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  1. One version of how Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao is going to go
  2. Bird Brained Ideas???
  3. Pancakes it is...
  4. Dominican calls into radio station
  5. Tommy Chong's commercial
  6. Void filler.
  7. perfect female Logic right????
  8. Last Day!!
  9. Better safe than sorry
  10. Accident? or seizing the opportunity???
  11. Marketing in Sosua or help is on the way...aka....newsbreaker....
  12. Professional or just a practice?
  13. be x tra careful when traveling ........ guy tip..
  14. Male??? or Female terms....gender benders
  15. Your size vs hers or an international
  16. Who 's screwin Who??
  17. Islamic fatwa decrees toilet paper is Halal!!!!!
  18. Following instructions or reading them/knowing who it works
  19. blonde blonde blonde 3xs a blonde
  20. Gam??bling lotto? que pasta???
  21. Just silly animal pics...
  22. A blonde cop and Mexican eggs
  23. Normal??? or wise with age???? a tru chic joke
  24. Red Neck Traffic Stop!
  25. Golfing ,,,Fairy tales? or lies
  26. Spring (2015) has sprung, the grass has riz....
  27. One last hint, no Jews please
  28. Video featuring prominent world leader & snack pastry
  29. Name your poison,/////quick on your response
  30. Cardiologist
  31. 4 year old first paycheck
  32. 4 friends
  33. A young Virginia woman was so depressed that she decided to end her life by throwing
  34. Wedding
  35. Earl & Bubba
  36. Do the math first....or how smart can you b???
  37. a good guess is worth somethin i guess...
  38. Heaven/// Why wait
  39. ADVICE TO YOUR TEENAGER....re...life and or work
  40. Tillie - Maude - Gertrude
  41. Thru the looking hole.....Not for alice
  42. Local differences... over a pint...
  43. Smarty "PANT'ies
  44. The Rabbi and the Priest
  45. Older Ladies....ready????
  46. Careful////when telling Un truths...or watch what you say...
  47. Car terms
  48. Irish viagra
  49. A new Name??? for a banana
  50. Heart attack dr.,,,, italian food????
  51. The hammer
  52. Famous quotes
  53. older styled or hairless?????shaved??
  54. Joke of the day.
  55. Awaiting surgery
  56. A True Story
  57. Love on the fly? dont try this in your car...
  58. Flu Prevention....+++Important+++ dr's
  59. Dont Laugh too soon...my son...
  60. 10 years what a difference...job/work/wife....
  61. handyman///native style...do u get what you want????
  62. the whiskey's age? can you tell by taste
  63. When the sh-t hits the fan...where should you be????
  64. a short poem ,, not about bambu///lyrics
  65. “Found: White and black a*hole cat.” Hilarious Craiglist Ad
  66. Heaven ...The entrance requirements....
  67. The London lawyer and the Scottish farmer
  68. Listen to your Father?????
  69. work??? presidential??? flamboyant????
  70. wife joke
  71. Cockpit to tower
  72. Just for Robert: Apple did it again!!!!
  73. blonde on blonde....no not an album
  74. ahh!! i dont feel like it....
  75. Sandals, thongs, and wild sex....
  76. No Cheap Men Allowed
  77. Dear Diary
  78. PR vs DR
  79. sometimes it is not all good ...or gotta put up w/the bad...+dirtyjohhny
  80. Motorcycle Lesson
  81. of course.....it's Logical.......
  82. The truth about OBL
  83. Our society is doomed!!
  84. Truth!!
  85. De Queen,,,if u kno what i mean....
  86. dominican names, part 539
  87. what the hell does it say?
  88. work????e z???pleasure??????
  89. Prisontime??? vs workingtime????
  90. pet jokes???pluezze,, probably get time for this one....
  91. Coachella Dimwits
  92. Joke of the day.
  93. the cleaner wiener
  94. always work out the price!!!!!!before the a.m.
  95. A dumb blonde was really tired
  96. The nun and the construction workers
  97. i couldnt resist....my Cock...where is it and who has seen it???
  98. Can I speak to Annie Wan?
  99. It's Wednesday Gary
  100. oh No!!!more tax,,,,,,,
  101. Shopaholics,,,,dont bring your bored husband
  102. Ready when she is!!! Viagra????or
  103. Complaint Department
  104. Give me your name
  105. Anyone ever see this in Sosua ?
  106. Pointless humor
  107. America reclaimed
  108. good business , or what?
  109. Dad Life
  110. Some Messi and Ronaldo fun
  111. Don't get naked
  112. Yeah Walmart...
  113. Australian sex
  114. job title!!! not always tru.......but tru dat...
  115. How to get rid of your stash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  116. Why do women look so HOT!! when they wear a pair of classic 3-5" heels. ? ? ? ?
  117. Dear Abby
  118. a hospital visit Needed???
  119. retired or thiking about it???
  120. Brokeback cowboy
  121. A cowboy named Bud
  122. Alternative ISIS recruitment video
  123. Happy Father's Day
  124. Pa paa s day happeniss
  125. guessing games???
  126. The blue ribbon or Coming in first
  127. Police humor
  128. US military actually has a plan to combat th4 Zombie Apocalypse!
  129. drink polish vodka
  130. comprehensive table of values as used by the Dominican police
  131. point of clarity.....a womans view....or a nice touch...
  132. The Bird is the word...Flipping the bird????
  133. new banking "ideas" or clearly stated...and agreed upon...
  134. American PC Craze
  135. A Boy and his Train
  136. A bad day??? can things go wrong???
  137. Take your chance on public transport...........
  138. Justice.4..Martha the fallout it aint over yet.... investig. continues
  139. Baptist Cowboy
  140. Be Tolerant!
  141. riding cars with cats
  142. Hurricane similarities or be careful of island breezes
  143. the origin of politicians remains mystery
  144. Best Wedding Dance ever!
  145. a little humor but perhaps not so far from the truth
  146. Adopt a Terrorist - Too Good to Miss
  147. odors on the plane? they are everywhere....
  148. What to do when you give a monkey a hard one
  149. the campaign trail....tough as it is ...... vote
  150. the apple!!!does not fall far from the tree.....
  151. Panama learns from DR schools
  152. the best..of continental cuisines ,, ordering at restaurants
  153. Take the quiz. Which cable news host are you?
  154. If Jesus would have been alive today
  155. scared Michelle
  156. The cop and the biker
  157. $20.000 for a coyote fukk!!!
  158. I wanna know, is she a blonde?
  159. Drinking during the debates...
  160. a average day of PN Police Life
  161. Brazilian Sex
  162. People are so gullible
  163. Skinny Dipping
  164. Tapping a new market....
  165. The haircut
  166. Donald Trump
  167. An erection is hard!!!
  168. Donald Trump's new book
  169. No Joke! Do Pedestrians Have the Right-of-Way in the Dominican Republic?
  170. Times "are tuff" taxi drivers incluido
  171. The good wife....
  172. Jewish Wife
  173. Family wisdom Femme style
  174. idiots from CBS
  175. Why Italian restaurants failed in Dubai
  176. dick tips
  177. "Pussy Washing/and or bathing it.. (a how to)
  178. Ill???? poor health?? too much???what to do?
  179. Churches and squirrels
  180. think your old???try again
  181. Take a good look at their two faces, if you spot them, get off the plane!
  182. Hungry??? or dom. farming techniques??
  183. Happy belated Birthday Monica!!!
  184. Two gay men on traveling..
  185. Hospitals charge too much?????
  186. fast faster and fastest ...a race
  187. Airline regulations
  188. Book report
  189. dominican TV: when geography and journalism collide
  190. a soldiers story.... as told by the wife... or "coming" home
  191. guide for the single guy or how to cope...in d.r.
  192. Irish prostitute
  193. rules for woman made by men........
  194. Ready for crime!!! or burglars repent...
  195. The old dog...or take advice...
  196. The FIVE secrets first time revealed....DO NOT TELL ANYONE
  197. Your last 24hrs i mean 18.......
  198. Yeah, Baby show me... :D
  199. New evidence uncovered... Reg mongers the truth is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!finally
  200. The Pope and Obama
  201. Up sell or downthere selling????
  202. The Size???of your pencil...
  203. Do you Measure up???
  204. if kids could talk to us????what????would they say???
  205. How the Stock Market Works
  206. When God Sends Help....
  207. Similiar??? the weather and your friends divorce...!!!!!!!
  208. Those Irish
  209. I Just Need a Push For My Car
  210. Do you dare...
  211. My clean joke of the day
  212. Some tacky blonde jokes
  213. Tech support
  214. For those who love the philosophy of ambiguity, as well as the idiosyncrasies of engl
  215. How to get rid of Muslim Jihadi's
  216. Unconditional Love For All The World To See
  217. Trivia
  218. Baby Sitting???or exra help for dads????
  219. 50 Lane Traffic Jam
  220. WordPerfect Customer Support
  221. Not All Seniors Are Senile...
  222. Free sex with fill-up
  223. ha ha ha she has calledme...am I happy?
  224. im ready what do i do
  225. A self absorbed view of the world
  226. Two hillbillies
  227. Without words, only in DR :D
  228. Virtual mental image to reality and back again?
  229. Putin-Obama comparison
  230. The DR Is A Magical Place….
  231. marriage/sports????
  232. The First Person On The Sun
  233. Socially Unacceptable Humour , So no laughing !
  234. Have you ever been this drunk?
  235. "Yo Mama"
  236. Cross to Bear
  237. Drug Dealer Competition???
  238. Sex jokes
  239. How the internet started according to the Bible
  240. Birds and the bees
  241. Dominican Uver
  242. A smart dominican business Solution to competition
  243. Happy Halloween
  244. Thanks!??!?!
  245. Australian virgin
  246. how many dr1ers does it take
  247. You'll remember this the rest of your life
  248. My medical tip for the day
  249. sexual TRUTHS
  250. How to avoid a fine