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  1. Haitians “passing” for Dominicans
  2. UK TV C4 - Sex Trips for Girls
  3. My dominican Girlfriend
  4. Any opinions on meeting girls on websites in the DR.
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  9. American in love looking answers.
  10. erotic massage for women- ?
  11. How can a woman stick to one man in the DR?
  12. How much does it cost you in the DR ?
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  14. Adios muchacha! (and some suggestions)
  15. being stupid no more in the new year!
  16. i dont understand his anger
  17. Dominican Women & American Men
  18. Is my husband a sanky?
  19. cupid?
  20. Canadian fooled
  21. New guy needs help
  22. What's the low-down on these Dominican Dating sites?
  23. What does a D/Man gain from marrying a English woman?
  24. 11 years difference
  25. Relationships
  26. another bad ending,here we go again...
  27. I met a guy in Samana
  28. Please i need some genuine advice
  29. social class and dating
  30. wedding
  31. fall in love
  32. Need help with hubby
  33. managing multiple girlfriends and living like a playboy
  34. What do well to do Dominicanos look for in Dominicanas
  35. wife is looking real good
  36. Dominican men living in the DR vs. those raised abroad
  37. Questions from Joy to members
  38. Alpha-Male: Is there room for jealousy and insecurity
  39. Divorce
  40. Can you really bring one of these young girls home?
  41. Met Dominicano through his sister in law...genuine?
  42. In defense of the Barrio Chopas and others
  43. Now there is proof!
  44. Where the heck is El Pelicano? and is this a classy place
  45. a friend in a great trouble
  46. New To Forum. Need a Reality check.
  47. What are the chances?
  48. Calling all Guys "How Do I Put This"
  49. "catfight"
  50. my girlfriend in in dom rep
  51. Am I obligated to pay if it doesn't work out?
  52. dominicana- gringo stateside
  53. Globe and Mail Article about a Dominican sanky
  54. dominican men and an american girl
  55. Advice required on DR guy I met on holiday
  56. Dominicanas & birth control?
  57. Fyi...everyone has game in the dr
  58. My Sanky Panky story.lol
  59. My Domincan Friend is he a sanky???
  60. Advice needed.
  61. Mixed up feelings
  62. 16 months in
  63. Another victim
  64. My unsuccesful sankie
  65. Dominican women and cheating
  66. advice on how to find out if your woman is cheating on you
  67. Do nice guys finish last in DR too?
  68. This is messed up!!!!!!
  69. California Girl Looking for Caribbean Adventure
  70. Become an attraction for women
  71. Am I la Otra??
  72. Best Area in DR to Meet Educated Women?
  73. Wow! So many girls, good girls too!
  74. relationship for women 101:flawed sticky
  75. My story
  76. Do not agree
  77. whaaat?
  78. please help a Canadian marrying a Dominican
  79. Meeting latino/latina friends
  80. Dominican guys with white women?
  81. One more idiota ?
  82. Thinking outloud
  83. 18 year old Dominican Stepchild in the USA
  84. what exactly is a gringo?
  85. Helping you understand....one N. American's perspective
  86. Culture Shock
  87. Mind working overtime.
  88. New life for me
  89. So I called my wife...
  90. Met a Dominican, I'll keep you posted
  91. A broken fairytale...
  92. Here we go again!!!!
  93. You have probably heard this a thousand times...but
  94. How do you know if.....
  95. True or not?
  96. Dominican Airforce/Army? Or have any advice for me?
  97. Mixed Marriage-Future?
  98. Male birth control injection?
  99. All inclusive or no?
  100. Working in the United States
  101. I got sacked by my Sankie
  102. A very sticky wicket?
  103. Short Guy coming to DR
  104. french tv programme about prostitution in DR
  105. Need advice urgently, pls help me
  106. Working on it
  107. So this woman from the DR wants to visit me.
  108. Infidelity
  109. How are the women in the Dominican Republic?
  110. So...Just how does one have these dream marriages??
  111. Taking pictures and its consequences
  112. Are they ALL sankies??
  113. Meeting Women (Not prostitutes by profession)
  114. is my boyfriend a sanky??
  115. Virginity...how is it socially perceived in DR?
  116. Elegant Single White Man meeting Domenican Lady
  117. are all the dominicans sankies?
  118. The Bargirl Scene In The Dominican Republic
  119. Politurs?
  120. The enigma of marriage vs. singleness
  121. dominican womens(from the barrio)
  122. Looking for feedback on dating Dominican men
  123. Will Give Dinner for Love Advice
  124. Is it customary to bring your entire family with you on a date?
  125. Happy Valentine's Day
  126. Do all or most Dominican men mess around?
  127. curious - resort staff.
  128. BBC3 Marriage Documentary
  129. Canadian male looking for dominicana girls
  130. Does anyone know...
  131. Stupid things women/men say to each other in the DR
  132. dominican people
  133. Why Is It
  134. Badoo
  135. hola a todos
  136. sanky??
  137. funny things a gringo can say to a dominicana
  138. Any Defense Against Extortion
  139. Do Dominican women make good wives?
  140. Dreams Resort sex
  141. But I love him...
  142. Who has happier relationships?
  143. marrying a Dominican...
  144. My story
  145. Dominican Women & Adultery
  146. SANKY PANKY website
  147. visiting D R what to expect
  148. Ranking Dominican Women
  149. That "I'm pregnant" thing - again
  150. I was keeping an eye out for it and still got sankified
  151. Advice!!! How to deal with a US dominican man?
  152. Now I'm the wife and she is the man man of the house..
  153. Was Santo Domingo the wrong choice?
  154. DR guy talked to Molly!
  155. Best sites for dating with Dominicans
  156. Finally good news... moved from successful relationships
  157. Dealing with imported Dominican men
  158. Age Difference
  159. Serious relationship! How to find and to build?
  160. Dating a Dominican in America
  161. Ranking Dominican Men
  162. Looking for girlfriend and friends
  163. At a Complete Loss
  164. Met a guy in DR
  165. Tourists, What do you see in DR men & women that you can't find in your own backyard?
  166. Definition of a sanky
  167. married man
  168. Girls and Fun in Puerto Plata
  169. main girlfriend or side piece?
  170. Gringos who come to DR
  171. ugh..to continue or not to.. HElP!
  172. Question about DR feelings about marriage
  173. Could this be Love?
  174. Another Gringo Falls For a Dominican Girl
  175. Brothers visiting the DR
  176. I may have found something good in Santiago
  177. Are Sankies proud?
  178. In need of advice
  179. What is the difference between making love & having sex with your DR wife or husband
  180. beware of men without facebook...
  181. Oral sex can cost you your life!!!
  182. Hot off the press! Sankies are winning!!
  183. Getting Married
  184. Should I tell this woman to shove it?
  185. Is it possible for a woman to claim your things as hers at the fiscal?
  186. READ THIS if married or marrying a Dominicano national
  187. Ask "badpiece33"...
  188. Msgoodpiece33
  189. Read this story.Am i being taken?
  190. An intro to Sankies
  191. Easy $$$ Men
  192. Spanish women are the world's greatest online flirters
  193. Planning A Trip To DR, How Do Dominicans View " Typical " Latinos?
  194. So what happened to my thread?
  195. Save The Doctor
  196. Paging Doctor Badpiece...
  197. Boyfriends mother problems
  198. Dominicanas....mmm,mmmm,mmm
  199. taking a novia to a cabana
  200. Where can i take my new 20 year old novia in Santo Domingo
  201. Advice wanted -
  202. Would anyone know where this video was shot?
  203. New to site, have a question ?
  204. Pregnant Girlfriend? Scan or Scam
  205. DR men and birth control
  206. Tips on dating a Domincana
  207. Has any one have had either good or bad experiences with Latin Euro
  208. Need an opinion...
  209. Private Investigator
  210. My story, your thoughts?
  211. Oh boy!!!!
  212. Supporting a girlfriend in the DR
  213. both sides of the coin
  214. Dominican Men
  215. Would it be wise to marry an uneducated woman? or man?
  216. I'm soo lost...HELP!!
  217. Some things....
  218. hello? mr sankie??
  219. Am I beeing taken pt.2
  220. Stories about sankies on internet stop in 2008
  221. Men Should Not Cry
  222. 911: Another one bites the dust.... sankie or not?
  223. Curiousity Killed the Cat?
  224. Need some advice
  225. Why is it that it easier for a woman than a man?
  226. Opinions?
  227. Why why why???????
  228. since it's funny friday......
  229. How LGBT friendly is the Dominican Republic?
  230. New here...
  231. Share your stories about sankies for documentary
  232. DR men and babies
  233. How promiscuous are DR women?
  234. Trusting a dominican girl
  235. Dominicans and americans
  236. What does it all mean?
  237. What Does One Do To Get A Job
  238. I'm sankified!
  239. Financial structure to your working household?
  240. Passport
  241. One Question: Is It Worth It?
  242. Lesbians in DR
  243. Getting an argument out of your loved one!
  244. Black Women and Dominican Men
  245. It just puzzles me lol
  246. Guys always going to DR solo
  247. Why Dominican men are so popular!
  248. bringing hookah back with me
  249. Advice needed American Dating a Dominican
  250. Dominican marry a Dominican.... and then what?