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  1. Do you have a softspot, did you settle?
  2. Expired US Passport
  3. Need a new drink to sup on, any suggestions?
  4. Claro no billing policy!
  5. Need help contacting former member(Lee Hitchinson)
  6. Unlocking an IPhone?
  7. Bank of preference for fraud?
  8. is cat hating and rat hating a learned behaviour?
  9. President Obama vs Thursday Night Football
  10. Anybody ride moto bikes let's see'em
  11. Rugby world cup
  12. how to delete a trhead
  13. Spider/Centipede bite?
  14. Food
  15. Favorite songs
  16. US Expat Taxes Explained: Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative
  17. trespassing and your rights?
  18. Baumkuchen in the DR??????
  19. Lib Dem donor on the run in Dominican Republic
  20. Do moderators get paid?
  21. Whats a la p Passions?
  22. Congratulations Victor Martinez Dominican Bodybuilder.
  23. Trash
  24. Why do threads get closed?
  25. Tropico de Sangre on HBO
  26. Should I help the baby
  27. Art Levy, RIP
  28. Mountain biking in and around Sosua
  29. Are there any friends of Bill W. here in Santo Domingo?
  30. Drug Scam
  31. Can you home this dog?
  32. Hey guys!
  33. Kittens for free!
  34. Dominican World Cup Football FIFA qualifiers ?
  35. White water in the DR?
  36. Suck it up mods, stop being so soft!
  37. Can you please help me?
  38. Moderating in this forum
  39. Coralina
  40. Global Phones in the DR
  41. wild cowboys
  42. Dominican film in the running for Oscar
  43. What is this thing called?
  44. What kind of wedding can I have with 76,000 pesos
  45. Expats in Crime in the DR
  46. Picahrdo's Agenda
  47. Columbus Rum
  48. Something worth seeing!
  49. Coffee table books on DR
  50. History article: "What Became of the Taino?"
  51. Shipping Jewelry From Santo Domingo
  52. Hispaniola in the Clouds???
  53. anyone recharge their famly and friend's phone minutes thru this site???
  54. Volkswagon Amarok
  55. FedEx virus, headsup!
  56. Lost Matricular
  57. Man caught trying to smuggle Mexican spiders out of the DR
  58. Computer no longer needed for Majic Jack
  59. What is the DR1 Forum?
  60. Canon camera CD's. need your help...
  61. Panamerican Games..
  62. 100mb of net time on iphone/ipad?
  63. Horses - free from stalls.
  64. agencies for english programs
  65. Facebook
  66. Self Defense Laws
  67. Respectful Petition of Robert and the DR1 Mods
  68. legit recording studios?
  69. OBi110 - Voice Service Bridge and VoIP Telephone Adapter
  70. Entrance and Exit form (new)
  71. Will the OP ever know ?
  72. Haven't We Been Down This Road Before? (Several Times?)
  73. Best time to fly out of the country?
  74. How many of you have a pilots license, can you get it in DR?
  75. Future Solution to the Styrofoam Problem
  76. Balaguer - The Dictator after Trujillo
  77. Snow machine
  78. Ordering meds online
  79. Which HDTV should i buy?
  80. I need a generator
  81. Damn!!!
  82. I hear that tomorrow there will be a strike.
  83. Really afraid of being bitten while in DR, do I need to worry?
  84. PR losing tourism to DR due to alarming crime rate.
  85. solar panels...anyone have them???
  86. My views on everything Dominican (What I love and what I hate)
  87. Sterilizing street dogs thread erased or moved?
  88. Best place to study music?
  89. Sun village
  90. Dominican prison documentary?
  91. Flying in with lots of electricals?
  92. mrs. muller's vegetable compound
  93. Shipping presents to Puerto Plata for Christmas
  94. Major Amber-Encased Historical Dominican Artifact Found!
  95. Where's the historic culture?
  96. English and Spanish on DR1
  97. Might be the Perfect Motorcycle for the DR...and Me Wants!
  98. DR1 Motorcyclists: a Once-in-a-Lifetime MotoCaribe Offer
  99. Looking for a Pizza oven
  100. MISSING DOG - grey Pomeranian
  101. 10,000
  102. Sonia Pierre dead??
  103. 99,577 to date....
  104. GPS Maps - iPhone / iPad
  105. Looking for Dominican young athletes
  106. Clothing for Dominican Chica...
  107. Puppy rehoming progress, I need adopters or fosters.
  108. Wrong numbers?
  109. Remembering Sonia Pierre
  110. Has the Dominican Republic become more dangerous in the last couple of years?
  111. driving lessons
  112. GPS Availability
  113. Bachata gets US citizenship
  114. Do Dominican families living in USA have the same problems w/Americanized children?
  115. Like / Dislike
  116. To Cole, the "Newbie":
  117. Mineral Spirits
  118. Happy birthday tambo!
  119. Hurry Up And Get To 500 Posts!
  120. Sprint Phone
  121. How can I pay dominican resident tuition at university???
  122. Changing and Balancing Motorcycle Tires
  123. Congratulations Aumi Guerra!
  124. Top Poster Stats
  125. Fotos of Christmas Decorations In Santiago/Santo Domingo
  126. Emergency
  127. Looking for John Mulvaney and Jason Matthews
  128. Medical Supply Santiago
  129. Ton of Drugs found in La Romana airport on it's way to FUND Terrorism??
  130. Blood Glucose Test Strips
  131. <b>Homenaje A un Bohemio</b>
  132. Co-Joined Girls return home for Christmas
  133. DR1 Forum Auto-Save
  134. Best phone card to call the DR from the US
  135. Supreme Court Judges have been chosen...:(
  136. Seasons Greetings to All!
  137. why is some people on this forum so negative
  138. Faceless Lady Figurines
  139. Then: Amelia Vega; Today: Amelia Vega de Holford
  140. Changes in Drug Trafficking
  141. Finding the @ key on a Dell Inspiron N5030 spanish keyboard
  142. Dentist near La Romana/Santo Domingo
  143. Wrong numbers?
  144. So your new years eve will be spent...................................
  145. What were your acomplishments in 2011
  146. Hey!! Y'all have a Happy New Year, and be safe out there!!!
  147. Wanted!!
  148. Can Moderators notify OP before moving threads?
  150. Plastic Surgery in the DR - We do have some gems!
  151. What song is now the best, on top of the Dominicans?
  152. Calling Cards
  153. fraudster arrested in dom rep
  154. One of the best video's I've seen
  155. Battle Of The Exes
  156. Battle Of The Exes
  157. Advice on Importing A Can Am Commander Side by Side ATV
  158. Unlocking cell phones
  159. Posting pics on this board.
  160. Loveable Bull
  161. Socializing
  162. New year attitude on DR1
  163. Looking for friends...
  164. "Dominican" Upholstery fabric store?
  165. ASE online education.
  166. Urgent Flight info Needed !
  167. Heroes of DR
  168. watch your money
  169. Armored GMC Yukon XL 2500 SLT (ad for Narcos)
  170. I need adult info===
  171. Transport Question
  172. Puppy training help for Old-School Parents
  173. Why is it harder for Dominicans to enter countries than for other nationalists?
  174. Mobile Traffic @ DR1
  175. Tropico de Sangre, finally here, enjoy!
  176. Intensive English for Dominican student.
  177. New book claims Balaguer was US stooge
  178. Is Trujillo's car in a museum anywhere?
  179. A Dominican Tale (Tail) of Logic
  180. What is 'Cibao adentro"?
  181. Introduced yourself.
  182. We must be extra vigilant.
  183. Milk, and the shortage of it
  184. US Passport changes
  185. Items For Orphanages
  186. Why was the first DR batter out in inning 7 of the Venezuela game, Caribe Series?
  187. Shades Of BRAMA LIGHT....What Happened ?
  188. Dominican Armor 1960-present
  189. Tune In - Android App!
  190. Newest Dominican movie based on a true story.
  191. Dominican American Living in America..... Educating your-self about your history.
  192. Please Help! I wanna see the cotto fight, May 5th
  193. Barcelo Executives Jailed
  194. US unhappy with all the drug busts DR agents are doing.
  195. Older kids drinking baby bottles
  196. Looking for High Quality Gemstone
  197. Posting issues this morning
  198. Police fire on vehicle of Miriam Cruz...
  199. Login Issues - We are working on it.
  200. Blank Posts
  201. Cibaeno goes crazy over Obama
  202. Dominican Republic offers Gazprom joint power, offshore exploration projects
  203. Buy and ship from US, or just send cash? Which is more economical?
  204. GTA women charged with cocaine smuggling behind bars in Dominican Republic
  205. Donkey donations!
  206. What are some cheap products to buy from DR?
  207. Reliable mail SD to Tampa
  208. How much does women hair costs in DR?
  209. Store One day sale, when you arrive the item is: "TERMINAR"
  210. Orange Internet Questions
  211. Smart Phone Charges
  212. Fixing crown molding.
  213. 15 Years of DR1 Archives Now Open!
  214. HOTMAIL login problems
  215. 176 Dead In Carnival Traffic Accidents In Brazil
  216. New Dominican Movie "Excexos" based on a true story
  217. Going to college in Dominican Republic?
  218. Well, that's one way to deal with the soda bottles...
  219. Poker Stars.
  220. Question about claro tv/internet quality
  221. want to buy a cell in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
  222. Whole house surge protection
  223. Fabric dye
  224. Travel Restrictions on 600 Expats
  225. Canadian Checks?
  226. Looking for a long lost girlfriend
  227. dominican cigars
  228. Tales from the Couch
  229. Buggie Excursion Giveaway
  230. Any Gout sufferers here
  231. The Carol Morgan School controversy vs Melanio Paredes
  232. Dominican cooking
  233. Thid Thread...
  234. Age for kids drinking in the DR?
  235. Any one from Williston, North Dakota ?
  236. DR1 Yahoo March Madness Tourney
  237. Post Counts - Past 3 Years!
  238. Gift giving: What do you suggest?
  239. Where is Parque Mirador Sur?
  240. Cheap and Decent Hotel in Santo Domingo
  241. Wow!
  242. Orange Blackberry Full, tethering & streaming...
  243. post approval by mods
  244. The DR really loves AUDI and FIAT appears to be a little jealous.
  245. Anyone seen Que Viva!?
  246. besides montero shipping-what else is there?
  247. Faux Dominican Historians and 50 years of Revisionism
  248. Cuidad Trujillo
  249. Michelle Rodriguez Traces Family Roots in PBS Series
  250. Atm transactions