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  1. Last Minute AI From Montreal $199 + tx=469 cdn
  2. American Airlines to start Fort Lauderdale to Santo Domingo
  3. Air Dominicana will hire pilots,Cabin crew and ground staff in august
  4. DR to Cuba?
  5. New Boeing Airliner
  6. Spirit Airlines Seat Sale
  7. Canada to DR via WestJet after December/07
  8. DR to Belize
  9. Okay Rob, get that grin off your face :-)
  10. Delta to end FLL-SDQ
  11. Taca to Increase flight to DR
  12. Collection of Crosswind Landings
  13. Advise on POP-SDQ-STI to MAD Roundtrip for 4
  14. Monarch Airlines UK-DR
  15. MTL to SDQ right now!
  16. Spirit 4 Day Sale!
  17. What are the CHEAPEST airfare companies for NJ/NYC-Dominican Republic?
  18. First Choice Airways - UK to Dom Rep
  19. What's Happening At Las Americas?
  20. Spirit to create hub in DR?
  21. heads up for those departing the DR
  22. Why do fares spike so high in august?
  23. Spirit Air
  24. AA San Juan - El Catey ????
  25. Late December-Early January
  26. dont look a gift horse in the mouth
  27. AA has there own version of "DING"
  28. AA tourist card and ddeparture tax
  29. POP to UK
  30. anyone flying in from N.Y. this week?
  31. Taget Vacations Deals
  32. New TSA Regulations for electronic devices
  33. Continental to add 2nd EWR to SDQ flight
  34. American to reduce JFK-STI from 3 to 2 dly flights
  35. low prices to europe. sort of.
  36. JetBlue's Xmastime BOS-STI flight
  37. bos/sdq $291 w/taxes on Continental....
  38. Best Fare Flight Chicago to Pop
  39. Anyone Flying from Manchester UK 5th Sept?
  40. American Eagle to Launch San Juan-Samana
  41. Update for STI Airport
  42. AA fare
  43. Sunwing to fly direct
  44. What are the Airlines that are most pet friendly?
  45. Question re: American Connecting Flights #1889 JFK to STI
  46. Great fare from NY
  47. Hows the Copa Airlines Punta cana-Panama route doing?full flights?
  48. Dominican airports without RADAR system
  49. Sunwing flights from Toronto
  50. Travel back to the USA with a Dog
  51. Cheap flight to Puerto Plata???
  52. Anyone booked San Juan to Samana
  53. new domestic schedule SAPEXPRESS
  54. PAWA Dominicana - new local carrier
  55. Be informed before you fly
  56. Discover how to find the cheapest tickets
  57. Copa - more flights to DR
  58. Choosing a good airline
  59. jfk to sti sale one more day
  60. Good deal Leaving Atlanta
  61. Good Prices from Toronto
  62. Flights from POP to SDQ?
  63. Jet Blue to serve Puerto Plata
  64. 311.00 fare from jfk to sdq
  65. Ticket taxes!!
  66. Its Official: Jetblue To Fly To Puerto Plata
  67. From POP...
  68. Forbes: America's Worst Airlines
  69. AA new routes
  70. March flights from Chicago O'Hare to Punta Cana?
  71. Question about flying from CR to DR
  72. What about Sol Dominicana Airlines
  73. Corsairfly to Samaná
  74. Ukraine to the DR?
  75. Dutch Antilles Express start CUR-SDQ
  76. Tupolev 204 will serve HAV SDQ soon
  77. US>Dominicana and Vs sale
  78. Air Europa Xmas supersale 529 USD RT
  79. the feds want to CUT the number of flights out of JFK
  80. Hotels in Punta Cana
  81. Airlines Based in Dominican Republic
  82. has anyone redeemed advantage miles at an STI rental car company?
  83. Does the Aerodom's website work for any of you?
  84. Cheap Tickets
  85. One Way Flights
  86. best time to fly???
  87. well AA has the cut the number of flights from JFK to STI
  88. Is is so easy to make an airline?
  89. What Happen to Air Dominicana?
  90. JetBlue To Start Service Between Orlando and Santo Domingo
  91. Toronto or Buffalo to Santo Domingo
  92. ::: New Pics of Las Americas :::
  93. CAP-CANA bringing new planes?
  94. Looking for a driver from STI to POP
  95. The History of Dominicana Airlines( Dominicana De Aviacion)
  96. Does anyone have a "contact" at American Airlines?
  97. AA is selling American Eagle
  98. Air Transat gets into hotel business
  99. Continental Frequencies
  100. santo domingo to Samana
  101. florida to Santiago
  102. Route from Santo domingo to Santiago
  103. Continental Fare $82.00 OW
  104. JET BLUE schedule Orlando-SDQ-Orlando
  105. AA to Puerto Rico
  106. Travelling to MIA in January
  107. Jet blue 99
  108. Sunwing - Toronto to Puerto Plata
  109. American Eagle flies to Samana
  110. Spirit accepting only 1 checked bag to DR
  111. Flights from POP to SDQ
  112. Transaero uses B747-400 to PUJ
  113. Don't let overweight bags add to your vacation costs
  114. Jet Blue : Less flight to DR
  115. AA to SDQ, what to expect
  116. More countries to enter DR without visa
  117. New security rules (TSA) for batteries on planes
  118. Why So Expensive from SJU to SDQ?
  119. punta cana to london gatwick???????
  120. Jet Blue sale on now
  121. Air Italy and Avior Airlines are new carriers in PUJ
  122. Direct connections DR to CR or DR to Colombia?
  123. Westjet regular flights to DR
  124. flights to the uk from puj or la ramana
  125. special education teacher question...
  126. Airline Complaints IN the DR
  127. offers on flights to europe?
  128. JetBlue to Start Daily Direct Orlando-SDQ Flight Starting March
  129. jfk to pop
  130. Jet Blue changes travel times
  131. newish video of samana airport
  132. Puerta Plata to Punta Cana
  133. Booking flights to Samana?
  134. Internal flights from POP
  135. Any updates on SOL AIRLINES?
  136. Thieves when departing Santo Domingo
  137. DR to Venezuela
  138. charter flights
  139. SDQ to POP Charter?
  140. United: new baggage restrictions for discounted tickets
  141. Chicago to DR
  142. Crazy Seat Sale
  143. Jet Blue summer timetable from DR
  144. Here we go AGAIN!
  145. New regulations for citizens who need visa to visit DR
  146. Air Dominicana
  147. Continental discussed possible merger with American Airlines
  148. DR to Cuba?
  149. London to the DR?
  150. Jet Blue JFK to POP
  151. still want to fly AA ??
  152. few questions about the flight
  153. What Happened
  154. AA dropping FLL-SDQ?
  155. Air Dominicana Livery & logo
  156. Airtransat Emergency Landing
  157. Blowfish?
  158. FAA seeks fines against Southwest Airlines
  159. Delta question for Latino2002
  160. What is allowed from US to DR ?
  161. Singapore - P Cana by Transaero Airlines
  162. Flights DR to UK for child
  163. How Many Miles From A to B In A Plane
  164. Flights from Santiago or SD to Cap Haitien?
  165. DL will stop flying JFK-SDQ/JFK-STI
  166. Turboprop airlines?
  167. Flight to Barahona
  168. question: minor flying rule (non rev)
  169. AIR DOMINICANA to start on May
  170. Flights London - Santo Domingo
  171. Delta To Add Atlanta-santiago
  172. Flights to UK from DR
  173. News...Delta to STI
  174. American Air may charge $25 to check a second bag
  175. Dominican Airport Taxes
  176. Another Domonican Airline
  177. Plans for aerocaribbean PUJ-VRA
  178. More News On Air Dominicana
  179. Airline info
  180. Fall of Airlines, Impact on DR Airlines
  181. Dominican Airline Flight Attendants
  182. buy tickets to europe websites
  183. Does Sol Dominicana still exist?
  184. punta cana to puerto plata!
  185. Delta Airlines and NWA to Merge!!!!
  186. Air Plus comet to stop there operations in Dominican Republic
  187. traveling to DR in June and need some help
  188. Tell Your AA Story!!!!
  189. Sleep over in Santo Domingo Airport?
  190. US Airways to charge $5 fee for some window, aisle seats
  191. Delta to charge fuel surcharge????
  192. Cubana flight in SDQ emergency landing
  193. Sunwing
  194. American cuts Santiago flights.........
  195. Are they really direct flights from Alaska to Puerto Plata?
  196. Air Dominicana
  197. ATL-SDQ buy now????
  198. Direct Bogota-SDQ AVianca Flight Starting June
  199. Need info on flights to the UK
  200. EOS files for Chapter 11 and close its doors
  201. Continental says it will not pursue a merger
  202. Whats with the prices for JFK-STI
  203. Spirit
  204. In your Opinion which is the Best Airline offering service to DR currently?
  205. DR-Madrid-DR
  206. France prohibits transit without visa to dominican citizens
  207. Flights from RD to Turks and Caicos
  208. POP to Santo Domingo by air
  209. Toronto to POP seat sale
  210. DR-Jamaica
  211. Delta schedule question.
  212. Flights from SDQ to Caracas
  213. Copa: 5 weekly flights to P Cana
  214. American to Charge for 1st bag also
  215. Westjet special!
  216. Does Lan Chile offer good service to DR?
  217. American Airlines cuts SJU-Santo Domingo, SJU-SAMANA
  218. Dear American Airlines
  219. AA will lose your bag
  220. American Airlines woes
  221. MIA-POP flight
  222. Delta's Woeful Decision....
  223. Pawa
  224. US Airways ends serice to SDQ
  225. Continental closes STI Station in Sept
  226. Cita impacto tendría RD crisis en sector aviación
  227. Continental stopping Newark-STI flights in September
  228. Flights to Russia or eastern europe from DR
  229. Repair Stations in the DR?
  230. AA Now Charges $30 to Check 1 Bag to DR
  231. AA travel today
  232. Air Dominicana
  233. Continental Airlines to Join Star-Alliance!!!!
  234. Leaving car at POP airport.
  235. westjet just announced new service to La Romana!!
  236. Flights to Belgium
  237. Jfk - Sdq
  238. cheapest destination from the DR??
  239. Avion presidencial Dominicano
  240. Jetblue STI Good Morning Good Evening Good Night!!!!!
  241. American Airlines to End MIA-SDQ Airbus 300
  242. charter question to canada from DR.
  243. Flight needed!!!
  244. Continental Airlines New Office Schedule
  245. TAM started charter program to PUJ
  246. what airplane with a 4 month baby is better from montreal
  247. Flying from Punta Cana to Santiago
  248. Transaero will operate 4 weekly flights this winter MOW PUJ
  249. Florida to SDQ $155 all in! :)
  250. sousa to samana