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  1. Yet another terrible trip with AA
  2. Royal Aruban Airlines to start flights
  3. Aeromar increase flights
  4. Viva Airlines publish their initial routes!
  5. Some advice - Ticket to UK
  6. cheapest airfares from the U.S. to Puerto PLata
  7. Air Santo Domingo
  8. El Nacional publicated today thursday a news about Aeromar
  9. Air Canada
  10. GREAT deals from Detroit and Philly
  11. Traveling to Cuba from the DR?
  12. `JFK to North Coast
  13. Aeromar
  14. Where to arrive...
  15. when vivaairlines starts flights????
  16. "IBERIA moving Miami hub to Santo Domingo"
  17. Shareholders liquidate Colombia airline Aces
  18. West Jet to fly Canada>DR
  19. Air Santo Domingo 727
  20. Dal
  21. AA weekly specials
  22. Air Santo Domingo is doing extremelly well.
  23. Unreal airfare on AA.com
  24. The aeromar new web site!
  25. Pan Am from Aguadilla to Quisqueya
  26. Aerocontinente will expand its route network.
  27. AA Specials
  28. When are the Busy times for flying to the N.Coast?
  29. flights within DR?
  30. Flights from Europa to POP
  31. 3 Viva press releases
  32. Quien es Flight Attendant
  33. Sol Air will fly from Honduras to SDQ
  34. Continental will use B777 for SDQ EWR
  35. New L1011 for VIVA
  36. What dominican airline will you use?
  37. Pan Am like surprises
  38. Fina FAA Approval
  39. Santiago to Esperanza
  40. Flights between DR and El Salvadore?
  41. Punta Cana Airport
  42. AA weekly specials for 9/10/03
  43. New rule for Visa Waiver program for USA
  44. Air Atlanta in POP
  45. Viva DC-9s
  46. AA increases flights to DR
  47. Viva and NEB
  48. New airport in S Domingo for passenger operation is ..... SAN ISIDRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. Aeromar Miami Ops.
  50. AA weekly specials for 9/17/03
  51. Air Canada
  52. Aeromar doesn't fly SDQ NYC
  53. Aeromar's new timetable MIA SDQ MIA
  54. is Lan Dominicana alive?
  55. Aeromar's flight to MIA today delayed until 1030PM
  56. LAN and Aerocontinente didn't go to MIA today.
  57. NE Bolivian Airlines network map
  58. travelling to dr from england
  59. Cubana
  60. Iberia anuncia posible mudanza de Miami pa RD
  61. Fina Air / Viva
  62. Any advice on SDQ to EZE (Buenos Aires) flights ?
  63. AEROMAR cancelled all flights today
  64. Win a trip to the DR!
  65. Preclear Flights To Usa From Dr
  66. Austrian Airlines will change its name and corporate image.
  67. Air Santo Domingo review!
  68. Flts to Las Terrenas area
  69. JAC studying routes for ex
  70. Major Airlines Pay Comparison - Hourly Rates
  71. Terremoto en RD, Aeropuertos parecen no afectados
  72. west palm to pop or sti
  73. AA sales
  74. Holiday travel
  75. SWISS joined ONE WORLD
  76. USAir from Washington DC
  77. Any good deal for MIA to SDQ?
  78. Eurofly
  79. Who's the best???
  80. US AIR Non-Stop to La Romana
  81. Aeromar is worse every day
  82. Airbus defeats Boeing.
  83. Air Canada will operate regular flights to DR
  84. Today's Aeromar operations.
  85. Website for SDQ.
  86. USAirways will fly less until OCT 26
  87. Earthquake in Siberia affected almost all airports yesterday.
  88. Aeromar Havana
  89. Lauda Italia is increasing its flights to the Caribbean
  90. "Austrian" will serve Dominican Republic.
  91. What happened to Aeromar's 737-400?
  92. Taino Airlines claims to have B747
  93. Cubana is changing its fleet
  94. Aeromar Lineas Aereas Dominicanas news update
  95. KLM will merge with Air France
  96. Frequent Flyer Questions
  97. Tango making its final flight
  98. Airline News
  99. Next destination to dominican carriers.
  100. German carriers will increase their regular flights to LRM
  101. This week's AA special
  102. Cheapest U.S. to D.R. Commute?
  103. Air europa 50% discount
  104. Fina Air schedule
  105. *** Queen Air *** Back In Business!!
  106. Gotta Ask...
  107. First aircraft arrived for Aeromar
  108. Missed flight POP to Toronto stuck in POP Help
  109. AA weekly specials for 10/15/03
  110. Winter for dominican airlines
  111. Any way to sidestep ticket change penalty from SDQ- DFW ?
  112. PanAm Dominicana took delivery first aircraft
  113. Pan Am Dominican
  114. L1011 for VIVA
  115. Any update on Delta to DR?
  116. BWIA .. Puerto España-Santo Domingo-San José
  117. check the new EX757
  118. did AirCanada ever have regular(Non-charter) service to DR?
  119. Back in the 70s-80s did Dominicana airlines service non US Destinations?
  120. December flights
  121. Air Santo Domingo...
  122. Air Santo Domingo offers the lowest fare
  123. LanChile to Become LanAmerica
  124. Martinair flights
  125. Newspapers about Aeromar.
  126. SDQ to CUN????
  127. AA weekly specials for 10/22/03
  128. Amerijet acquires Antillas Air
  129. IBERIA Lineas Aereas de España increase flights
  130. Thanksgiving Fares
  131. Anyone hear anything about Viva International anymore?
  132. Are there Flights from DR to Stgo de Cuba?
  133. La Isabela to open no matter what!!!
  134. Aeromar Líneas Aéreas Dominicanas to resume flights
  135. Toronto to Santo Domingo
  136. LAN Dominicana increases free baggage allowance
  137. Boeing will stop production of B757.
  138. New Airlines to DR
  139. AEROMAR should stop torture of innocent passengers
  140. Air Century
  141. Help with Aeromar and Aerocontinente
  142. New ASD 757
  143. Internet fares vs. travel agent fares
  144. North American Airlines has agreed to be sold
  145. Aeromar 767-200
  146. AA weekly specials for 10/31/03
  147. flight from RD to PTP
  148. Martinair change schedule again!
  149. Helping Aeromar to get back on their feet.
  150. Transaero will start nonstop service from Moscow to PUJ
  151. Air Canada to POP / Casa Marina
  152. Reviving Dominicana
  153. Santo Domingo - Thailand
  154. Queen Air and VIVA are divorced.
  155. Aeromar 757
  156. What I paid for Jan. 2004
  157. AA weekly specials for 11/05/03
  158. Aeromar could not resume flights on OCT 27
  159. Flight from SD to Samana area >>cheap way?
  160. Flights from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo
  161. Should we let AEROMAR become Lineas Aereas Dominicana(Icelandic)???
  162. Second provisional runway for LAS AMERICAS airport
  163. weekend travel from Canada
  164. La Isabela
  165. Govermnent should be against Lan, Aerocontinente and other foreign carriers.
  166. Goverment buy 16 new Helicopters
  167. VIVA starts flights from AUA
  168. SDQ NYC SDQ fare is 157 USD + taxes.
  169. SAP:Air Santo Domingo new website preview
  170. Predictions about Aeromar on this forum 6 months ago.
  171. What it feels like being CAT II country.
  172. What is the SAP GROUP?
  173. Al Qaeda in SDQ.
  174. Aviastar
  175. asnwer SAP GROUP
  176. American Airlines to cut free in-flight entertainment on Caribbean destinations
  177. Traveling to DR on Nov12 thru 21 can anyone
  178. BAG with gold was STEALS A JFK not at AILA
  179. Air Holland start flights from Amsterdam
  180. Bahamas wants Aerodom to run airport
  181. AA weekly specials for 11/12/03
  182. Aeromar Líneas Aereas Dominicanas resumes daily flights!
  183. D.R. and cat 2*
  184. punta cana
  185. Traveling to Taipei Taiwan!!
  186. Air Santo Domingo
  187. LIAT Increase flights
  188. US Airways Increase flights
  189. cheapest airfare to Punta Cana
  190. Is Air Santo Domingo in Trouble???
  191. Mexicana saying 'adios' to Star Alliance
  192. Caribbean Sun says ° Now to Dominican Republic !
  193. AA weekly specials for 11/19/03
  194. AA 587 Anniversary
  195. Air Atlanta will not purchase 49% ob BQ´s stocks.
  196. Nifty new website by Viva International.
  197. Anyone know how to travel on Charter Flights from D.R and return
  198. VIVA AIRLINES, will they ever takeoff???
  199. Travel question for the experienced DR old hands
  200. This was on the CBC world news today!
  201. American Airlines reduce flights
  202. bwia will inaugurate POS-SDQ.
  203. airport
  204. Punta Plata to Santo Domingo air travel??
  205. AA weekly specials for 11/26/03
  206. Question about Aeromar and Gabriel.
  207. Air Europa will fly SDQ HAV MAD on selected days
  208. UI flights PUJ SJU
  209. Copa published SDQ MEX flight
  210. Aeromar doesn`t open sell for MIA flights
  211. Malev Hungarian Airlines offer codeshare to SDQ
  212. Final Destination Samana - Help!
  213. Aeromar's winter schedule update
  214. flying with air santo domingo - tourist card needed?
  215. ASD JFK to SDQ?
  216. Air Caraïbes to PAP
  217. *** Winter Season Update 03/04***
  218. ASD 757 to TravelSpan
  219. Flight Info needed
  220. Taino Airlines question
  221. AA weekly specials for 12/03/03
  222. Aeromar started flights and re-start to Miami and New Management
  223. AA limits Dominican luggage
  224. American reduce flights to SJU
  225. Which airline accepts pets on board?
  226. Expirience with Air Santo Domingo
  227. News about Air Transat and the new terminal "B" at PUJ
  228. Hotel Information
  229. Fly from Las Galeras to Santo Domingo
  230. Fina Air, 4 daily flights to SDQ?
  231. Aeromar Lineas Aereas have confirmed to resume flights
  232. Any news about SDQ new runway???
  233. Aeromar / Ley antiquiebras
  234. Aviación Dominicana
  235. Any news about Aeromar?
  236. Question to forum moderator
  237. AA weekly specials for 12/10/03
  238. Santiago Airlines
  239. Seeking Cheap Airfare And Hotel
  240. Aeromar/Air Atlanta Icelandic
  241. Condor/Thomas Cook to Chicago
  242. Aerodom SEIZED Aeromar plane and other properties
  243. I need to fly from Porte Au Prince Haiti to Santo Domingo, any help?
  244. Aeromar Issues
  245. Us Airways
  246. aeromar
  247. Gov/Aeromar
  248. Fina Air's third Saab 340
  249. Otra aerolinea que se va?
  250. Any Info on Air canada, Air transat action to D.R.