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  1. HIV/AIDS rate in DR
  2. Really bad dance partners
  3. Finding Gay Men in the DR
  4. Massage Places in Sosua
  5. What is a Grandmother?
  6. Heading to Punta Cana
  7. Unwritten Dominican Rules
  8. Considering a DR immagration
  9. meeting girls in Santo Domingo
  10. Las Brisas
  11. why bring american culture here?
  12. Is a car wash, really a car wash?
  13. Adult Boyfriends Living with Parents- What to Expect
  14. Bonus or Boner?
  15. How to keep happy a Dominican girl?
  16. I found what I was looking for in Santo Domingo!
  17. rape, how frequent?
  18. My Sankie
  19. Moving to the Sosua
  20. Help find a friend!!!!!
  21. This Forum brings back so many memories
  22. woman alone in DR
  23. Punta Cana
  24. Dominicans marrying Canadians
  25. Relationships with Dominicans can be difficult
  26. Lost Friend
  27. I am so bored...
  28. help - find a friend
  29. Anyone want that "DISGUSTING" website that was posted here a few months ago???
  30. My Story Of My Dominican.....
  31. Never a dull moment in santiago
  32. Why Puertorican Girls wants Us Dominicans?
  33. Just something to read.
  34. My views on Dominican relationships
  35. do dominicans have internet access? Internet cafe?
  36. funny yet sad!
  37. Men from mars and women from venus
  38. Divorce Stories
  39. New!!! AZBs Dominican vs American women(save the curiosities thread
  40. Do Dominican Women Believe Marriage Is Necessary for Happiness?
  41. The beauty of a Dominican woman!
  42. Dominican VS ??? Men!
  43. Anyone care to comment on this?
  44. Dominican Condoms
  45. New to the board
  46. Is there ANY reason to live in the DR except the SEX???
  47. Criss Colon, what are you saying?
  48. best town to stay for 3 girls in 20's
  49. sex, i need your help!!
  50. marriages, men and women
  51. Where are the good looking girls!!!
  52. Dancing expertise
  53. Pretty girls in DR (Help for Zoso)
  54. HIV and AIDS figures in the news...
  55. Girls girls girls!! Thanks AZB!
  56. Once upon a time....
  57. A question for all
  58. AZB, your pretty funny!
  59. Married Dominicans
  60. What constitutes cheating?
  61. need help from men in the DR
  62. Info, protests, advice appreciated
  63. DR newbie would like to exchange info
  64. what happens on the road, stays on the road
  65. Do women take separate vacations to the DR in order get away from hubby?
  66. Finding a chica seria in Puerto Plata
  67. the wildest thing youve ever done in the dr?
  68. sankies, where does the name originate?
  69. rephrased question? how easy is it for a bigger woman to get laid while on holidays?
  70. Just want to say HI.... first time user...no idea what I am doing.
  71. La Dominicana solita y el sexo
  72. going topless in the dr
  73. Help
  74. swinging in Puerto Plata area
  75. Thinking twice about coming this weekend
  76. Couples moving to the DR.
  77. Racism & dating dominican women.
  78. An All-Too-Common-Story?
  79. Successful Relationships!!
  80. Can Dominican Women Change?
  81. What about the internet Dating Sites?
  82. Am I stupid?
  83. So many single mothers in the DR
  84. AIDS in the Dominican Republic
  85. Understanding the language
  86. Girls by region
  87. Dominican girls with big backsides
  88. My husband is cheating - legal actions
  89. Just be happy
  90. How To Pick Up Girls in DR
  91. ok. I'm just drunk enough
  92. Do you know?
  93. I'm confused???
  94. How do you feel
  95. Altagracia
  96. Hi Im New To The Forum.
  97. taking a closer look at the actual count
  98. Does anyone have information about Passion and Casa Blanca en Santiago DR
  99. Hope for the DR
  100. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  101. Morning After Pill!!!!!
  102. What is true for you?
  103. Looking for a friend in Boca Chica
  104. Sex Slaves Article....
  105. dinner,dancing&dinero
  106. Hotel policies on sankies
  107. Looking 4 friends
  108. Met an amazing guy!
  109. Okay I may have sounded a little stupid
  110. Tantra School
  111. Dominican Women!
  112. looking for alberto, maria , and dora
  113. hiv..aids
  114. Dominican Men's Attitudes About Sex
  115. Toys for Tots!!!
  116. you got the wrong impression
  117. North American Love vs. Dominican Love..only my view
  118. Hello I am new to the forum
  119. Wanted to find someone
  120. Where does a "nice" lady go?
  121. Describe a Chopo for me
  122. "Dating a Dominican"
  123. Happy Anniversary to me!
  124. AZB's view on prowling
  125. Happy V.D. Everyone !!!
  126. Anyone know this person?
  127. Double Standard?
  128. Do DR men legitimately fall in love -- and if so, how do reason with them!
  129. The Sankie side of the story
  130. sanky side of story??
  131. gentlemens clubs etc. in punta cana
  132. How old is everyone here?
  133. Hello and Goodbye
  134. Good places to meet women
  135. dating sites
  136. Looking for someone in Santo Domingo (Boca Chica)
  137. Off the resort
  138. How to tell : puta or chica seria ?
  139. mis-understandings
  140. Dominican Men, good looking, but good boyfriends????
  141. Hello Everyone
  142. does anyone know?
  143. Sankie Pankie...
  144. Virginity
  145. Singles Club ?
  146. Searching for couple of friends
  147. Address Information
  148. Single and Going to Cabarete, Dominican Republic on April 6-11th 2004
  149. Dress code in Sosua?
  150. Why are you trashing dominicans?
  151. sex shops
  152. American married to a Dominican; Understanding His Family
  153. Vacation Alone?
  154. Should i give it a chance?
  155. I don't know why I love him anymore
  156. Article about Sankies on Listin Diario
  157. Thank you dr1
  158. Going to Jack Tar Village in Puerto Plata
  159. Thank you!
  160. A nice waitress that works for Club Azzaro
  161. dominican baseball player
  162. Hello.... there are good resort w
  163. Lost Foreigners!!
  164. Do you know either of these two guys?
  165. Looking for...
  166. Why Do Puerto Rican Women Alwayz go for Dominican Men
  167. DR vs Cuban Resort workers
  168. So what is the deal on traveling?
  169. Can Someone Please Translate this from Spanish to English for me?
  170. Or your best guess
  171. Vacation Romance
  172. This may be a weird question but...
  173. After having analyzed things,...
  174. Why are Dominican Men unfaithful?
  175. Dominican women prefer live in Europe or RD ?
  176. are all dominican men mimados?
  177. xxx translation please
  178. gay
  179. jadedamerican's three questions
  180. new
  181. question
  182. meeting someones family
  183. Dominicans - are they good lovers?
  184. Soccer Player
  185. why american girls get so much attention??
  186. Holiday Romance
  187. Men in the US
  188. good and bad in all
  189. Now she wants to be with me
  190. I need your input.
  191. British lads looking for some fun
  192. Brazilian girls vs. Dominican girls
  193. Not sure where to put this..............
  194. A thread for women to speak their mind
  195. What's Hot! What's Not!
  196. Lesbianism in DR
  197. dating a NYC Bi dominican here
  198. Holly May!!!! but Dawn Will????
  199. Returning to DR and looking for gay scenes
  200. What are resort workers tested for?
  201. Prostitution Dilema
  202. another love story - but a positive one
  203. Ladies Of DR1, Do You Prefer A Bad Boy Or A Good Boy?
  204. FOR MEN ONLY - What women really want and need
  205. A Challenge To Wimps Like Miguel & ChuckIndy
  206. Language question
  207. local ladies
  208. looking to meet females ...
  209. Language problem
  210. OK Slap Me into Reality
  211. Why are men so much weaker than women?
  212. Are they really all dogs???
  213. Whats happening for Labor Day
  214. Words of wisdom for the weekend...
  215. Congratulations Ronny & Afrodite!
  216. DR Dating culture
  217. Looking for feedback
  218. old guy looking for companionship
  219. For the women : Which would you find more hurtful?
  220. STDs in DR
  221. Serious Relationship wanted
  222. Pipe dreams
  223. Why do people ask about love on a message board?
  224. I just want to know
  225. For men... Good taste photos...
  226. Dealing with a marpiolo
  227. 5 New Yorkers Looking For Girls To Have a Blast with
  228. Hots Spots In Dominican Rep
  229. Why LD relationships are difficult!
  230. Why a Dominican woman?
  231. Erotic DR stories
  232. Wedding Stories
  233. Same guy different pair of pants??
  234. dating @ work?
  235. Were we right at least once??????
  236. Hijacked thread from "were we right at least once"
  237. Dominican Women [DR] Vs Dominican Women Abroad
  238. Anyone interestes in a goodlooking dominicana?
  239. what expects dominican men of their women
  240. American women dating dominican Men?
  241. How I confronted a tiguere (not a sankie)
  242. Dominicans-Once you are over no going back?
  243. Sun, Sand and Sex
  244. DR1 food chain
  245. Relationships need nurturing.........
  246. Magaliz
  247. A fantastic guy from the DR!!
  248. Satisfy your Dominican men craving...find one in your own town!
  249. Going to DR in FEB, Looking for FUN
  250. Church in Boca Chica