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  1. Stanley Joaquín..
  2. OAG: Best airline based in USA is ....
  3. that color will viva use
  4. in regard to the geocities page
  5. Continental will charge new tax.
  6. Cibao International, publicated in a national daily
  7. Aeromar, American or North American Airlines?
  8. Any Direct cheap flights from SDQ to CCS (caracas)?
  9. san juan, PR to puerto plata
  10. AA NetSaver Fares from JFK to DR...
  12. Fares
  13. Lan Ecuador ya despegó, Lan Dominicana aun lo piensa
  14. One Way Ticket
  15. Dominicana de Aviación alistandose para retornar al mercado.
  16. Is VIVA really moving foward?
  17. Viva is bad news
  18. FAD-01 the dominican president airplane
  19. VIVA no compra a AeroContinente Dominicana
  20. Auxer Subsidiary Viva Obtains Dominican Republic Aeronautical Authority
  21. Looking For A Cheap Flight
  22. Viva/Queen get DRAA approval for Air Certificate
  23. What is Aeromar's 732 current registration.
  24. The TRUTH about Aeromar's 732
  25. Aeromar bashing
  26. North American Airlines?
  27. Aeris Airlines delayed its flight from PAR for 30 hours.
  28. Flights to UK
  29. Auxer question
  30. What's going on with Aeromar schedule?
  31. British Airways introduced new FFN programme.
  32. American Airlines cancela dos vuelos desde el país
  33. Anyone going to the Queen/Viva License public hearing tomorrow?
  34. U.S. air service complaints decline
  35. Us air
  36. Viva Dominicana will operate as Queen Air
  37. LTU will offer connections to Russia.
  38. When does Aeronaves Queen Air Start???
  39. The most outrageous air incident happened today!
  40. Can I fly into Santiago?
  41. "EUROFLY" is interested in Dominicana
  42. now THIS is useful airline info:
  43. Dominicana de Aviación
  44. The era of low-cost flights could be coming to an end. ????
  45. American, United Airlines to Raise Fares
  46. Here are additions in American Airlines' international flight schedule from Miami
  47. Aeromar MIA-SDQ
  48. Travelling to US on Lesser-known Airlines
  49. Aeromar
  50. Air Santo Domingo new services
  51. Air Atlanta/ Aeromar 767
  52. Question for you airline fare nuts...
  53. *** Aeromar Update ***
  54. Lufthansa offers supersaver fares from DO
  55. Luggage restrictions
  56. Air France 744 in PUJ
  57. The first online reservation web in Dominicana is working now
  58. Lan Chile postponed its plans with Lan Dominicana
  59. Also AF 744 Landed in SDQ
  60. I contacted Aeromar's administration.
  61. Well well, lets do some numbers shall we
  62. ANyone want to buy Queen/Viva - only $2MM for the whole company now.
  63. Stop posting false rumors.
  64. DR1 Rules & Guidelines for posting in this forum
  65. Aeromar
  66. New domestic airport in S Domingo.
  67. Exchange rate affects dominican passengers
  68. POP Airport on a Sunday
  69. Aerocontinente Suspends Service to DR
  70. *** Lan Dominicana started flights! ***
  71. Dominican GOV want re-activate Compañia Dominicana de Aviacion
  72. Spirit Airlines, Aeromar news
  73. Lan Chile in Dominicana.
  74. People, understand it happens to all
  75. Viva Airlines/Queen Air = Scam?
  76. Lan Chile has no permit to sell their flights to SDQ yet
  77. Dominican Air Carrier Certificate, what is it?
  78. AA NetSaaver Fares
  79. Champion Airlines?
  80. Dl and Summa alliance aproved
  81. US will change immigration procedures for on-visa visitors.
  82. more flights to New York
  83. CAT to start flights between Miami- San Jose Costa Rica, Santo Domingo & Puerto Plata
  84. BWIA's plane was arrested in Miami.
  85. Air Santo Domingo a New York
  86. AMR Decides To Drop 'More Room' From 175 Aircraft, Cut Fares
  87. Great sources of Major airlines Information
  88. *** Fares for the Summer Season ***
  89. Viva Airlines, Inc Obtains Dominican Republic Presidential Approval
  90. Lan Chile opened sell for its flights SDQ MIA
  91. African Star Airlines launches its flights to Dominicana
  92. New aviation era comes to Dominicana.
  93. Pan American Airways resumes flights
  94. 4 dominican airlines to fly from DO to US
  95. Air Pullmantur new Spanish carrier with flights to DR
  96. Industry knowledge?
  97. Experiences with Hotwire or Priceline
  98. Air Santo Domingo's fares to NYC
  99. Pan Am Hub Aguadilla Puerto Rico
  100. Airfares from U.S. West Coast
  101. cheap flight pages?
  102. VIVA They Are Broke!
  103. American Is Outragous!!!!
  104. From PR to DR
  105. Airbus/ AA587/AA 903
  106. Cheap Flights From Dr To The Uk
  107. don't know if this will last
  108. aero carribean has low SDQ fares
  109. Booking Flights on AA.com
  110. Aero Continente continue flying
  111. Auxer (Viva/Queen) Announces Delay on Reverse Stock Split
  112. New airlines Vs. Aeromar
  113. 737-300
  114. L1011 comes to Dominicana
  115. The Airbus A319 & A 320
  116. Air S Domingo Vs. Aeromar!!!
  117. *update* Iberia will use A340-600
  118. Viva Website
  119. American Eagle & those smaller planes
  120. This forum is sick
  121. other auxer news/ auxer will starting from new york to santo domingo
  122. Auxer Group Releases Update on Viva Operations and Acquisitions
  123. flights from dominican republic to new york city
  124. aeromar 733
  125. American Eagle restore to San Marteen
  126. Need Airfares for end of August-PLEASE HELP!
  127. Alianza Summa (Aces) Upgrade
  128. Que va JUAN...
  129. December travel
  130. flghts from miami to dominican republic
  131. flights from dr to brasil
  132. Rumored 727 bought by Viva (Picture)
  133. Travel From DR to Aruba and Bonaire
  134. From Punta Cana to Santo Domingo
  135. Fina Air starting flights in Jul 15
  136. Aeromar emergency landing...
  137. Air Santo Domingo
  138. Traveling in Dec
  139. Parking at Newark Airport
  140. Aeromar reduces frequencies again.
  141. Continental EWR-SDQ $214 .com special
  142. AA Net Saver-Miami to POP - June 18 to June 25
  143. Aeromar website
  144. American Airline weekend getaways
  145. Lan Dominicana
  146. Queen Air delays operations.
  147. AERO CONTINTE or Lan Dominican
  148. Catch 373 USD with taxes SDQ NYC SDQ ticket
  149. Continental + Delta = more frq flyer miles
  150. Emely Tours/Viva Airlines
  151. Pan Am ontime Performance
  152. Luggage question
  153. más sobre Fina
  154. from DR to Colombia
  155. Aero Domca
  156. Welcome Lan Dominicana, The New Dominican Airline
  157. Aeromar
  158. LRM this week
  159. Where the Heck is Lan Dominicana?
  160. US Airways increase to PUJ
  161. Sale Sale Sale Sale
  162. Land Dominicana, Dominican???
  163. Flights from SFO-SDQ
  164. Flight Info to Puerto Plata
  165. Darn, high AA prices, so US airways it is
  166. PUJ - POP: Punta Cana to Puerta Plata
  167. Beware Luggage Restrictions
  168. Dominicana de Aviación a volar / Rep. Dominicana hacia la cat. 1
  169. New PR on the Fina Website
  170. Best time to flight to DR? Lowest season?
  171. Question...
  172. Lan Dominicana
  173. AA cancel night flights
  174. JAC Aproval routes
  175. Traveling to puerto plata (EXPENSIVE)
  176. Aeromar published timetable to Venezuela
  177. Aeromar will fly to Cuba.
  178. Aeromar Will Fly To Curacao
  179. PAN AM timetable update
  180. Travelling from Milan, Italy....How??
  181. AA JFK-SDQ $239 RT 4th of July weekend!
  182. Toronto to POP - fights for 3 wks or more?
  183. Pan Am Dominicana
  184. One Day Sale today on Continental!!
  185. Flights from DR to Cuba & reliable travel agent needed in Santo Domingo
  186. Air Santo Domingo
  187. VIVA Airlines will start flight in early August
  188. Spirit Airlines opens office in SDQ and will fly from this fall
  189. Air Santo Domingo will open two routes more
  190. Experiences with TAINO Airlines requested
  191. Help On Airline Choice
  192. Viva International Updates Shareholders on Accomplishments
  193. Flight Report: LanDominicana
  194. SDQ MIA and MIA SDQ for 90 USD OW
  195. Aeromar is in trouble.
  196. News about VIVA
  197. Air Europa uses A310 for flights SDQ MAD
  198. SDQ MIA SDQ for 294 USD with all taxes, 1 year fare!
  199. Viva Airlines (Beta site)
  200. When did Aeromar start leasing from Falcon?
  201. Flights Between San Juan and PP
  202. American Airlines
  203. USAirways from Detroit/PHL/SDQ, 367plus tax
  204. Russian Airlines
  205. Viva's First 727's??
  206. Viva International Announces First Plane Moved to Bolivia for Inspection
  207. Just in about AA from DR1
  208. A.A. International Getaways for Next Weekend
  209. TOP AIR will use YAK-40 to fly to Haiti and VEN
  210. AA is pulling out of st louis
  211. VIVA Airlines launched its website
  212. who said aeromar is in trouble?
  213. Continental fare changes?
  214. Aeromar postpons its caribbean flights until mid August.
  215. *** Update *** Aviation News
  216. New Route FLL-SDQ on AA
  217. 1 day sale today at Continental Airlines
  218. Delta to fly to Puerto Plata
  219. Varig
  220. Today's AA Promotions
  221. "Aero Continente" More flights....we are the BIG WINNER!!
  222. Lan Dominicana want Dominican Pilots
  223. Aeromar published fares SDQ HAV
  224. German Carriers Will Fly Regular Flights To Lrm.
  225. American Airlines re-open NYC LRM nonstop flights
  226. USA 3000 increases its flights to PUJ
  227. The night British Airways forgot its passengers
  228. Aeromar will discontinue daily flights to MIA
  229. Aeromar Vs. Cubana on SDQ HAV SDQ route
  230. Can we cut out the garbage?
  231. Continental is cancelling their tuesday Santiago/Newark flight
  232. NEWS "Air Santo Domingo" first problems and more
  233. 80% discount for children under 12 years old.
  234. Anyone travelling this December Read!
  235. 'Aeromar declared bankruptcy'
  236. Iberia.. A340-600 to SDQ
  237. Aeromar's website is down.
  238. SALE: Super Ofertas/Fares!!! 50% Discount!!
  239. Trouble for airline travel to the DR?
  240. Terminal 4 at JFK/ASD
  241. Land Dominicana Website Is Online
  242. Fina
  243. IMPORTANT: Puerto Plata Airport closed for 2 days!
  244. Air Santo Domingo - NYC Office
  245. Any Experiences with SkyAuction
  246. Help! Going to Samana from Puerto Rico
  247. Fina Air+Viva Air=Scam Air
  248. US Airways add their 23th dominican destination
  249. Arriving in Santo Domingo
  250. Aeromar restore to San Juan