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  1. How to get Citizenship
  2. what's the cost to leave the country?
  3. Divorce
  4. American Woman seeking Dominican citizenship
  5. Court cases
  6. Condo RNC number
  7. Cedular / Residency and medical test
  8. Vacating a Condo Rental
  9. Married to a Dominican and he is still together with the mother of his first child
  10. Parental Abduction - Help
  11. Bringing in household goods
  12. Child support, Dominican republic
  13. Out of court settlement
  14. condo auction under law #5038
  15. What A Hassle To Get Your Deposit Back Out Of This Banco Agricola....
  16. What criminal history could stop a DR work permit?
  17. child support and travel
  18. Forming a company
  19. Pornography Illegal in the DR?
  20. Special divorce law
  21. Becoming Notary Public
  22. Cedula
  23. Police Checks
  24. Help! I no longer want to be in my housing association
  25. Customs again, UPS
  26. Torre Atiemar
  27. Can A Lawyer Send Perm. Residence Card By Fedex To A Client In Another Country?
  28. DNA testing,immigration
  29. My Brother Passed Away Yesterday
  30. photography and personal right to privacy
  31. Specific Question about tenants' rights
  32. US passport renewal
  33. uk afidavid
  34. Moveing to DR
  35. Avoid ELDON FRIAS legal document translation.
  36. building codes, rural.
  37. I have been adopted 27 years ago and would like to find my real mom!!
  38. How to become a Dominican Citizen?
  39. Are Civil cases public info?
  40. 1990 Laws in regards to Leaving DR, to USA with minor Child
  41. Medical Examination
  42. Lawyer gets you a false cedula?
  43. Website for liquidation?
  44. Are Adult Webcam Studio's Illegal in DR?
  45. help me with my taxes!
  46. Quick Residency Question
  47. Theft from BHD Bank Account
  48. How much money do I need to apply for residency?
  49. Residency
  50. round trip to LRD and back to US by Dominicans
  51. Looking for cedula check
  52. Property Lease Question
  53. Business
  54. Fraud- Extortion
  55. Have to pay for using an escrow account???
  56. Notary from the US
  57. Do you need proforma invoice at port customs?
  58. a lil u.s. tax help please...
  59. Renewable Energy Law No. 57-07
  60. Need Romanian Documents translated to Spanish
  61. Importing food to the DR. Phytosanitary, sanitary, and health certificate needed?
  62. i would like to get married before the 10 months... is it posible?
  63. Mr Guzman could you please clarify
  64. Dominican Constitution Available in English
  65. Can Lawyer In D.R. Renew My Residency For Me Without Me Going Back To The D.R.?
  66. Legal requirements
  67. Need help asap please!!!!!!!
  68. changing name on Birth certificate
  69. Apostilla in DR
  70. Becoming a citizen by buying property
  71. Small Business idea, need lawyer's advice
  72. Transporting all to dr.
  73. Importing Boat, truck and Trailer
  74. Lawyer recommendations?
  75. Looking for surveyor (agrimensor) in Puerto Plata region
  76. Model release
  77. Haitian National coming to visit Canada - needs visa. SDO or Port au Prince best shot
  78. My tenant is not paying the rent....
  79. Issues with a local partner
  80. Romanian in trouble. lost passport
  81. How long does it take from being a tourist to be able to work legally, in average?
  82. what to do after being deportated problem?
  83. Construction Within Linderos
  84. Been in DR for 1 month, can't force myself to leave, How do I stay?
  85. Dominican wife/US Citizen
  86. please advise
  87. Where to get the certificate of good conduct
  88. getting married very soon :)
  89. French Passports 'accidentally' sent from Santo Domingo embassy to Yemen (Mid E)
  90. fast track residency
  91. Offshore trading account
  92. Agrimensores - How to Become a Surveyor in the Dominican Republic?
  93. Visa Restrictions Same For Passport Holder In U.S. or U.K. and D.R. ?
  94. Legalizing Marijuana in the DR- why not?
  95. reciprocity act?
  96. Do i need..
  97. Inheritance title
  98. Vehicle taxes
  99. Citizenship
  100. Dominican Company Law for non-lawyers
  101. Driving in DR with US-Suspended Licenses (Policia question)
  102. Residencia Application to Be Submitted
  103. Marriage certificate!!! Help please!!!!!!
  104. Dominican Birth Certificate
  105. Marriage Certificate - Please help
  106. Processing time for RESIDENCIA TEMPORAL
  107. Child custody question...
  108. Question for Mr. Guzman
  109. Migracion Ley 285-04 - Details
  110. Independent Contractor
  111. Buying a MotorCycle or Car...What are the requirements?
  112. Who is going to tell him?
  113. Who owns the house in this case? Legal question for Dr Guzman
  114. Changing From Corporation To Private Ownership
  115. Cedula for Customs
  116. Opening a Bank Account
  117. On-line Poker From the DR
  118. Oficilia De Civil
  119. Legal fee
  120. Getting Personal Goods Through Customs
  121. Stamp that shows Residency has been applied for - for Customs
  122. Was forced to buy a return ticket when leaving to DR
  123. Procedure to sell a vehicle?
  124. Marriage Fraud - Message for Dr. Guzman
  125. whats the procedure to get my dominican daughter her u.s. citizenship?
  126. Social Security system – some specific advice please?
  127. Death tax
  128. liquidation calculations
  129. Dominican Passport for newborn
  130. MIP aka (SEIP) are dirty!
  131. How does one challenge an AMET cop when they start to make up their own rules?
  132. I married a Dominican man and need divorce info
  133. Citizenship by marriage
  134. merchant account for online services
  135. Self Defense ??
  136. Application for residency - apostilisation etc...
  137. court-checking up on my lawyer
  138. Which Domestic Workers Must Be Reported To Social Security?
  139. Registering with TSS - firsthand experience
  140. Renewing dominican cedula in the u.s!! Nyc
  141. Travel with expired residence?
  142. Tourist Visa for my Fiancee
  143. Incoming Tourist Visa?
  144. getting a u.s passport in d.r
  145. I dont have any ID but I am a US Citizen.. HELP PLEASE
  146. Tourist visa to a spouse visa
  147. Resoluciones e Impuestos por Municipios
  148. Getting a Divorce
  149. how to get a mistake on marriage certificate changed
  150. Possibility of identity theft with Original Documents
  151. My Dominican Natioanlity
  152. Oops! I lost my Cedula and Residencia!
  153. Are DR citizens who apply for passports investigated?
  154. visitor restrictions
  155. Child Leaving the DR to Travel To The USA With American father??????????
  156. Returning to the UK
  157. Car Accident
  158. Need a copy of marriage certificate
  159. Working as a dental hygienist in DR
  160. child support standards in the DR
  161. liquidation questions
  162. Claro's internet billing question
  163. Taking care of business
  164. Returning to the UK
  165. DR1 Expert Fabio J. Guzman on Vacation
  166. Entering DR with a criminal record
  167. Another divorce
  168. Visiting DR for 6 months, should i get a visa or a fully refundable ticket?
  169. Where can you get a vehicle tag in Santiago?
  170. 4 questions....
  171. Obligation to pay volunteers
  172. Staying in DR, can someone explain me what's a cedula?
  173. What documents need my child born in the DR for the departure from the country ?
  174. Born as Extranjero
  175. Advice needed. Can we get our mum home
  176. Can landlords turn off utilities for non payment of rent or condo fees?
  177. Can you overstay without problems (just a fine) for long time? or there is a limit?
  178. if no problem with an unlimited overstay, why needed a round plane ticket????
  179. Told to move out
  180. American living in D.R with dual citizenship travel question.
  181. Help needed from this DR1 lawyer
  182. Need information quickly
  183. If Would be great if Sr Guzman could comment on my car accident I posted on July17
  184. Compañía no registrada
  185. Parental Abduction of a non-us child
  186. Interested in starting a WaveRunner business in Bavaro... What are the legal steps?
  187. Questions
  188. Papers For Some Residents Have Been Deleted From The SystemS
  189. Troubles with Dominican Migration Authorities
  190. Child Support and Visitation
  191. looking for work for my DR friends - married couple, excellent hardworking people!
  192. children Ciizenship
  193. Acquisition of U.S. Citizenship by a Child Born Abroad
  194. Americans Divorcing Americans in the Dominican Republic.
  195. Working and Studyung Short term in the United States
  196. Adoption
  197. 10 % Rent increase
  198. lost cedula... help wjhat to do ???
  199. Laws I should know when opening a nightclub/bar
  200. Provisional Residence or Residence Card
  201. Obtaining a property title
  202. Question about inheritance.
  203. Returning rental moneis and arrest warrent.
  204. Residency
  205. Question about marriage...
  206. Laser Sights, Legal yes or No????
  207. DR Universities: Poor teachers should not be allowed to keep teaching.
  208. How much does a Will cost?
  209. Expired temporary residency what to do
  210. Home title transfer
  211. Temporary Residency Problems - Any Input?
  212. Need signature on a document notarized in Las Terrenas that will be legal in Canada
  213. looking for advice on canadian application
  214. Property Management
  215. Marriage laws in Dr on property owned in another country before marriage
  216. corruption of the law
  217. problems to transfer title of a car
  218. WARNING, fraud!
  219. Where to get 2 year residency in Santo Domingo
  220. To Sr. Guzman on condo registration
  221. I just bought a scooter, now what do i do??? registration? insurance? etc?
  222. Ministerio de Salud
  223. Guzman Ariza website down?
  224. Shame on me!
  225. Entering country with more then $10,000 US
  226. business bank account in the dominican republic
  227. Married Dominicana changing name on Cedula
  228. Family of Que. student killed in Dominican awarded $340,000
  229. How hard to prove marriage fruad?
  230. How hard to prove marriage fraud?
  231. baby is mine
  232. Expats in Crime in the DR
  233. How do you pay a traffic ticket in DR?
  234. Fingerprints
  235. Lawyers for Non-profit
  236. Forming a corporation in DR
  237. Fixing Year of Birth on Birth Certificates
  238. obtaining a regular majority vote at a condominium meeting
  239. Passports
  240. Dominican Death Tax Property and Certificates
  241. Liquor License in DR
  242. Severance pay for Gardner Shared by Neighborhood
  243. PLEASE HELP: Searching for Mother in DR
  244. Is an order for child support from the DR enforceable in the U.S?
  245. Single men and adoption in the Dominican Republic
  246. Can I divorce my wife in the UK from the DR?
  247. Tax Treaties
  248. Construction on house with tenants living there, legal?
  249. American company and contracts in the DR
  250. Tenant's right to change lock(s) for time of the lease (?)