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Jasmine Spa and Wellness Holistic Health
Dominican Republic.
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Jasmine Spa and Wellness is a holistic retreat built on a foundation of wellness. We aim to harmonize with the environment to create a sanctuary which will enable, bestow, empower, and promote a healthy lifestyle which will enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Entrust in us some time out of your busy lives so we may help you learn how to devote time and attention to yourself. We offer relaxing, detoxifying and rejuvenating treatments to heal and refresh you. We would like to share with you timeless yoga practices each morning in order to help you take the first steps to the development of your individual meditative practice.

We propose to guide you to discovering how to care for your body, understand it, energize it and feed it. We offer all of this in a comfortable, private and pristine environment designed to foster healthy and balanced living, with staff dedicated to cater to your every need and like minded people willing to share in the experience of developing their essential selves.


We understand that the time that you are able to devote to yourself is limited, and ranges from a single hour to a few weeks. We cater to individuals, couples and families seeking anything from a one-time relaxation massage, a weekend of yoga and mental relaxation exercises, to a 21 day combined or specifically package oriented to weight loss, detoxification and /or rejuvenation.

Our focus is to enable effective and lasting wellness; which in most cases can be achieved through a few nights away from your busy lifestyle - devoted to this environment of healing. We have created treatment package templates on which you can base your stay in accordance with your preferences and based upon your specific goals and the amount of time at hand.

Every one of these packages includes a combination of yoga, naturopathic and spa treatments which build upon each other in synergistic value. They give first timers a glimpse of the healthy restorative properties of our treatments in conjunction with the spa treatments that you will grow to enjoy.

We would invite you to have a look at a brief description of the treatments we offer at Jasmine Spa and Wellness. These treatments have been combined with spa treatments to create detoxification, weight loss, or simply de-stressing packages for stays between two and eight nights.

The demands of today's fast paced lifestyle results in us taking our vehicles in for service regularly and on time, however, we push our bodies, to the brink of health before we consider addressing them with a chemical quick fix approach. At Jasmine Spa and Wellness we understand the difficulties in creating this time for oneself. Through our combination of Spa services to provide conventional relaxation, along with naturopathic treatments and therapies which offer a health restorative (and disease curative) approach to wellness, we are able to give our clients the maximum yield of their time, and an increased understanding of themselves to carry with them.

The retreat's focus is very much on the individual. Despite a residential capacity of up to eight guests, we currently take in an average of eight to fourteen guests at any one time.

Spread amongst the treatment rooms, lounge, deck, roof top terrace and the multiple natural pools means that you can be sure that you will get time to yourself and the space for personal reflection whenever you need it. We have an equal ratio of trained and nurturing personnel on staff to our guests, and you can be sure that we will do whatever necessary in order for you to get all you desire from your time with us.

We understand that a generic form of wellness cannot be bottled and sold; as it would have to take into consideration the personal habits of each individual both social and work, physical and mental strengths and weaknesses, dietary and personal preferences, etc.

To date, our guests expressed that they have felt comfortable enough to put away their usual beauty products, keep their treatment oils in their hair and remain in their robes for the best part of the day, contemplating wellness from the inside out. We do not engage in extensive advertising, but allow for natural evolution though repeat and referral clientele, so if you're reading this its probably because you have been referred to us, so you can be sure that you will get the attention and commitment of a guest in our facility.

We like the lifestyle, and we love what we do, and are always pleased when we can share it with you. We are waiting for you to come and join us.


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