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  1. DR child ID
  2. Initial Permanent Residency Help
  3. Are golf carts now banned from the streets?
  4. RP 1 residencia
  5. House Title Transfer to DR Corporation
  6. Foreigners Driving in The Dominican Republic
  7. Entering DR following 6 months of residency approved
  8. tourist visa extension - from US
  9. child visitation / support
  10. Need help.Worker suing me after I let him go
  11. Outdated info in sticky in this forum on Driver's License, Renewals for Residency
  12. Permanent Residency Renewal - Proof of Solvency and/or Repatriation Insurance
  13. project of a law that penalizes renting properties to illegals
  14. DR will require visas for visitors who overstay
  15. Married a DR girl. I am a US citizen
  16. Nightclub next to residential area.
  17. Advance Healthcare Directive - Need attorney
  18. Tourist Card Extension (I Got It, but Have a Question)
  19. Residency card after depositing citizenship application
  20. Legalizing documents
  21. Need Advice from Dr. Guzman
  22. Need Help Locating Original and Official and Current Document
  23. What Constitutes An Act Of Defamation Under The Laws
  24. Canada
  25. US Born Citizen - Dominican Citizenship Through Parent
  27. Medical Marijuana in DR
  28. Question About Recording Audio
  29. Dominican Firms that Specialize in Lobbying?
  30. After Permanent Residency.
  31. Temporary to Permanent Residency
  32. Renewal temporary residency
  33. Tourist Visa/Citizen
  34. Gold
  35. Dominican Nationality Through Descent
  36. Custody after I-130 approval?
  37. Passenger car window broken by roadside cleaning crew-who to contact ?
  38. Gaining custody
  39. Question about Carta Constancia and trying to do Deslinde.
  40. DR Inheritance and Will
  41. Letter of Visa Application for Resiency
  42. Question about the Warranty Letter
  43. Maximum amount of tourist card "renewals"?
  44. Outdated info in sticky in this forum
  45. Corporation and Inheritance taxes
  46. Income tax in DR for my UK ltd
  47. Text of letter for Residencia Definitiva needed
  48. Claiming income in DR
  49. A query about the '10% service charge'
  50. New? Driver license requirements.
  51. Renewal Residencia Permanante RP-1
  52. Permanent residency renewal alert!
  53. DNA evidence in criminal case
  54. Transferring property title within the family
  55. Citizenship through Dominican husband - in US?
  56. Citizenship via Grandfather
  57. Hi, I am new here, but not new to D.R.! Have a problem!
  58. Bien De Familia
  59. Lawyer needed
  60. After become naturalized, spouse and dependents?
  61. Fastest route to DR Citizenship
  62. Recommendation of Reputable Administrators
  63. Micro Finance % limit?
  64. Tax Advice (foreign income)
  65. Dominican Exporters - DR1 Experience?
  66. Can someone recommend a land surveyor (Agrimensor) in Santo Domingo?
  67. Issue over a television
  68. cédula without residencia?
  69. Question about the Legality of Prostitution in DR for Fabio Guzman
  70. Shipping Diesel Fuel Additive ?
  71. Using Dominican citizenship to obtain Spanish citizenship
  72. Guzman Ariza Law Firm & Real Estate Transaction
  73. Need update on overstayers coming back to DR
  74. Dominican Notarization and Apostille in the United States
  75. Depuración y revisión legal
  76. Living abroad; how to get birth certificate/passport/cedula
  77. Can Anyone Here Recommend A Private Investigator....
  78. Has anyone from the EU been deported for staying illegally in the DR?
  79. Website to read the laws (Ley) of the Dominican Republic.
  80. Airport security: What happened with my passport?
  81. A Question For US Citizens That Live In DR
  82. Residency Lawyer Cost
  83. Domestic Violence Santiago
  84. Proposed Asset Tax
  85. hemp
  86. Question for SR Guzman on Closed Proposed Asset Tax Thread
  87. Getting out of lease
  88. shared child custody logistics
  89. Dominican citizenship through marriage to a Dominican anyone applied for it?
  90. Divorce procedure
  91. Legal Question-How Long Does It Take For A Judge
  92. Property Invasion
  93. rent deposits question
  96. Legal Question-Disturbing The Peace & Trespassing
  97. property titles La Estancia Golfresort