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  1. temp residencia - cedula renewal delay
  2. dna test
  3. Question About Problem With Administrator & Council Of Apartment Complex
  4. Medical Malpractice
  5. Business Visa for work applied I want document back...
  6. Question about land
  7. Name of the director of Migration office
  8. residency for the DR
  9. Loan Default
  10. end of year wages
  11. Beach Rules
  12. dune buggies, streets legal?
  13. My experience: Taking minor out of country
  14. Do you have to pay taxes on farm income
  15. List of embassies/consulates for cedulas
  16. Company setup for a "Short term loan / finance company" ?
  17. Info Request: Jesús Salvador García Tallaj
  18. Central Bank withiholding CD funds
  19. Fact or Fiction?
  20. Buying motorbike from Dominican
  21. Leaving the DR Voluntarily Taxes/ over stay fees
  22. Filed for residency lately?
  23. Is the Migration Department in SD open this Friday, January 22, 2016?
  24. Buying a new home
  25. DR1 Expert on Vacation
  26. Secret DR divorce
  27. driving licence
  28. Expired Residency
  29. Lawyer Needed
  30. Auto Crash Property Damage
  31. Naturalized foreigners cannot obtain identity card before the elections
  32. Changes in H.O.A. By-Laws and Rules vs Dominican Law
  33. Property Tax is coming to our neighborhood
  34. Buying a house with dominican girl
  35. Legal Question: Would A Claro Cell Tower Antenna
  36. Criminal or Civil Case
  37. Is Dominican Passport necessary for a Naturalized DR citizen?
  38. Question About Proving There Was A Quorum
  39. Resolutions-Meetings Nullified?
  40. Lawyer extorting me :/
  41. Regularization program
  42. Children born in DR to both foreign parents
  43. Notary
  44. Ley 305?
  45. Medical test for recidencia
  46. Malpractice in the DR..
  47. Legally married, no kids, NOW separated... DO I NEED TO PAY ALIMONY
  48. Residency with only tourist card?
  49. when exactly to renew
  50. Investing in 'local' business vs. starting/buying business
  51. Abogado / Lawyer - Civil Marriage Prenup / Immigration / Residency
  52. Is it illegal?
  53. Flying out after overstaying tourist visa... quick questions
  54. child custody in the DR
  55. How to locate original title at land title office.
  56. Criminal Record Check for Non-Resident
  57. Orange private number
  58. Paperwork for getting married..
  59. Emancipation in the Dominican Republic?
  60. Buying a house with a dominican girl
  61. Only in the Dominican Republic
  62. attempted land purchase
  63. air plants how can I get permission to import
  64. Any legal advice to help my friend
  65. 60 meter rule in buying ocean front property?
  66. Immigration Red Flag
  67. Liquor licence is it NEEDED costs???
  68. Immigration Department will require an insurance policy starting May 9th, 2016
  69. Documentation needed to travel to DR from USA
  70. Junk cars
  71. Problems with passport renewal
  72. Court Summons delivery
  73. first matricula
  74. Deslinde - is it legally required to sell?
  75. REGULARIZATION UPDATE "Cedula coming"
  76. Lien/Embargo
  77. Seems Like I Am About To Have A Big Legal Problem Here
  78. Judge rejects return of Cabarete beach access
  79. Rent deposit
  80. Question for Guzman Ariza Law Firm on Residencia Temporal Renewal_2016?
  81. DGM Advisory
  82. child support when abroad
  83. Is it possible to revoke emancipation?
  84. U.S. Tax Professionals
  85. From Temporary to Permanent Residence after your mandated 4 legal renewals
  86. Temporary residence to Rentista
  87. Renew residencia VS pay penalty - if there is one
  88. Double nationality overstay fees.
  89. DR Requirements for Obtaining a Divorce from US of a Dominican Resident
  90. child abuse
  91. Disbar Attorney, not filing request for conveyance of title?
  92. Secret Condominium Meetings--Need Legal help
  93. Overstaying exit fees
  94. Dominican gun permit
  95. starting from the 1st of august migracion will handle applications online
  96. New Gun Laws - Please explain them
  97. DR1's Favorite Lawyer on Dominican TV
  98. requirements for wedding
  99. extradition of american citizens from USA to the DR
  100. Resources for human trafficking victims
  101. How to obtain dominican plates for foreign cars?
  102. Haitian working legally in DR
  103. Illegal wall in front of my property and closing of street
  104. Passport stolen by car rental company.
  105. Rental contract (house)
  106. Background Checks
  107. No visas to be issued by Dominican consulates until further notice
  108. obtaining dominican citizenship for my family
  109. Do overstay fees apply after tourist card expires? Or for total stay?
  110. Permiso Para Menores
  111. Some recent accolades for Guzman Ariza Law Firm.
  112. Maintaining Up to Date Address
  113. US Consulate wants access to biometric and facial ID data
  114. Buena Conducta - How Fast?
  115. Tax status changes for companies
  116. Sworn translator
  117. Residency visa and temporary residency
  118. Are incomes from abroad taxable?
  119. medical certificate for temporary residency?
  120. Property lien registration and lawyer cost
  121. Is a medical required for renewal of temporary residency?
  122. Beware: state police check not good enough
  123. American in jail there for gun possession
  124. a not spanish conract between companies
  125. Residency Renewal Insurance
  126. Renewal of permanent residency for more than two years
  127. Lease help please
  128. Residency renewal online - has anyone tried?
  129. What is the penalty for having an illegal firearm?
  130. Sending documents to immigration - online renewal
  131. entry of syrian visitor
  132. Divorce records
  133. Landlord wants to sell the house I live in, are there any rules that protect me?
  134. import tax?
  135. foreclosed project
  136. Another banking question - joint account
  137. Marriage
  138. Liquidation Question
  139. Abreu Immigration
  140. New law about checking your spouses cell phone
  141. renewal cedula - insurance commercial de seguro
  142. Residency expiration - delay
  143. Gardeners Rights
  144. Hello - Looking for a good lawyer in the NC
  145. New Online Residency Renewal Requiremet
  146. Potential Residency roadblock? Help
  147. NYC DR Embassy Residency Renewal
  148. Legal assistance, Sosua
  149. Paying part-time worker for national holiday
  150. Regulation for community in DR ?
  151. Absentee landlord having major issues with tenant
  152. more info on Owner Financing
  153. Customs question
  154. Complicated Inheritance Question
  155. Another Inheritance Law Question
  156. Question for Fabio Guzman
  157. Any belgians that have their paperwork done?
  158. Question on Divorce and Residency
  159. Death Certificate
  160. visa visitor
  161. New Question for Fabio Guzman on Tourist Stay Extension
  162. for Fabio Guzman
  163. Good Conduct Letter - Buena Conducta - Bavaro - Punta Cana
  164. i need to renew my cedula-info needed
  165. Border Fee: Legitimate or Extortion?
  166. Dashcam video admissible in court?
  167. New law aims to get rid of vehicle "heaps"
  168. apostille / notary
  169. Working in The DR
  170. Temp to Perm residencea transition.
  171. Driver License renewal
  172. Cannot complete citizenship
  173. immigration news
  174. Chicago Consulate Question
  175. Help with Police Records
  176. medication plans
  177. Do it Yourself Temporary Residence Renewal-Online
  178. Registered Survey Corrections
  181. Temporary Residency types RT-1 RT4, RT-9
  182. Question about traveling ( minor)
  183. Beach closings Thursday April 13 2 PM until 8 PM Sunday
  184. european passport for dominican child
  185. Next election
  186. Residency snag again
  187. Permanent Residency - Big Deal? No!
  188. Soy Dominicano
  189. American marrying Haitian in the Dominican Republic
  190. Leaving thr DR without Cedula
  191. US Resident who owns proprty in DR the past 30 years has passed
  192. legal title of my property
  193. Title ownership of property
  194. Renewing papers... AGAIN!
  195. question about dying in DR
  196. Minor DR citizen flying out of the DR alone
  197. Never get usa birh certificate back ?
  198. Attorney Fee for Transferring Title
  199. translation of Estatudos
  200. Avoiding Inheritance Problems
  201. Real Estate Agent and Lawyer needed.
  202. legal situation of property/businesses of foreigners with irregular migratory status
  203. New Notice from Dominican Immigration/DMG - What does it mean?
  204. Two British citizens getting married on vacation
  205. Splitting Costs when Purchasing Condo
  206. Registering a propert in SRL with DGII
  207. security escopeta
  208. CLEAR WAY of Becoming a Dominican Citizen (through parents)
  209. Is toplessness in the D.R. legal or not?
  210. Permanent residency card - 4 years COST via Lawyer
  211. NC Lawyer for residency for my Haitian freind
  212. out of country will's
  213. Owner financing - buyer does not pay
  214. Worker Pay Increase on 8/1?
  215. Help! how do I get a copy of a marriage certificate in Punta Cana?
  216. How does one initiate a criminal corporate tax fraud investigation??
  217. Question about Prescription Medication from Canada that is illegal to possess here.
  218. married ro dominicana
  219. First time Permanent Residency
  220. Temporary Residence Insurance
  221. Avarage hourly rate for strong attorney
  222. Do you have a business that plays music - read this
  223. Dominican Driving licence - what is considerd validation
  224. Reputable lawyer in Puerto Plata
  225. Medallion Signature Guarantee
  226. Apparent new requirement for tempoary renewals
  227. Fingerprinting for FBI Criminal Report
  228. gun renewal pardon period
  229. Trouble In Apartment Complex
  230. Finding the owner of a piece of land in Santo Domingo
  231. Lawyers are not responding.........
  232. Traveling on or near residency renewal date
  233. CBD Oil (?)
  234. Accident while driving someone elses car...who is responsible?
  235. Normal Fee
  236. Expired rental contract
  237. Bringing cured meat and fish products into the DR
  238. Open a business
  239. Marrying Dominican as a dual citizenship and starting Visa Process
  240. Company Transformation Question (2017)
  241. Getting a Dominican Cedula in the United States??
  242. Separation Before Naturalization Process Finalized
  243. Extension (Prorroga) of Tourist Card in SD
  244. Gated Communities Adm requiring prop owner and renter contracts ?
  245. renwel of residency
  246. New in Punta Cana
  247. The Condominium Law In The Dominican Republic Needs Major Revisions
  248. Capital Gains Tax in the DR
  249. Residencia definitiva - renewal process
  250. my residency card