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  1. My story... any input appreciated.
  2. A simple solution to a foreigner's problem
  3. Heterosexual, homosexual and now Metrosexual? What the hell...
  4. Has anybody got Dominican friends???
  5. A book on Sosua...
  6. What is the Dominican Woman's
  7. Visiting NY....a sad reminder of the unhappy existance of the American male
  8. What dominican men expect from thier girlfriends
  9. Want to know the truth!!!
  10. Help me...I am obsessed with Dominican men!!!
  11. Why the Dominican Man?
  12. What should I expect when visiting the DR?
  13. A Question about Motivation
  14. In case......
  15. Anyone with success stories about relationships with hotel/resort workers?
  16. Dominicanas in the capital
  17. All about Jostan
  18. Speaking of friends...
  19. some Dominican women can be dangerous
  20. Letís put a label on all Dominican women
  21. Just curious..
  22. Traveling to Puerta Plata
  23. can it really happen
  24. Female Sex Tourists
  25. sex has nothing to do with love and everything to do with DR chicas
  26. Indiacitas w/ Thalia's curves
  27. My heart has been ripped out!
  28. relocating to DR...
  29. And she was so good looking...
  30. Thinking of marriage to a dominican lady
  31. I want to dance!
  32. First time in DR
  33. opinions solicited
  34. How close is too close?
  35. More wedding pics.....by request
  36. what do female dominicans work as in germany
  37. Movie stub
  38. Can it work?????
  39. What do you know...
  40. A Dominican woman famous for her beauty?
  41. Can YOU "Land" A Good Dominican?
  42. AZB eddy herrera is playing, and you say nothing!
  43. Liberal or Traditional ways in a relationship with a Dominican man ......
  44. Long time Reader 1st time Poster
  45. today was the day
  46. Question about marriage in the Domincan culture
  47. Can anyone tell me how it all goes so wrong?
  48. Advice needed
  49. new to SD. Would like to meet Lesbian/Bisexual...
  50. Question for Veterans: adjusting to new culture
  51. my son's father is a deadbeat
  52. Advice?
  53. Feedback requested - sweet talkers or not ?
  54. Questions for Miguel & AZB
  55. Non-sankiette
  56. What does a Dominican Man expect from his lady?
  57. Some Emergency Smarts For You Males.
  58. Women, Men & Motoconchos
  59. DR relationship. When to pull the plug....?
  60. Ladies-did it ever occur to you...
  61. Can you help with Loving a DR women
  62. Some feed back on getting a Dominican to UK
  63. Is a satisfied Dominican man possible?
  64. Sweet Haitiana
  65. I met a Dominican guy on Match.com, advice needed
  66. Merry Christmas to all the DR lovers
  67. Would you date...
  68. Security or Beauty?
  69. I fell in love!
  70. Relationships
  71. marriage and kids
  72. can anyone help me in Puerto Plata?
  73. Gettin with Dominican Women
  74. Dating
  75. I met my Match.com man.....
  76. Got A Dominican Hottie
  77. An update just in case anyone is interested....
  78. Why reinvent the wheel
  79. Why some NA women think they can change their DR man?
  80. HELP ASAP!!! my dominican BF playing me? part1000!
  81. Another fun trip
  82. Nice church women/men
  83. Bringing a Dominican to Canada
  84. Dominican mother-in-law
  85. Dominican spouse/significant other
  86. Hola everyone
  87. How can something so bad feel so good ?
  88. Gringo Comedy
  89. About that "Help with my DR Queen Post"
  90. Dating in Santiago
  91. Help Somone Please!
  92. Are Dominican women high mantaince?Social climbers??
  93. New topic.....love or lust
  94. And we'll live happily ever after...
  95. Dominican from New York Seeks Friends in Santo Domingo.
  96. I'm going to break up with my DDD and it's a shame
  97. ...But my man is different
  98. Should I open up a marriage agency???
  99. I married a Dominican
  100. Girls
  101. Do Dominican Women Like American Men?
  102. Taking on my Dominican boyfriend and his family
  103. Learn From ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. Dominican Guy who might get with a Haitian Girl
  105. YES Most Men Are DOGS, So Why Can't You Live Without US?.
  106. any advice on finding good dominican women?
  107. why are most dominicans eyebrows makeup?
  108. Help with Cultural Question
  109. Would you be embarrassed
  110. Living together - the social mores
  111. If this can help someone out there!
  112. RE: Successful Relationships!!
  113. Barrio chicos....
  114. Cultural Differences!
  115. Beautiful Dominican Eye Colors
  116. Sad sad article
  117. Inter-racial dating and Race Relations in the Dominican Rep
  118. Older gentlemen and Younger women
  119. I'm going to DR for research on women
  120. expat married to a dominicana advice
  121. To give a little HOPE
  122. A new look on things....
  123. Women with doubts: PLEASE read (Pt. 1)
  124. Questions to the latinos :)
  125. Why are you women being so naive with the resort workers you meet??
  126. for those who have successfully brought their Dominican to their country.
  127. Expecting our 3rd
  128. Ladies only..must be DR related
  129. Rules for posting in Mars/venus/sankie forums
  130. Levels of deception in the DR...Post your story
  131. Miguel's "Golden Rules" If Looking For A Good Dominican Man
  132. 'Older' Dominicanas
  133. Domestic Violence
  134. girls, dancing..
  135. The economics of marrying a domincan(a)...
  136. Posted from another board :)
  137. Does love conquer all?
  138. Making an Impression
  139. getting used to the culture
  140. dating doctors?
  141. Family problems
  142. Meeting quality women....
  143. MEN ONLY thread---your experiences in the D.R
  144. How to handle certain situations...
  145. buying a gift?
  146. Valentines Day
  147. Married Pilots Cheating In The DR
  148. are they all players?????
  149. Babies
  150. Gringo treatment vs dominican treatment.
  151. Question about hotel rules regarding their employees
  152. at a loss for words???
  153. Looking for volunteers for a documentary
  154. Help me understand
  155. my personal story AGAIN + HELP ME i am falling for him (DR boy)
  156. This woman from the San Francisco area in DR
  157. Different?
  158. Are his intentions genuine????
  159. The Parents
  160. I'm in love and moving to the Dominican ASAP!!
  161. met a dominican bartender
  162. Why not get one from the states?
  163. Boy Was I wrong!! Runaway Niece...
  164. Dating in DR
  165. Barcelona - Anyone have a similar story?
  166. "dating " in the DR...
  167. Is Love Real in D.R. ??
  168. Love, Lust or Lie
  169. Seeking advice
  170. Disillusioned and begging for help
  171. Romantic drink???
  172. What's a muela and how do recognize them?
  173. Is She A Sankiette
  174. SUPPORT New here, and here for a reason, but....
  175. dominican webcam girls
  176. Update on "Runaway Niece"
  177. my story - advice please!
  178. Women that have been sankified and "want to help the Dominican poor"
  179. Need help with Merengue Music... I am American and don't have a clue
  180. Gifts for Chicas
  181. Luperon Beach Resort
  182. Relationships for Women 101
  183. I have a question myself......
  184. procrastination* a small vent
  185. HE WAS RIGHT THERE!! (Sorry LONG post)
  186. what does he want from me?
  187. GURUS!! I need Your Travel HELP!!!
  188. So I took my @$$ down there and fell in love...please comment
  189. Relationships for men 101...
  190. Where is the Actions at for 5 guys in there 20's?
  191. My relationship
  192. A little help would be appreciated...
  193. My rant
  194. Picking up Regular Women in the DR
  195. Should I get into a serious relationship?
  196. Need to discuss relationships. Please help.
  197. Immigration Canada and Spousal Visa's
  198. Aim to be my girlfriend
  199. Okay, Here I Go....A Dominican Man and A U.S. Woman
  200. Missed Encounter
  201. DR in 2008. Where to go these days . Three guys from Canada lookin
  202. Can This Be Possible?
  203. there's a sucker born every minute
  204. A different point of view....
  205. Any help appciated... Whats my Mum doing?
  206. love versus !!!!!!!!!!
  207. Why do Canadian women keep their new Dominican husbands locked up at home!!!!!!!!!!!!
  208. What do you like more about native Dominican women than women from the USA?
  209. Legit Friendship? Or..Sanky in Action?
  210. Updates on my relationship
  211. I cannot understand Dominican men
  212. Newbie has a Novia
  213. Not Exactly Made to Feel Welcome on the Forum
  214. Men Vs. Women
  215. Sosua
  216. How do I get her to understand?
  217. Ladies Beware!!
  218. Reverse Psychology...?
  219. How important is it for a woman to be a virgin for men in DR?
  220. In your experience, what do Dominican men look for in a woman when it comes to looks?
  221. Amor De Tigere
  222. What has a more negative effect on a relationship: difference in age or difference
  223. Do you know if ALL immigrant men in the US like to go to their native country to get
  224. what do woman look for in Dominican men when it comes to looks?
  225. Resort workers being tested
  226. How are breasts viewed in the Dominican culture by men and women. My mom hates them
  227. Story of myself & a resort worker
  228. Jealousy
  229. Confusing
  230. Difference between a carwash and a cabana
  231. Towel boys at resorts???
  232. For all you married people =o)
  233. Do dominican women vary in culture or ...
  234. curiosity?
  235. Female sankie?
  236. Anyone contracted STDs in DR?
  237. Add me to the list
  238. sad he forgot her birthday
  239. When It's Over
  240. advice needed, doubts about dr wife
  241. On the subject of Love in the DR
  242. desperatly need DR spanish translation
  243. Looking for Love in all the wrong places?
  244. How much money is enough?
  245. Ok,Somebody Yell At Me So I Won't Do Something Stupid
  246. Want to Clarify Something
  247. Cocomordan discussion
  248. Sanky or no sanky. Bad advice?
  249. Ladies Married to Dominican Men
  250. Watch the movie