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  1. Immigration
  2. leaving DR and applying next time i come back
  3. FYI, "extended tourist VISA" does not exist anymore
  4. I m new here
  5. Leaving the Country after Overstaying?
  6. How to apostille a foreign (Western Africa) Birth Certificate
  7. Visitation/Custody
  8. citizenship seems to be a long wait
  9. can i leave DR with an expired passport?
  10. Corp. Taxes due on Monday, April 14th.
  11. bringing a car as a part of the residency package
  12. Car Insurance claims for Expats
  13. Naturalization through Children or Spouse? Best Route?
  14. renovating permanent cedula - updated info 04.2013
  15. Expat's Legal Residence + Taxation in DR
  16. canadian man stopped from entering DR on one way ticket
  17. Dominican natuerlized Citizenship? Is there a reason to
  18. Enforced child maintenance.
  19. Dominican Citizenship Through a Grandparent
  20. Is residency visa info current?
  21. Almeyda Rancier & asociados.
  22. Banco Popular closing Business Accounts without notice
  23. It's taking a long time
  24. Certified legal translator
  25. How long does it take to get DR citizenship through naturalization?
  26. Help with unethical lawyers
  27. Translating birth certificates
  28. Legal Representative for Real Estate Rental Contract - Requirement? POA
  29. Prosecutor Yenni Berenice
  30. Prosecutor General: Prostitution is a criminal offense in DR
  32. First Time Temporary Residency with New Rules
  33. Dominican Drivers Licnese needed if I have citizenship?
  34. marrying a Domincan man...
  35. Papers & visa for a child
  36. Recall I told you this was going to start happening!
  37. Can Business Visa obtained in DR?
  38. Changing corporate form SA to SRL or EIRL? Required
  39. ITBIS on Properties over RD$2.0 Million
  40. buisness accountant
  41. Need help
  42. apartment rental rights
  43. what's my immigration status? Lost my green card too.
  44. "SGACEDOM" and Ley 65-00 ???
  45. Valid cedula in order to apply for citizenship?
  46. Validity of cedulas
  47. Consent letter needed for traveling with child?
  48. Residence Visa Problem (USA Citizen) - Advice Please!
  49. Citizenship
  50. Notarized Letter of Guarantee (Residencia) - Anybody have a sample document?
  51. Western union in Puerto Plata
  52. Guido Perdomo
  53. Further doings in Cabarete!
  54. Cabarete, again!
  55. drleyes.com
  56. New residency visa
  57. approx cost for second permanent residency card
  58. Cabarete & it's doings! (It just never ends!)
  59. Cabarete & Its Doings - part 2
  60. Question reg. Holding
  61. Cabarete - further on the Canoa Court Case!!! part 4
  62. IM IRRITATED PERMANENT residency costs
  63. Progressive roulette sosua grandbay casino. Sosua
  64. Renewal of an investor residency
  65. Certificate of good conduct for citizenship application
  66. continuation of closed thread..PROGRESSIVE ROULETTE AT GRAND CASINO BAY SOSUA
  67. Spanish-language interview for citizenship
  68. Can i legally drive a motor bike with a foreign motor bike license
  69. Leaving the Country overland - Law about Departure Tax?
  70. Quick Residency Question
  71. Dominican credit cards defaulting
  72. Foreigners working in the DR without papers
  73. List of questions for citizenship exam
  74. suspect dominican friend being forced into marriage NEED ADVICE/HELP
  75. Frequency of swearing-in ceremony
  76. Atty. Juan Musa?
  77. New Labor laws for Service Lady/Domestic Help?
  78. Canoa Court Battle - part 4!
  79. English translation of citizenship questions
  80. Citizenship through investment
  81. Code does not punish therapeutic abortion
  82. Clarity in the Canoa case - another voice in the fray?
  83. Domestic workers and workers paid by day
  84. Plan piloto
  85. Marriage Annulment
  86. condominium board question
  87. How to record a divorce?
  88. Cedula verification website
  89. Residency renewal date?
  90. Confused on Renewal of Residency
  91. Arrested in Santiago
  92. Criminal Record Check
  93. Blood type?
  94. Work Permits or residency requirements
  95. Condo liability
  96. Bilingual prenuptial agreement
  97. Bilingual prenuptial agreement (Santo Domingo Lawyer) Moderators Help!!!
  98. Is it possible to check whether an impedimenta de salida is current?
  99. Haitian-Dominican rights pro bono project with ISLP
  100. Gun Purchase
  101. Massachusetts Man Sentenced in US for Sex with Minor in DR
  102. Claiming Dominican Nationality for a 1/2 Dominican Child and Impedimento de Salida
  103. possible child abduction ?
  104. Need legal advice for transferring the name on a houses title
  105. Why would a lawyer want a copy of my wife's cedula?
  106. A lawyers obligations?
  107. Coming into DR with a laptop, is there a tax?
  108. Lawyer recommendation in Santo Domingo
  109. Guzmán Ariza, Attorneys at Law Santo Domingo Offices Move to New Location
  110. Can my maid keep her house?
  111. Legal advice for changing a baby that has my last name.
  112. The U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act coming to an area near You..
  113. Moving to the DR on tourist visa?
  114. Can a licensed U.S. doctor (M.D.) practice general medicine in the DR?
  115. Retirement Visa question
  116. car import 2010 to dominican from Miami
  117. Need an immigration lawyer (US Green Card for dominican)
  118. Salaries for Judges
  119. Residency Process
  120. Applying the salary raise to the sereno
  121. taped conversation is admissible evidence in court?
  122. Do-it-Yourself Temporary Residency Renewal Procedure (Instructions)
  123. Dr. Manuel Ulises Bonnelly joins Guzmán Ariza
  124. Adopting Nephew
  125. where is my cedula?
  126. Seeking a handwriting expert (judicially approved)
  127. Renewal of Firearm License, MIP f#cked up again
  128. Renewing expired Permanent Residency
  129. Holidays this week
  130. Will Making
  131. High court’s landmark ruling a setback for offspring of Haitians
  132. My Cedula is in the system - well, partially...
  133. Citizenship interview
  134. Finding Someone
  135. Partial Liquidation
  136. How long to apply for residency visa at DR consulate in country of origin?
  137. Quittance pay for someone who resigns
  138. tax on income from abroad financial investment
  139. getting residency
  140. Car insurance when under a car loan?
  141. Foreign Driving Licence Validity (Attn Senor Guzman)
  142. Naturalization ceremony
  143. Removing a commercial tenant???
  144. Recording of citizenship exam questions
  145. How long can I stay in the DR?
  146. temporary to permanent residency
  147. What is required to nullify marriage in DR?
  148. Residency for Children
  149. Oath at naturalization ceremony
  150. Car trade in and purchase advise, what is the paperwork process here in the DR?
  151. Six month rule?
  152. Cabarete Sindico Canoa loses game to postpone trial
  153. Questions about getting a job at my age
  154. 724,515 Dominicans have pending driving fines
  155. New place for Cedulas.
  156. Foreigners attack with falsehood and misinformation the TC citizenship ruling
  157. Power of Attorney for my Kids Travel
  158. Tasers and Mace for Christmas
  159. Internet Tax at 50%???????
  160. Question About Quick Divorce
  161. Dominican embassy/consular services abroad
  162. noise laws
  163. Lawfirm
  164. Child support from a Dominican to a Canadian.
  165. real estate and divorce as non resident
  166. new message
  167. Contract on my apartment.
  168. Junta Central Electoral
  169. Fees For Executing A Will
  170. Best Lawyer in Santo Domingo for residency
  171. Residency visa
  172. The constitution, anyone have one handy?
  173. Does a resident have equal rights as a citizen in a court of law?
  174. Presentation/Cocktail on US & Dominican Tax, Estate Planning and Reporting
  175. Taking a camera into a tribunal court hearing?
  176. Taking a car to newyork
  177. Land - Rental Responsibilities
  178. Are tourists fingerprinted in the DR?
  179. Incorporation
  180. Fishing questions?
  181. courts and rights
  182. am I responsible for my husbands debt?
  183. Can Non-Residents Legally Own, Import and Use Tasers?
  184. Inheritance law
  185. Where can I get Visa de Residencia RS if allready in Dominican Republic
  186. Looking for some information on having your water shut off from a private well
  187. I wasnt paid my last check of employment on time I..
  188. Loocking for a good lawyer
  189. Waiting time before naturalization
  190. Property (rental) Insurance
  191. marbete - revista
  192. Common law marriage in DR
  193. Misspelled Name on notice of court appearance
  194. Travel from Canada with only 1 parent
  195. Assistance Obtaining Passports/Visas
  196. New cedula for dominicans, also for non-dominicans ?
  197. Importing exporting for small business
  198. donations and customs
  199. Mortgage Terms / Seller carrying paper
  200. Buying a Shotgun with Temporary Residence?
  201. law for motorcycles
  202. Applying for Residency Visa from within DR
  203. Are Canadian Visas still being processed in Haiti
  204. New owners of a corp. liable for claims?
  205. Tax Question on Non-resident company
  206. UK Tourist Visa - A Possibility or a Pipe Dream?
  207. I thought I would comment on the file article on jails since I have been there.
  208. requisites to renovate gun license
  209. do you get to keep the tourist card when you enter the country?
  210. Entry from Canada with criminal record
  211. Residencial administration refuses to comply
  212. British Embassy in Santo Domingo will no longer process visa applications
  213. Passports for felons! :D
  214. Dual citizenship
  215. FAMILY CODE will allow a woman to register her child under the alleged father´s name
  216. lost cedula
  217. Closing Company in the DR
  218. it is illegal to poison animals on your own property now?
  219. Applying for a passport
  220. Getting Apostilled English Birth Certificate Translated... Long Process?
  221. Canadian resident wanting to be married in the DR
  222. Fired our Property Manager. Do I owe her money for "severance"?
  223. visa expired for a colombian citizen
  224. Concerns About a Multi-level Marketing Scheme Operated by a Foreigner
  225. Luis Heredia Bonetti passes away
  226. Selling car but dont have matricula
  227. US$ 500 deposit ?
  228. Birth Certificate for a Dominican
  229. Normal fee for a lawyer for a Condo purchase
  230. Help - WHY would he want a baby?????
  231. Are Notary Publlics Easy To Find?(Please Help)
  232. Beating a minor, court hearing results.
  233. Dominican passport
  234. Questions on the new residence laws.
  235. Legal fees for Divorse
  236. Optar por la nacionalidad dominicana - what do I need to think of?
  237. Few Questions about Immigration
  238. Dominican Citizenship - Interview questions
  239. Employees
  240. Tourist Visas, for a residence aplication
  241. Cedula office closed
  242. Permanent Residency Renewal
  243. dominican passport and origin of birth
  244. Help! My former girlfriend says she will sue me!
  245. Traveling to DR with in 20 hours help asap
  246. Children's rights
  247. Mialing Legal Docs to US
  248. Is this a BS trap?
  249. Avoiding DR inheritance laws validating US will at cancillera PLEASE ADVISE ASAP
  250. Naturalization ceremony