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  1. I thought he was a good man until....
  2. Preferred Body Types
  3. meeting woman
  4. Santiago Rumors
  5. Question for Trina
  6. Relationship Means Understanding/Communications
  7. Lesbianism in DR, does it exist?
  8. So where does a classy woman locate a "real" respectful man in DR?
  9. Cuban Women vs Dominican Women
  10. Something that I wanna tell ya....
  11. May to December romance
  12. Wedding Questions.
  13. Lots of Long Distance Calls From Punta Cana
  14. Vacation Love
  15. dominicanas & non-gringos
  16. I Am In Love...and He's Not A Sankie!!!
  17. AIDS Transmission Facts-For the ladies
  18. Having lunch?
  19. Any single girls around X-mas PP area
  20. Where can one meet genuine girls rather than working girls
  21. Men for Men action??
  22. First Time to DR!!!
  23. Hotel receptionist
  24. Finding Love in paradise?
  25. does anybody know a lady named Fiordaliza Lopez
  26. La Romana Gay
  27. Looking For New Friends
  28. German / European Girls in the DR
  29. is anyone here dating anyone from the sosua area??
  30. About my Blog; Not actually a thread
  31. How to make the best of Boca Chica...
  32. Where There Is Money There Is.......
  33. Curious about male prostitution in the DR
  34. Complaint from Americano
  35. I want to meet women 35 and up!
  36. Be Gentle, I'm New
  37. Need help for February Bachelor Party
  38. Partying in santo domingo.. Real Women?
  39. "SHE COMES FIRST" book review
  40. Chasing a dominican...
  41. I need help
  42. Am I wasting my time?
  43. Asking to marry
  44. Anna, You're Punishing Us Unfairly...
  45. Santo Domingo - Gay Capital of The Caribbean?
  46. My real life
  47. Gay - Santo Domingo
  48. Finding a dominican women ready to settle down
  49. Do some children develop faster?
  50. Chat Site's in DR?????
  51. Santiago?
  52. swingers--and clubs
  53. first trip to DR and im abit scared
  54. stalking...
  55. Soliciting guidance
  56. Back from Teh Dead
  57. Trying to locate friends in Samana
  58. Not One Post On HIV Testing Prior.....
  59. $1000.00 US for one night... Looking for women with class
  60. Constanza or Jarrabocoa
  61. Why do Gringos hate Dominican men...?
  62. The More The Merrier!!!
  63. looking for a friend...
  64. Dominican dance
  65. please help
  66. Looking for...
  67. Lena please reply!
  68. Apparently I'm not having sex...
  69. Interested in new contacts in New York City
  70. To Everyone at DR1
  71. Let the double standard live...
  72. Condom Panties-Are they coming to the DR?
  73. DR girl in my room-
  74. Dominican Men in Santo Domingo
  75. A Dominican Girlfriend
  76. Cual es Mejor Boca Chica o Bavaro
  77. TorontoBlonde - Trouble in paradise
  78. When does jealousy go too far??
  79. Trouble in Paradise Pt. 2...
  80. Brilliant News
  81. Playa Dorada club advice
  82. Filipinoes like me are great and fun to be with
  83. DR Women
  84. On behalf of a friend
  85. Hoping for success
  86. Bachelor party
  87. I need some back-up!!!
  88. besitos
  89. blonde dominican
  90. Recent spam attack
  91. How do you safeguard your heart?
  92. Bisexual Females on the South Coast
  93. Just wanted to vent a little....
  94. One week to go...dreading this ecounter...
  95. Where can I find a man worth marrying?
  96. Prostitution in DR
  97. N.American & Dominican women...
  98. I Need Help with a "Real" Chica
  99. Hey, what's up?
  100. Twincactus and his wife...
  101. Dominican Style Love (So He Thought)!!
  102. Advice from ladies - how did you gently break it off?
  103. Happy Mother's Day Everyone
  104. How to meet dominican girls...(and what NOT to do)
  105. Dominican Men?
  106. What went wrong with me?
  108. Now you are here
  109. Latin women
  110. Meeting Bi girls in DR
  111. Do Dominican Women love us or our $$$
  112. Dominican Girls
  113. Chula, Mami, Preciosa, Mi Amor, Carino, Gata Mia, Amorsito
  114. Just looking for info
  115. First time traveling alone
  116. what are the hot spots in SD?
  117. I liked D.R. more than Brazil
  118. Love in the DR
  119. Culture questions regarding Commitments.
  120. Single Dominican Men And Matrimony
  121. Advice needed for a Newbie
  122. dominican wife, N.Y. husband need help
  123. Trip to France
  124. Family/Boyfriend/ Husband Playing Support Roles in the Set-up!
  125. Love and Marriage...
  126. Civil or Church Wedding
  127. Friday night in SDQ
  128. Personajes De Valeriana
  129. Capitulo # 1 De Valeriana La Dominicana CAMPESINA TOTAL!!!!
  130. What does "hola amor" say to you, if its not you he is saying it too??
  131. Mi Amore in DR
  132. Valeriana Chapter # 2 Campesina Total Llega A Ny
  133. Valeriana Chapter # 3 La Campesina llega a NY
  134. is she or isn't she?
  135. Still going strong!
  136. Have we scared them away?
  137. "Can we still be friends?"
  138. Chapter 5 Of Valeriana
  139. When is it Enough?
  140. Interracial Relationships In The Dr...
  142. Bahia principe
  143. I am visiting for the first time.
  144. Single Male Going to POP
  145. Do many people go in August?
  146. Looking for the real thing
  147. newer - my sad story - heartbreaking
  148. single and solo in Santo Domingo
  149. Civilization Or Barbarism???
  150. 2 Dominicana's see europe for the summer
  151. Abuse And The Dominican Woman...
  152. 10 big ones
  153. Older Men / Younger Women
  154. Older/Younger partnerships
  155. Is there such a thing as too much sex?
  156. Love gone wrong!
  157. "Dominican Men suck" written by a woman scorned
  158. Real Domincans...
  159. Best Cabaņas - Sto. Dgo.
  160. Quest For Love...
  161. Communication is very important, unfortunatley i dont speak a word of spanish!
  162. 'I just got married in may to a DOMINICAN resort worker'.
  163. my dominican to the USA?
  164. Latino Men (especially Dominican) and white women
  165. I'm going to Puerto Plata in Dec I need info
  166. A Great Trip
  167. Shopping around...
  168. That Glazed Look
  169. Meeting Dominican Woman via the computer?
  170. Why a dominican girl would date a foreign man
  171. How do you find the good ones?
  172. Hola from a Mexicana
  173. Gays in DR
  174. Hello to all
  175. A story for the love struck
  176. Jack's Visit
  177. Thank you for all the laughs
  178. Wining and Dining .... and then what?
  179. Please Translate for me !!!! Would you consider this a harmless email!!!!
  180. What is a popola?
  181. what's the score?
  182. Hola Playa Dorada
  183. Prostitution in DR
  184. Be careful with your personal belongings!!!
  185. The perfect Christmas gift for a man - Only in the DR!
  186. internet dating in the DR
  187. Blue
  188. about Quisqueya's Babes
  189. DR1 Crushes!
  190. Dominican surprises!
  191. Canadian girl dating a dominican in Puerto Rico
  192. DR has different priorities as compared to the USA
  193. dom rep is the one!!
  194. Feeling of extascy
  195. HB's three rules
  196. I'm not sure if I am following Hillbilly's rules
  197. she said what?!
  198. DR1 ladies only
  199. I Need some advice
  200. WOMEN in Santiago!!!!!!!!!look no further guys
  201. Lesbian bar in Santo Domingo
  202. Why I love Dominican girls!
  203. Hola from Montreal :-)
  204. Are Venezuelan and Colombian women as nice as Dominicanas?
  205. need some advice from dominican females
  206. Facts of "love"
  207. American Girl Dating Dominican Man - Need Advice!
  208. Confused
  209. A woman of quality
  210. Traveling to Playa Dorada. Best way/place to meet women
  211. Language and Love
  212. Do all Dominican men find foreign women attractive?
  213. Couples Play in southern DR
  214. Difficult situation
  215. Pop Hotel
  216. Words Describing Love
  217. what's a cuero???
  218. What you don't know won't hurt you....
  219. Any where is better then there..
  220. 7 more months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  221. For Dominican guys
  222. Being that I'm Puerto Rican
  223. para las dominicanas
  224. Need more earrings
  225. Fell for a dominican man.. finding it hard to be without him..
  226. Ladies help me out here ASAP
  227. Need Reccomendation
  228. Missing friend....
  229. Gender Roles in DR?
  230. sex in the dr etc.
  231. concubine?
  232. What a difference...
  233. Mr. Cristian
  234. Age difference in relationships
  235. Dominican Women....
  236. Middle Class Ladies in Santo Domingo
  237. Middleclass Gentlemen in the DR
  238. Bodybuilding...
  239. What's The Big Deal About Dominican Women?
  240. Latin vs. non-Latin foreigners?? Who do the chicas prefer??
  241. Advice: time for me to meet her in DR
  242. Acceptable Behavior?
  243. American (who visits Brazil often) needs a DR crash course!
  244. Cultural Relationships - Sankies (Male/Female)
  245. Men cheat more than women
  246. Are you married to a Dominican man?
  247. What is a come c'mia?
  248. My story... any input appreciated.
  249. A simple solution to a foreigner's problem
  250. Heterosexual, homosexual and now Metrosexual? What the hell...