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  1. Two one-ways cheaper than one round-trip. Why ??
  2. American Trans Air will serve Dominican Republic with regular flights
  3. new DGAC law on charter flights
  4. Aerodomoca?
  5. Bahamasair will fly to santo domingo!!
  6. AA weekly specials for 10/27/04
  7. new question
  8. Thomas Cook Airlines - Premium cabin Upgrade
  9. Need help again on cheap flight from sdq-calgary
  10. Flights to the UK on Charters?
  11. AA posts third-quarter loss, plans to cut capacity, jobs
  12. Air Canada Special Offers
  13. American Airlines to Furlough Up to 1,100
  14. Only 6 flights to STI
  15. NTSB: Co-Pilot to Blame for Flight 587
  16. PAN AM Shutting Down!!!!!!
  17. Air France
  18. TAM from Brasil to DR next year!
  19. Air Turks & Caicos
  20. Mexico to La Romana
  21. Airfare, Cheaper from the DR?
  22. Question for STIOP
  23. New regular flights to Bahamas
  24. NYC-SDQ or SDQ-NYC for 125 USD RT + TAX
  25. AA: 33 daily flights from USA to DOM REP!
  26. New trips to DR
  27. STI's New Schedule
  28. 'Last minute' websites for charters UK-DR
  29. AA weekly specials for 11/10/04
  30. transport info
  31. continental from newark
  32. Planning a cheap trip to the DR
  33. Delta
  34. Construirán aeropuerto internacional en Constanza
  35. flights fom Santo Domingo to Haiti
  36. cheap flights from fla in feb?
  37. Caribbean Sun Airlines
  38. AA weekly specials for 11/24/04
  39. New Regular service PARIS-P Cana
  40. Austrian serves flights Vienna-P Plata
  41. transport from Santiago to Cabarete
  42. POP to SDQ or thereabouts
  43. Any New Airline Startup To D.r. This Season
  44. Herrera and International Airports, not the same?
  45. US Airways will quit SDQ PHL route in FEB
  46. POP to Toronto?
  47. AA weekly specials for 12/01/04
  48. I'd need help to arrange trip to DR.
  49. Good travel agent in Puerto Plata?
  50. those that have flown jet blue to DR...
  51. Dominican regional airlines
  52. Transaero Airlines reviews possibility to operate regular service to Dominicana
  53. American offers 168 USD RT + taxes from SDQ to MIA
  54. No Package tours to POP/Sosua
  55. AA weekly specials for 12/08/04
  56. flight to uk
  57. delta from florida to sdq
  58. Need Help: Dominican Pilots Abroad
  59. help planning a mixed trip
  60. Fire at PUJ????
  61. airline rep info?
  62. Flights from Baltimore/Washington
  63. American airlines will end Santo domingo-ft lauderdale routes
  64. FRom what Canadian Cities Can you fly from on a Regular Non-charter to DR?
  65. Anything New On Delta Service to STI
  66. What's new about Jet Blue in Dom Rep?
  67. Viva Air Dominicana is buying Fina Air again
  68. Viva plans to bring 2 B747-200 to Dom Republic
  69. Fina air
  70. United Airlines First flight to PUJ today 16-12-04
  71. My expirience with Pan Am
  72. Twin-Aisle Aircraft -vs- Single Aisle
  73. Wet Cell Lead/Acid Battery Allowed In Luggage?
  74. AA banned extra luggage!!!
  75. What will be reasonable fares for D.R. from US
  76. Flight Delayed 10 Hrs Up With The Aa Delay
  77. Cheaper air from Chicago area
  78. continental...newark to sdq?
  80. Airlines to DR that offer full refund upon cancellation of ticket
  81. Is american airlines always so late for DR flights or is it just the holidays?
  82. American Airlines Does it again
  83. car hit by jet stream
  84. Punta Cana to Puerto Plata
  85. For All Airplane Geeks (I'm one of them), here are some pics...
  86. Get to The Airport 3 hrs Before Flight
  87. Delta Airlines Jfk-sdq
  88. sti-sdq? avalable or not?
  89. Cheap flights from Spain to DR
  90. Delta airlines reduces its highest fares
  91. Delta's JFK SDQ STI
  92. Sidestep.com
  93. Delta *JFK-SDQ @ $260.55 Rt*
  94. Getting from Sosua to Santiago.
  95. Air Santo Domingo schedule?
  96. Regular flights Europe-DR?
  97. BOMBA:North American Airlines will terminate regular service to STI
  98. Best frequent flyer/mileage program combo?
  99. Charter or Scheduled?
  100. Today was American airlines last flight from Santo domingo to Fll
  101. Boston To POP
  102. USAirways
  103. AA fares fall $140 in three days!
  104. AA Weekend Getaway Fares For 1/19/05
  105. Transportation from airports to hotel/city
  106. Delta to sti
  107. JFK to Newark
  108. Great AA fares
  109. POP to Santo Domingo
  110. Transaero Airlines will operate summer flights from Moscow
  111. AMR loses $387 million in 'disappointing' fourth quarter
  112. JetBlue Scamming Me!!
  113. Delta reports staggering loss for fourth quarter
  114. Continental loss rises to $206 million in fourth quarter
  115. Best travel agency
  116. "FLY VIVA" Viva Dominicana to start operations soon!
  117. Punta Cana to Santo Domingo
  118. getting from Australia to DR..what route reccomended?
  119. AA Weekend Getaway Fares For 2/02/05
  120. Air Europa reduces its flights to SDQ
  121. A Dominican pilot among the first one to fly the A-380
  122. Travel from POP to Canada
  123. Travel from POP to Canada
  124. who is flying domesticly these day within the DR?
  125. Delta Air Lines Schedule JFK-STI/SDQ
  126. Good ticket price for travel to Santiago from toronto with Continental Airlines
  127. Santiago Airport Website Available!!
  128. New American Airlines food policy
  129. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines soon to the Dominican Republic
  130. Today was the last flight of North american airlines operating in Santiago
  131. Jetblue is pulling out of Santo Domingo
  132. AA Weekend Getaway Fares For 2/09/05
  133. E-mail about traveling w/ kids
  134. Air Europa will receive A340 soon
  135. Lets Play the AA CANCEL Game
  136. Do Dominican airports have websites?
  137. Song expansion
  138. Need help getting tickets.
  139. Extra Charges with Online Travel Agents?
  140. Chaos on the transcons
  141. Delta to STI
  142. Has anyone flown Pan Am Clipper Connect????
  143. US Airways FLL-SDQ
  144. Help.....
  145. Continental
  146. Cubana airlines - Still flies from SD?
  147. Does United airlines offer good service to Punta Cana
  148. Amazing air only seats from Canada to DR
  149. Airline liquidations may not clear murky U.S. skies
  150. US airways new schedule to Dominican Republic
  151. AA Weekend Getaway Fares For 2/23/05
  152. New AA ticketing office in santiago
  153. AA flights from Nashville TN
  154. Viva Will Start Service And Create Sdq Hub
  155. AA new luggage restriction: 50 LBS!?
  156. Intriguing United offers
  157. From € 119 one way Brussels - Puerto Plata/Punta Cana
  158. Flight Review: Air Europa SDQ-MAD-SDQ
  159. Expensive Flights Curacao to DR
  160. US Airways specials
  161. Jetblue airways is leaving santo domingo tomorrow
  162. Punta Cana to Purto Plata flights
  163. LTU to start flights to Santo Domingo
  164. W/O JetBlue Low Price Opitons?
  165. New Service Between the DR and Florida
  166. Air Transat... ridiculous!
  167. Price war in the US caused by Delta
  168. Jetsgo ceases operations
  169. questions...
  170. Samana Airport(s) Update
  171. Special Rate FLL to SDQ
  172. continental from ewr to sdq!
  173. New Punta Cana - Santo Domingo link
  174. Jet blue fares jfk sti
  175. around DR from Samana
  176. getting to Mexico
  177. Continental warns of drastic actions if new deals not ratified
  178. Bringing my desktop in DR
  179. Toronto or Buffalo to Santo Domingo
  180. American strategie for STI
  181. prices of American Airlines
  182. AA Weekend Getaway Fares For 3/30/05
  183. Cheap airfare to Canada - help!
  184. Congratulations to American Airlines
  185. Mexicana to La Romana
  186. Standby in POP
  187. Internal DR scheduled flight info. needed...Is there anything SDQ to POP?
  188. Jetsgo trying to get airborne again
  189. Dominair New Service SDQ-SJU-SDQ
  190. Delta to STI
  191. Best airlines to DR
  192. It's Official - JetBlue has the best Customer Service....again
  193. Delta - Amazing
  194. I need some help with my travel decisions!!!
  195. Martinair, POP - Amsterdam
  196. AAA Discounts??
  197. Delta will begin NY JFK to Santiago flights
  198. JetBlue CEO David Neeleman: 'People are thrilled to fly on us'
  199. Things are changing
  200. Looking for Customer Service Position for any airline in D.R
  201. Bwia plans to cut Sto dgo-POS services
  202. Jet Blue baggage requirements
  203. Is the theory really true?
  204. Closing POP
  205. Air France Hopping in the DR
  206. Tickets from Santo Domingo to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  207. EC Air
  208. Jetsgo looks to fly again by June
  209. Spirit Airlines...experiences???
  210. Plan on Paying $5 More to Fly to the DR
  211. AA will not fly from La romana to JFK this summer
  212. sdq to ctg
  213. This is real? Where is it?
  214. SDQ flight schedules
  215. AA Weekend Getaway Fares For 4/27/05
  216. BWIA discontinues services
  217. Best airline seating
  218. 39% Thats Low!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  219. 10 more days to delta in STI
  220. Special request for STIOP or Latino2002
  221. Bicycle
  222. High fuel prices drag AMR into the red in first quarter
  223. Continental first-quarter loss widens to $184 million
  224. 50 Lbs. Revoked
  225. Bypass Puerto Rico
  226. Flight info from DR to Europe please
  227. Santiago to Leon, Mexico?
  228. dr to venezuela
  229. AA and late Baggage
  230. Que pasa with Santo Domingo? Jetblue.com
  231. Delta
  232. Sdq-ccs-sdq
  233. AA Weekend Getaway Fares for 5/4/05
  234. Advice Needed - Return Flight to London
  235. Airbus A380
  236. Viva Air
  237. Continental airlines will fly in a 753 aircraft to SDQ
  238. Only two days for Delta to fly to Santiago
  239. More Airlines to STI
  240. new flight from Ireland
  241. Cibao International welcomes DL 307
  242. STI airport to Sosua
  243. AA Weekend Getaway Fares For 5/11/05
  244. Does anyone know how to upload pics?
  245. Delta lands in Santiago (STI)
  246. Help from Richmond, VA to RD
  247. getting from DC to Cabarete cheap
  248. Experts in good fares for Canada
  249. Kitchener Waterloo Intl Airport
  250. Continental Question