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  1. Cia/dr
  2. Here is our Country You can have it
  3. Dominican "secret" to happiness?
  4. Identity Crisis
  5. Corporal punishment/ caning coming to the DR?
  6. Balaguer, peasants and rural policy
  7. Any Dominicans in Atlanta or near
  8. looking for the definition of dominican-haitian.
  9. Relocated families move back to unsafe locations
  10. Who Really Kill Trujillo?????
  11. DR Police Force...Friend or Foe???
  12. pecking order of hispanics ?
  13. Best Books about the DR
  14. On foreigners and integration
  15. Watching DVD's on Trujillo
  16. Dominican Most Used Lies
  17. South to South migrations, New York Times article
  18. Bhutto Assassination
  19. Pdl
  20. Agriculture in the DR -bleak future
  21. No more then 2 on a motor bike!
  22. How does one help a poor teen better his life in DR ?
  23. Recession of 2008 and impact on the DR
  24. Book on social/political/business elites in the DR
  25. What would Betances say?
  26. Three Events in Dominican History
  27. Anti-Dominicanism in Action
  28. Should Dominican Spanish be its own language like Haitian Creole?
  29. my apologies
  30. Rule of Law or Rule of the person-which is more important?
  31. "Crisis of thought"?!
  32. Balaguer's attempts to lease out Saona Island
  33. DR's Government and corruption.
  34. writing skills of Dominicans
  35. Will Wilton Guerrero Be Killed?
  36. For or Against the Death Penalty
  37. For or Against Torture
  38. Legalize Drugs?
  39. One Island, One Country.
  40. Leonel's Trips Abroad a Waste of Time?
  41. wood fired oven ( suitable wood for cooking)
  42. why were my threads closed i have the right
  43. Working in the Dominican Republic
  44. Dominicans are NOT Black and to say so is inherently a racist remark
  45. Missionaires coming to the DR/Haiti
  46. How do i find out my heritage
  47. The Great Gringo Controversy revisited
  48. If you could change one thing
  49. Trust
  50. property management
  51. Why must we always be lumped together?
  52. OTTT is OTT
  53. bracers... sexy or not?
  54. Williams a no-show
  55. "Sugar" - movie about Dominican baseball prospect...
  56. Calls from the DR to cell phones?
  57. Border/Trade with Haiti- Fenatro?
  58. Talking Narcoterror with Dominican University Students
  59. Is it fair or accurate to use terms like villages, peasants?
  60. Commonwealth of Haiti territory of the USA
  61. Would love to be at the Kerry Kennedy press conference
  62. Age and race discrimination by DR employers?
  63. Massive condemnation of DR beisbol and authorities
  64. Eating Animals.
  65. Chevez Devalues Currency By 50%
  66. DR and HONDURAS reach deal on ZELAYA
  67. dominican people and their beautiful colors
  68. Accusations by UN and US.
  69. Living in the DR and Cynicism
  70. what if DR were part of the USA
  71. Any Dominican in Arizona
  72. The "Isle of Boozodoo"
  73. Drug Money; USA vs DR.
  74. Clave weekly newspaper and Clave Digital to cease publication?
  75. Dominicans Losing Their Beaches
  76. Cuba opening it's doors a benefit to DR?
  77. Social Conditioning of Dominicans through History?? What Do You Think??
  78. Devouring mothers?
  79. I think the army needs to get involved with the bus union strikes
  80. Will the cholera outbreak spell doom for the DR or is it just a nothingburger?
  81. What does it mean to be WHITE to a WHITE Dominican?
  82. Varying Degrees of Intolerance to Homosexuality - Why?
  83. Doing Away With Prostitution - Good or Bad??
  84. Dominican Driving Habits Changing (Santiago)
  85. Extrajudicial Executions
  86. Cocaine & The Dominican Economy
  87. Respect or Resent?
  88. Why Not economical way?
  89. Escapism or Worthwhile Investment?
  90. Middle Class in DR
  91. Dominican Women - Living Beyond the Sugar Daddy
  92. Here Come the Chinese
  93. If You Wonder Why Your Peso Doesn't Go as Far...
  94. No Indian ID Law Being Proposed in the Dominican Republic
  95. Google maps or any another one?
  96. Any historian on the forum? Was any Morisco ever in the Dominican Republic?
  97. Let's Just See,and then have a good laugh,How Pichardo "SPINNS THIS"!!
  98. The great narco bust
  99. Why Are Dominicans So Apathetic?
  100. Third World or Second World ???
  101. Do Dominican's have a live for the day attitude?
  102. Motherland Spain
  103. Worse than calling the country "The Dominican"
  104. Duarte, Sanchez y Mella
  105. Why is progress so hard for such a great place?
  106. DR Ladders
  107. "La Chismosa" Bar Restaurant in SD.
  108. Baez Figueroa released from jail
  109. Tales from Nueva York Chiquito
  110. Increasing Waist Line = Increasing Economic Well Being?
  111. Shame on the Dominican REPUBLIC GOVERNMENT
  112. Tourism to increase by 8% in 2014
  113. Ebola and the Dominican Republic
  114. The Real Problem In DR
  115. Typical interaction with a Dominican
  117. Carrington Event present day and the DR
  118. Ultimate betrayal of a national hero
  119. Dominicans dont like soccer?
  120. Women only