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  1. Guys when you hear "Let's talk", bit your tongue and swallow it!
  2. Canadian sponsorship changes
  3. Perfect Dominican relationship
  4. What's better? Una cuera or an actual girlfriend?
  5. Women from samana
  6. MEN!!!!!!!!!! They just can't stop lying!!!!!!!!
  7. WOMEN!!!!!!!!!! They just can't stop dying!!!!!!!!
  8. Sankies and Canadians
  9. Need some help please..
  10. True Test
  11. Problems with my dominican girlfriend
  12. Normal Dominican girls
  13. A family needs help
  14. New guy here...
  15. I married / am dating a dominican and it's great!
  16. genuine??
  17. sticky situation
  18. really want to know a dominican
  19. I am going to have to say it
  20. divorce
  21. I don't know what to do
  22. what's this about
  23. Keeping Mr. Happy... Happy?
  24. Sigh!! Adding to the dr drama! Need help too
  25. cartoons
  26. Another case!!!!
  27. Dominican women from respectable family
  28. Prostitution all over the world !
  29. Dominican Manly Pride
  30. Serious Dominican Dating
  31. "Hurt Wolf" Wants His Money Back
  32. Single English nice gal 48 thinking of moving to DR from Canada in future
  33. 31 - Feshly Separated - Shacked Up Since I Was 16- Need Advice On The "Game" In DR
  34. Badpiece is out of the Game!!!! Turning in players card.
  35. Dominican Cupid
  36. Al Horford - Amelia Vega
  37. A totally different relationship
  38. A few questions about latina age difference
  39. Marrying a Dominicana Yes or No?
  40. Private Investigator
  41. Do Dominican men make good husbands ????????
  42. Dating in DR?!?...
  43. Findng a man in the Dominican Republic
  44. Am I being used by Dominican girlfriend?
  45. Online dating in the DR?
  46. Sending money/DOing favors
  47. Need to find the girl I met on vacation. Pls Help
  48. Question
  49. Thank you to all the ignorant people!
  50. Innocent
  51. Dominican guys
  52. Dominican woman are so much more chilled than expats, true or fase?
  53. I am a Sanky Panky!!
  54. Advice needed please. Hato Mayor
  55. How to find out if your boyfriend is a Sanky - questionnaire
  56. Soy tacaño?
  57. Violence Against Women
  58. Mi Historia
  59. For Love
  60. DOminican women preference?
  61. Dominican Men Preferences According to DR1 Women
  62. Dating Multiple Dominicans
  63. whats up with these dominican girls!?
  64. Posts not showing up!!!
  65. extranjeros dating locals
  66. Addiction to Dominican women
  67. Having a child with a Dominican woman.
  68. Island DOminican Dating
  69. Dominican Law and Minors
  70. Deceitful Affection
  71. Sankie Definition
  72. Next time someone says that Dominicanas like a man that takes no BS...
  73. Dominican American
  74. Domestic Abuse by Dominican Men this year
  75. Man wanted
  76. Muskrat Love*...
  77. Idk why I am going to do this to myself again
  78. Dominican women
  79. Seeking advice
  80. Dominican women vs puerto rican women for black men
  81. Middle/upper class Dominicanas...yes,they exist and you can get one.
  82. Dominican woman with a Visa
  83. your opinion please
  84. Machismo.. Sexism by another name
  85. Destroyed!!!!!!!!!
  86. Dan the Man!!
  87. Dating Dominican vs Panamenian girls
  88. Arguing With Dominican Women
  89. Choosing the "right" Dominicans
  90. Will the "right" Dominican choose you?
  91. Advise needed to help a friend
  92. Fathering a child in the Dominican Republic
  93. Men ARE BETTER at multitasking!!!
  94. Want to be a Matchmaker. HELP
  95. Dominican marrying a gay man for visa....
  96. I need a good advice.. met my dream in PC..
  97. Do "Nice" Dominicanas ever ask for money?
  98. 1st Time To D.R. - Would Like Advice
  99. 1st Time To D.R. - Would Like Advice
  100. 1st Time To D.R. - Would Like Advice
  101. 1st Time To D.R. - Would Like Advice
  102. I got scammed help
  103. Que Pariguayo, too bad to be true
  104. I met a gorgeous Dominicana today. Need advice on how to make her mine.
  105. Update on Gorgeous Dominicana I met last week.
  106. Being a dad
  107. Brazilians or Dominicanas?
  108. Dominican Benefits vs Gringo Benefits
  109. Things to overcome in a relationship with a Dominican
  110. Hooking up in DR? (For girls)
  111. Best Place in DR - Punta Cana, Puerto Plata For Females
  112. Things to overcome in a Dominican Relationship Part2. The irony
  113. Fathering a child in DR
  114. The Dominicana Hypocrite
  115. Another one bites the dust, but does separation need to be so costly?
  116. Relationships 101 in the DR
  117. Fundamentals of Girlfriend Searching
  118. mars and venus funny friday
  119. My Dominican Wife - You can find happiness
  120. How I met my wife
  121. Kids and a Extranjero/Local Relationship
  122. How to Marry a Third-World Woman
  123. Equal Women!!!!
  124. What would you do?
  125. Meeting my girlfriends mother in DR. Gift ideas?
  126. Question!!!!!!!
  127. Dominican baby, birth poem
  128. Dominican Dating 101
  129. New to this site...would like to know if anyone has info on my man
  130. Yes, we prefer women from venus!!!... not women from mars!
  131. i want to be alone!
  132. The "This Girl is Different Syndrome". Don't send her money--phones- gifts.
  133. Sad...
  134. marriage
  135. How to meet Dominican Women or Men
  136. dominican art of seduction
  137. Are you convinced about your Domicanas sincerity?
  138. Stay Or Send Her Away??
  139. Marrying a Domincan and relocating to DR
  140. Are colombian women better than dominican women?
  141. just my luck- picked up a "stalker"
  142. Move to DR because of love?
  143. How to find a good dominicana
  144. you know you should break up with a dominicana if......
  145. walking the high wire between the seemingly impossible and not being sankie victim
  146. portecting my assites ...
  147. Do You Think Love at First Sight Exists?
  148. It's Everywhere You Go.....
  149. hi again
  150. Are any Dominican guys circumsized?
  151. Hillbilly's Rules for getting serious with a Dominican
  152. I remember when.........
  153. My Dominicanita
  154. New TV Series on TLC
  155. why date a dominican
  156. should've said TE AMO TAMBIEN! :(
  157. Be Forewarned
  158. end of the affair
  159. What we men go through to keep women happy
  160. Definition of a Dominican Man
  161. Dominican Women
  162. Help me understand!!
  163. Dating
  164. Hypothetical? Dating Dominican Athlete Expectations
  165. Can you be better off with a woman who you know is only with you for $?
  166. American dating a dominican woman 101
  167. Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  168. Bringing your child's mother to America
  169. I realize I'm probably being played but here's my story anyway.
  170. Strange things happen...
  171. For those who got scamed!
  172. Macho Mania
  173. Non-Rebound Realtionship
  174. DR Sisterhood is powerful - sankies beware!
  175. Sanky Test - this one is good lmfao
  176. How To Determine Your Novia Is a Chapiadora
  177. What's with men
  178. Taken To A New Level
  179. Newbie in USA- Fulfilled RFM from Dominican woman
  180. why men fail?
  181. Real love
  182. Typical dominicana or anomaly? Thoughts from the DR1 veterans
  183. Hot Crazy Matrix - A Man's Guide to Women
  184. Female Sanky Panky from Haiti
  185. Men of All Ages Want Women in Their Mid-20s, Study Says
  186. 3rd world female sexual response.
  187. When is an ex Dominicana really an ex
  188. how to annoy your husband's lover
  189. your thoughts on being the #1 or #2 man.
  190. Trust and Dominican / Foreiner Relationships
  191. New and need to get advice quickly
  192. Do D.R. woman chase men?
  193. Dating Rules That Work For You
  194. Marry or not. What would you do?
  195. looking for a lady... need help
  196. Are these women from RD?
  197. easy access to personal info
  198. Comparisons of Men
  199. Dominican Ladies...
  200. Advice needed......for a friend....
  201. new way to make money?
  202. Some musings about my experiences with some Dominican women and agendas ParT1
  203. New Sign at City Entrance
  204. Police Shakedown in the Dominican Republic
  205. uped the age brackett???
  206. Sankies can be bad for your husband's health
  207. What's it like ?
  208. She Says She is Pregnant. The Pregnancy Test is Positive.
  209. Sad and Disappointed my Dominican Girlfriend from Villa Mella
  210. In addition to Hillbilly's 3 Golden Rules
  211. Confused about our relationship
  212. LOVEMEDO's rules for 'dating' Dominican women
  213. What is the deal with taking care of your girlfriend's family in DR?
  214. What are the rules to buying a gift for a woman in DR
  215. JUST Call Me Stella!!!
  216. Turns out my husband is a sanky
  217. oh hello the se adverts have gone
  218. My Dominican boyfriend
  219. Í´m not really into black women, but I´m attracted to Dominican women.
  220. Making it work
  221. Sanky alert at Be Live Punta Cana
  222. I fell in love in DR
  223. Is this sankie behavior?
  224. indian guy in love with Dominican girl.
  225. holy days or holidaze the season
  226. love knows no age
  227. visa advice in el caribe
  228. Animation Blues
  229. fiance's friend....
  230. Planning a trip in May
  231. Jaws2003 question.......
  232. Jaws part deux...
  233. How DR women different from gringas?
  234. Who KILLED the"Mars/Venus" Forum??????????????????????????????
  235. Western Union friends
  236. Dominican marriage records
  237. Cabanas, best and worst
  238. Love in different cultures
  239. Dating a Dominican guy for the first time
  240. Having trust issues
  241. exploitative to go to the DR to hookup? curious to hear opinions of Dominicans
  242. Question?
  243. Atypical Sankie or just an opportunist?
  244. I enjoy the reading in this forum but...
  245. Hi from Indiana
  246. Wham, Bam, thankyou mam!!!!
  247. Activity in Men from mars and women from Venus
  248. How to help a chica?
  249. Confessions of a Sanky Panky
  250. Typical Dominican thing??