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Services / Padela

Isabel La Católica, No. 5 Zona Colonial
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

Tel: (809) 685 0999
Tel: (809) 566 8398
Email: click here to email us

What is PADELA?
PADELA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection of animals, the promotion of their well-being, avoiding their abuse in all forms, and guaranteeing their health.

PADELA was founded on April 11th, 1983 by a group of people with the sensitivity to protect our animals.

What does PADELA do?
Stray animal collection program, in cooperation with the National District City Council, to castrate or sterilize stray animals in order to control their populations.
Adoption program of animals.
Vaccination campaigns for cats and dogs.
Collaboration with national and foreign institutions who aim to protect the well being of any animal; domestic or wild.

How can I help?

Donation of funds
PADELA counts on monetary donations from our members and the general public to move forward with our objectives. We accept and greatly appreciate any donation amount to help our cause. To become an official member of our organization, we ask for a small annual donation of RD$2,000 pesos a year.

Adopt a stray
PADELA has many beautiful cats and dogs waiting to be adopted into a warm and loving home. Our cats and dogs are put up for adoption sterilized, with all their necessary vaccinations. Unfortunately, our small facilities can only hold so many animals. To help our cause, we encourage you to come and adopt a loving companion.

Donation of goods
PADELA also accepts donations of articles that we use on a daily basis in our shelter in Santo Domingo. Many of these common items may even be found stored away in your home. If not, think of PADELA on your next trip to the supermarket by donating any of the following necessary items:

Lightly used towels
Cotton balls
Collars and leashes
Disposable gloves
Puppy dog food
Adult dog food
Syringes (3 CC)
Cat food
Baby bottles (4 ounces)
Disposable needles (21")
Laundry detergent
Ethyl alcohol
Clorox bleach
Disinfectant liquids (any brand)
Dog bowls
Office materials
Old newspapers
Used computers
Toilet paper
Disposable surgical clothing
Garbage can with wheels and lid to store food
Air freshener spray
Aromatic candles

PADELA is always looking for volunteers to help our organization. Anything our volunteers can bring to the organization is greatly appreciated, whether it be a special skill or simply your two hands. PADELA needs volunteers to help with: promoting the organization, fundraising, walking the dogs, cleaning cages and clerical work among others. Please contact us to become a PADELA volunteer and help our cause.


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