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  1. Looking for internship in Santo Domingo
  2. Shipping Donations - duties and fees?
  3. Call center needed for outbound US campaign
  4. Recommend a Call Center Broker
  5. Chiropractor Looking TO Expand
  6. Beer breweries / botteling plants
  7. Clementina Plantations
  8. Where can I register a .com.do domain name?
  9. Renewable Energy businesses in DR?
  10. Free Zone space available in Santiago
  11. Sports Bar In Santiago
  12. stock brokers
  13. Might Be a Worthwhile Seminar:
  14. Itbis
  15. Has anyone dealt with Facebook ads and its campaigns, Pricing and Scheduling?
  16. What are the permits to open a business in dominican republic
  17. Import from Mexico advice
  18. Opening a Restaurant/Pub?
  19. Is a bathroom tissue wholesaler business a good idea in dr
  20. Can`t find polarized sunglasses nowhere
  21. credit cards
  22. BanReservas started to charge ATM fee for other bank's cards, any left that are not?
  23. Doing biz in DR
  24. Want to start a small call centre
  25. Shipping from DR to Aruba and Bonaire
  26. Per KM cost of Car Usage
  27. The Dominicano 100 List
  28. Bicycles
  29. Importing via your suitcase ?
  30. Starting a small coffee shop business?
  31. Banking in La Vega or just (general)
  32. New high end nigthclub in San Francisco de Macoris
  33. Advice on starting a business in San Fransisco de Macoris HELP PLEASE!
  34. Need advices re: Exporting from the DR
  35. Where to look best for a Daihatsu Delta "Cama Larga"?
  36. Music Event
  37. Software outsourcing - Business Application development
  38. Any advice on starting a Nail Salon (Uñas Salón) in Santiago?
  39. New Aluminum profiles plant
  40. NEW Bank CD question..
  41. Doing business with other Latin American countries in DR
  42. Up and coming call centers in La Vega looking for serious brokers.
  43. Need advice on opening a photography studio.
  44. need help finding legit music recording studio
  45. Beach Vendor/People who sale on the beach
  46. Need advice about opening a liquor store.
  47. Website spanish translation
  48. Thriving businesses
  49. New French Pizza Parlor
  50. Importing to the Dominican Republic
  51. Free Zone company directories
  52. Rent small commercial space inside airport (las americas)
  53. Registro Sanitario
  54. which british company up and left?
  55. Correct Amount to Pay for Computer Assistant
  56. Internet shopping/credit card usage in Dominican Republic?
  57. Opening a English School
  58. Haccp plan
  59. UK £££ to USA $$$$
  60. SRL and Corporate Ownership
  61. Shipping perishables from dr to usa?
  62. selling clothes in DR..
  63. India and The DR
  64. Microfinancing
  65. Dominican Licencia medica
  66. Establishing a business in the Dominican Republic
  67. Franchise
  68. Expanding business – need partner in DR
  69. Computer Parts
  70. Travel Tourism in Santo Domingo
  71. calling all traders
  72. Cost of renting a Kiosk in upscale malls in Santo Domingo
  73. Looking for a Linux specialist
  74. Greenhouse in full production
  75. What is the best shop to open in a mall?
  76. BlindaTech in the D R. God save us
  77. Telemarketing sales team wanted
  78. Contacts for China, India, South Korea visit
  79. Starting a pharmacy in the d.r: What are the requirements?
  80. broadcast and corporate videos
  81. BHD handing out FAKE $50.00 US bill
  82. Commercial Paper Investing
  83. Outbound Centers Required !!
  84. Consolidated sea-cargo Santo Domingo to Europe?
  85. Good bilingual call centers Near El Naco in SD?
  86. Best way to bring money to the DR?
  87. Documentation required in the Dominican Republic
  88. bachata festival in the Dominican Republic
  89. What will it cost?
  90. Licensing for an FM radio station
  91. Human Hair Import via USA
  92. export/s from India
  93. Importing rebar into the DR
  94. Grupo Ramos - Walmart
  95. GoldQuest shares pop 313% thanks to Dominican Republic drill discovery
  96. looking to open a electronic store
  97. Letter from Tobacco Company/grower for NY Cigar Rolling Company
  98. Creating an import-business?
  99. Outsourcing IT to the Dominican
  100. Need a China contact
  101. Car transfer of ownership
  102. taxi business from Sosua to Puerto Plata
  103. Importing into the DR, FAQ UPDATE!
  104. Dazed and Confused
  105. Changes to the rules on sending used clothes to the DR
  106. Business Idea - Independent and Assisted Living
  107. Montellano Sugar Mill Machinery/Parts
  108. Doninican Business Model
  109. Beach businesses???
  110. Someone ever dealt with tobacco
  111. Import and Export shipments to DR
  112. Claro NAT Settings and XBOX Live ?
  113. Liability insurance
  114. Selling Chinese Imports in the Dominican Republic
  115. Setting up a company in Free Trade Zone
  116. Business Idea
  117. ways to increase our money..
  118. New laws for importing products for registered Businesses?
  119. Am I the only one who cracked.
  120. Government starts to charge 10% of savings in banks
  121. Looking for construction companies in Puerto Plata area
  122. Closing a bank account.
  123. Is anyone willing to give advice on hotel business?
  124. Anyone involved in the recycle business
  125. Experience with CardNet?
  126. Orange Contract
  127. opening a bank account
  128. Looking for a translator + driver
  129. CECOMSA Refurbish
  130. Tourist Products / Warehouses
  131. update on bank accounts
  132. Buying Gold in Dominican Republic
  133. Painters (Artists)
  134. Business for sell or buying?!?
  135. Advertising for English-speaking Dominican Employee
  136. Looking for a business partner - Souvenir Gifts
  137. Looking for resources for manufacturing a product in the Dominican Republic.
  138. Is it difficult to start a new business in DR?
  139. classifieds on Dominican Today
  140. Shared Container
  141. Orange SMS Spam
  142. Question about product introduction into the Dominican Market.
  143. Tax on Commercial Goods
  144. Looking for a distributor
  145. minimarket and produce distibuter
  146. Question regarding founding of a company
  147. English Speaking Wages Update
  148. Recommended way to receive payment while selling vehicle to dealer
  149. Opening business in the DR
  150. French call center needed
  151. Villa Montessori?
  152. Any Self Employment opportunities in RD for Dominicans?
  153. Need some resources...
  154. How do i get a spot on the beach for my business?
  155. Finding Finance Contacts
  156. MasterCard and EFL Partner to Drive Small Business Growth with Dominican BHD
  157. Industrial parts & components sources needed
  158. What legal steps to I need to take to open my business in the DR?
  159. Business idea - animal feed from local (not imported) sources
  160. Sugarcane Bagasse needed
  161. Wanted : restaurant, bar, ....
  162. Do I have to set up a Limited company to run a biz in the DR?
  163. Business Valuation
  164. Santiago Business Lounges Wi-Fi Access, Meeting Rooms Etc
  165. Grocery stores and bodegas
  166. Is lotto popular in the dominican republic?
  167. starting programming outsourcing office in DR
  168. Want to open a small farm with 10 milking cows.
  169. New Business for Suppling
  170. Bagel Shop
  171. Call center jobs
  172. Hiring Question
  173. Business Environment in the DR
  174. Computer Market - Desktop and Laptop
  175. Affiliate programs and DR Bank account
  176. avocado farming
  177. Business bank loan, anyone have any experience?
  178. Moving to the DR to open a restaurant in Sosua
  179. Need a call center facility with all the infrastructure in place
  180. Registering your American or Canadian Corporation in the DR.
  181. Help to find an outsource call center
  182. Heavy Equipment parts supplier
  183. customs broker recommendations and Warning about using inpospak
  184. Satellite Internet providers.
  185. Seeking Papaya Expert
  186. Looking for Call Center for Energy Deregulation Program *Weekly Payouts*
  187. Pilca
  188. Online banking international transfer?
  189. What is a good pool company in Sosua?
  190. is dr cafta working?
  191. ATM Did Not Give out Money
  192. Can a Dominican Corporation own "real property" outside of the Country?
  193. I may have asked this before? Still sorting the legal aspects, But,
  194. Looking for an Industrial Maintenance company on the NC.
  195. Experts in Ganado, Please!
  196. Contact Center Space Needed - Santiago
  197. Now hiring but don't know where to start.
  198. Introduction to a Casa de Cambio in Sosua/Cabarete
  199. current interest rates, which bank is higher?
  200. http://www.mangofarminvest.com - opinions?
  201. Want to open a performing arts and science boarding school
  202. Honest Detective?
  203. Had a businessin DR sold i,t moved to USA/ want to try again!
  204. Anti Anxiety Supplement Distribution Opportunity
  205. Are there any successful foreign business stories here in DR?
  206. Have I right to know?
  207. Open a women's boutique store
  208. Becoming a used car dealer in Santo Domingo
  209. Freelance work and DR income tax
  210. Investing in Carro Publico or Prestamo Business?
  211. 2016 CD rates
  212. Preferred method of retail payment
  213. Medical Tourism Logistics
  214. Freight/Package Forwarding Business
  215. Nic.do
  216. Looking for commercial office for rent
  217. Any Members in/Knowlegable Housewares Industry
  218. Importing goods
  219. Clearance documents at Rio Haina
  220. local shipping company to ship in the whole DR
  221. Retail Payment Processing
  222. Itbis
  223. Business expenses
  224. Business Bank account
  225. Security
  226. Power Outages
  227. Trick sticky A/C question
  228. Website
  229. Has anyone ever heard of a patient advocate?
  230. Fedex
  231. Ncf
  232. JP Morgan Selling Foreign Bonds
  233. coinspace
  234. DGII taxes
  235. Another ITBIS question..
  236. Opening a small business
  237. Banca Santa Cruz. 14.8% interest, pesos
  238. Looking to open a business in Santo Domingo
  239. New Franchise help
  240. Banking Opportunities in Santo Domingo?
  241. Anyone Had Any Experience......
  242. Basic Business Items.... Cash Register, Etc
  243. Seeking Concrete block
  244. Virtual Office in the Dominican Republic