elena Ortea was the first woman to get a by-line in a Dominican newspaper back in 1901.

Sun, 10 April, 2016
Starts at 08:30 PM



Teatro Guloya
Arz. Portes #205
Santo Domingo