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  1. Continental Airlines "first Bag" no longer free!!!!
  2. Pulmantur Air
  3. Pop-sdq
  4. Charter flight to Vancouver
  5. AA airfares BWI-SDQ/STI
  6. Air Caraibes will fly A330 flights Paris S Domingo
  7. Condor will fly Munich P Cana in 2012
  8. Condor will resume MUC POP flights in 2012
  9. Copa STI to SCL
  10. Spirit Airlines vs Jet Blue / March 2012 Prices
  11. Spirit Airlines add's another fee
  12. flight from Santiago to PaP
  13. Dominican Shuttles Airline Schedule
  14. KLM stops Amsterdam - Punta Cana route
  15. Barahona to Puerto Plata
  16. Flight Costs have Doubled!!!! Has anyone else seen this!!!
  17. AA Changes To Mexico, The Caribbean, Central And South America Bag Charges
  18. customs and metal detectors etc
  19. Not sure why this wasn't mentioned here regarding Delta
  20. United
  21. American Eagle to cease all SJU-DR routes in March 2013
  22. Puerto Plata to UK
  23. Long term parking at Santiago airport
  24. Frontier launches Dominican Republic service
  25. help flight info europe to dominican republic
  26. Air Canada Cheap fare Toronto-Puerto Plata !
  27. Flights to Cuba - anyone have recent info?
  28. Rumor mill: AA on the verge of a hostile takeover.. by US Airways!
  29. Best flight options from Chicago in August
  30. Spirit... be warned!
  31. Cheap one way fares to SDQ or STI from JFK on Delta
  32. United Airlines POP
  33. Booking direct ticket through Frankfurt
  34. Any direct flights to South-America ?
  35. Flight Prices to POP
  36. AA new widebody plane starting in december 2012
  37. United Airlines cancels early boarding for children
  38. High hopes for those flying from Miam
  39. $299 RT Newark to Santo Domingo
  40. SDQ Admirals Club Closing
  41. Colorado to punta cana????
  42. JetBlue to El Catey
  43. Orenair winter flights from Ural SVX to PUJ
  44. Finnair winter flights to P Plata
  45. Continental/United..........Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky
  46. london-POP, what are ticket tendencies?
  47. Best deal for Toronto
  48. no direct flights from PC to Bogota???
  49. Miami Flights Cancelled to Puerto Plata
  50. Newark flights
  51. Air Canada flight to Toronto - options
  52. Parking LRM La Romana Airport
  53. Baggage fees tax
  54. Condor proof of onward travel
  55. Where is the cheapest place i can fly out of puerto plata to have ticket out
  56. Flying to south america cheapest way
  57. WestJet
  58. JFK-SDQ $299 on Delta, Jet Blue
  59. Good News - Hopefully
  60. Continental/United.......just gone crazy
  61. Any direct flights from the D-R to any other country islands ?
  62. Car Rental Companies at AZS-El Catey?
  63. Fly from Santiago - Port-au-Prince?
  64. Airlines that fly non-stop from Western Europe to the D-R and back.
  65. Delta re-time schedule from JFK to SDQ/STI
  66. GOL Brazil to establish stopovers at SDQ
  67. Punta Cana - Madrid 203 USD with all taxes.
  68. 50% Reduction In Tax On Airplane Fuel?
  69. JetBlue new service routes
  70. Gol opens flights Rio de Janeiro - SDQ - Miami
  71. GOL opens daily flights Sao Paolo - SDQ - Orlando
  72. Transaero opens charter flights from Russia to P Plata
  73. Jet Blue - JFK/Samana - It's Started
  74. PUJ or SDQ to Port au Prince? Posibly private charter??
  75. Airfare this Christmas holiday
  76. Iberia will close service to SDQ in APR 2013
  77. Which is cheaper from North Coast? STI or SDQ
  78. Delta will buy 49% of Virgin Atlantic
  79. Need return ticket??
  80. Faster Flights
  81. American Airlines stops direct flights SDQ-JFK
  82. La Romana Airport parking
  83. American Airlines
  84. Flights from Europe, is it cheaper to fly and stay at AI resort than buy tickets?
  85. JFK-AZS-80% Off !!!!!!!!!
  86. JFK-LRM-80% Off !!!!!!!!!
  87. Cargo (Pet) Shipping vs Excess Baggage
  88. Go further, pay less - Weird US Airways pricing policy
  89. Flight to DR diverted due to unruly passengers
  90. American Airlines - US Air Merger??
  91. What Airlines Are Available To Fly Non-Stop Between DR To Canada
  92. Direct flights from Barcelona to Puerto Plata
  93. Orbest airlines ceased operations due bankruptcy.
  94. Up to 10% discount for flights to DR (late April)
  95. United Deals?
  96. From DR to Cuba?
  97. Gol airlines saved me $500
  98. OBESE Passengers Could be Charged DOUBLE to Fly
  99. Who flys nonstop from STI to SJU?
  100. Virgin launch new jet with SEE-THROUGH floor
  101. Halt to American, Iberia flights deal blow to tourism, airline workers
  102. Jet Blue 48 Hour Sale - Today/Tomorrow
  103. WestJet Sale
  104. Who has the cheapest flights from north europe today.
  105. Jet Blue All Inclusive Deals
  106. travelling to europe on two one way tickets
  107. Expedia ripoff
  108. Jet Blue Special
  109. Restrictions on medication out of DR?
  110. is there new departure taxes for 2013
  111. Flights from Orlando/Tampa Florida
  112. Expected Changes in Price of Flights (Summer 2013)
  113. JetBlue started service from SJU to STI
  114. cheap flights to the uk
  115. Cheapest route for crew of 4 to pop
  116. Getting through Customs
  117. Westjest - Would not upload water to the airplane
  118. Question about returns flight from DR to US
  119. Shipping Dog from DR to USA
  120. going to monte cristo????
  121. update me on long term parking (SDQ)?
  122. AMAZING deal - JFK-SDQ $168 RT
  123. Air Europa will fly to LRM
  124. Kiev - Punta Cana new flights
  125. New flights from Hamburg
  126. Cheap fully refundable one way flight out of the DR
  127. GOL airlines from MCO to SDQ
  128. fines for airlines charging too much?
  129. Delta 405 RT... Good or Bad?
  130. Delta JFK-SDQ $424 for fall travel
  131. Dog Travel Companion Needed POP to YYZ.
  132. jetBlue sale
  133. How to book a flight 101
  134. increasing costs of operating in DR cause complains among airlines
  135. PreCheck Airport Security
  136. New TSA Rule On Computer?
  137. Fee to leave the country
  138. Lat-Amís highest airport fees hobble Dominican Republicís tourism?
  139. YYZ to RD
  140. Tourist card with Westjet
  141. Paspoort
  142. luggage on delta buddy pass please
  143. from "b**ch please" files, a xmas offer from air europa
  144. Boeing 787 in PUJ
  145. Flying to Europe from PUJ?
  146. Any problems bringing natural vitamin supplements thru DR customs?
  147. Flying from Punta Cana to Puerto Plata
  148. Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico
  149. West Jet Christmas
  150. Thompson air lines
  151. JetBlue problems ? ?
  152. PAWA Dominicana to acquire twenty Delta DC 9-50s
  153. any airlines accept dogs over 100 pounds??
  154. will iberia come back to DR?
  155. Delta is beginning nonstop MCO to SDQ
  156. Flights Between PR & DR
  157. flying DELTA for first time since i can remember..i always been a JETBLUE guy!opinons
  158. Leaving the DR
  159. WestJet - POP & AZS
  160. Turkish Airlines plans IST SDQ service
  161. what happened to GOL Dominicana Airlines?
  162. Regional Airline in the DR?
  163. No more free checked bag on American Airlines!
  164. United Starting Direct Service From EWR To STI
  165. New Routes to DR
  166. Plane Videos From POP
  167. Southwest announces flights to Dominican Republic
  168. SDQ to PUJ
  169. These SDQ to BRU flights
  170. DR to Hong Kong via Frankfurt, or other European city?????
  171. Condor POP-FRA have internet?
  172. Where is the United Airlines office in Santo Domingo?
  173. LIAT "introductory fare"
  174. flights from houston to PUJ announced
  175. Newark - Santo Domingo $283
  176. Flight: Punta Cana to Santiago and back?
  177. Condor adds new winter schedule to POP
  178. Aeroflot quits PUJ.
  179. Iberia Airlines: Santo Domingo to Madrid
  180. American cuts service to the DR
  181. DR to Europe, Condor
  182. UK into Samana
  183. New DR tax policy on baggage fees
  184. Dog Travel - Kennel Size
  185. new jetblue flight boston-POP
  186. Google Flights
  187. PAWA is back... or is it?
  188. Condor start new route tomorrow Munich - POP
  189. F'n AA!
  190. Jetblue Will Discontinue Free Baggae Checkin in 2015
  191. Check Flight Status on Google
  192. American Airlines pricing
  193. Copa sale
  194. Fly to Europe for Christmas
  195. Flights from New York to Puerta plata
  196. Delta. TV in luggage
  197. How to fly to Grenada or POS from SDQ?
  198. changing planes/airlines in Santo Domingo
  199. new flights from germany to DR
  200. $224 R/T JFK-SDQ Jetblue
  201. Missing flights EWR to POP?
  202. $224 .... EWR-SDQ United
  203. A new national carrier: PAWA
  204. Dominican Wings plan service to BUE.
  205. Tips on booking low-cost flights in Europe
  206. Sunwing Air
  207. Unreal Deal - Spirit Air 1 R/T Tkt FLL-PUJ plus 7 nights villa stay for $14,273
  208. taking a dog to santo domingo
  209. more air canada flights to DR
  210. Bonn/Cologne to POP
  211. more westjet flights to POP
  212. Codnor direct flights Stockholm - POP
  213. direct flights from berlin to anywhere in DR - please help
  214. PAWA Dominicana announces Flights to US and Caribbean
  215. ambassador of panama says copa is interested in establishing flights to POP
  216. new flight from italy to DR announced
  217. Jetblue begins charging for first bag
  218. Service Dog - Blind person (cabin travel)
  219. Flights to Cuba
  220. JetBlue Specials
  221. American begins flights to Puerto Plata and Punta Cana
  222. Flights from Punta Cana to the U.S. will be considered domestic
  223. JetBlue Offering $49 Flights In Incredible Two-Day Flash Sale
  224. CanJet Airlines Suspends All Flights
  225. seamless cellular service when flying in from US?
  226. LAN beginning flights between PC and Bogota
  227. 5 new flights from france to DR
  228. No more Jetblue BOS-POP?!
  229. Ewr - sdq ..... Rt $264
  230. new charter flight from italy to samana announced
  231. Christmas, Bloody Christmas
  232. eurowings to fly weekly to POP
  233. finnair to fly to DR
  234. midnight specials on JetBlue
  235. Las Americas Security
  236. AeroMexico open new fligh to Santo Domingo starting March 16 of 2016
  237. Jetblue....Sale...book by 11-18
  238. Dominican Airports on High Alert
  239. Brasilia to Punta Cana
  240. more charters to POP
  241. Air Europa NYC - SDQ Flights
  242. Hey blue direct from ft lauderdale
  243. Leave today
  244. charter flight from tel aviv to PUJ to start in october
  245. flight - punta cana to puerto plata
  246. found a real good price to puerto plata but the taxes seem abit high
  247. Emergency landing at PUJ
  248. Delta punta cana to JFK 40 hr flight
  249. Atlanta to Santiago flights
  250. Going to DR with one-way ticket???