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  1. Concert for Los Haitises this Sunday July 19
  2. Green Pest Control
  3. Tree Identifications
  4. Los Saltos de Jima
  5. Acai berry in DR?
  6. Embarassing mess in Cabarete
  7. Haina: City of Poison
  8. Beach environment in Cancun....at least there is still sand in the DR......
  9. Good Response So Far, Thanks! Still Need Support.
  10. Solar Energy Plant--any news or updates?
  11. Setting up a Pond?
  12. Yacón
  13. Dust in the DR?
  14. The BIG STINK
  15. Pelicans
  16. Organic Farmer to Transition Land in Santiago
  17. Eco Friendly City
  18. Dominican Republics First Eco Enviro Friendly Sustainable Village
  19. Is this true
  20. Haiti s charcoal, DR forests
  21. NOOOO a la nueva constitucion.
  22. Planting, sowing and harvesting
  23. ecotourism, postive outcomes
  24. International Climate Action Day in the DR
  25. Nuclear Waste in the DR?????
  26. Rockash Resurfaces
  27. The dangerous black widow
  28. Birth Defects from Coal Ash in Arroyo Barril
  29. DR rainfall
  30. Miches:Dominican Town Explores Ecotourism
  31. Anyone making Bio-diesel?
  32. Looking for Tree Seeds?
  33. Beekeeping. Anyone have any experience or contacts?
  34. Environmental 'crime' celebrates first anniversary
  35. Bird watching event tomorrow
  36. stick insects (insecto palo)
  37. Bat and hummingbird feeding frenzy
  38. Green Lifestyle in Santiago
  39. Making Charcoal from coconut husks?
  40. Taiwanese Bamboo ?
  41. Turning el Ingenio in Montellano into plant to produce ethanol
  42. The beginning
  43. Solar PV Research
  44. chipper
  45. Canada by Cuesta Hermosa II and III
  46. Minou Tavarez plans to revise the contract of Barrick Gold
  47. testing
  48. A mega-energy project?
  49. New Report On Coastal Ecosystems
  50. funny fruit
  51. start a garden
  52. Botled Water
  53. So when will the oil spill reach the DR :(
  54. swimming at sosua beach
  55. Sniffing out the solenodon
  56. Black Widow Spider
  57. How rare are Broad-Billed Tody's ?
  58. Body Evolution In Island Lizards
  59. Park buyout in Del Este
  60. LG new solar air conditioner
  61. Protesting against Barrick Gold (Video)
  62. an interesting fruit
  63. Birds and the DR's forests
  64. Environmental Groups in Cabarete area
  65. Casitas and Spiny Lobsters
  66. just spotted two of these
  67. save the manatee club
  68. Name that big bug!
  69. Banana question
  70. Oil Discovery in DR
  71. Al Gore to speak in Santo Domingo on Green Economy
  72. Recycling Styrofoam
  73. organic Dominican tomatoes in Maine
  74. heres a spooky thing
  75. saving the coral reefs
  76. Pressure water filter
  77. Big shake felt in Santo Domingo
  78. Climbing Pico Duarte
  79. Haiti
  80. seedling interchange and friends.
  81. Any StrawBale houses in the DR?
  82. Poop for crops
  83. bokashi
  84. Meteor showers
  85. coal ash in the DR
  86. Tree felling
  87. Coral reef regeneration - vote for a pioneer
  88. Visit El Cachon de La Rubia
  89. interested in recycling
  90. Earthship projects in the DR - new existing or future plans
  91. Boat named "SPIKS" almost hit by whale!
  92. Caves of La Romana - Cuevas de marvillas - WOW!
  93. Donkey weddings in DR
  94. First of it's kind aquatic center in the DR
  95. Dead bees
  96. Whale watching tour morning or afternoon?
  97. Croaked Cockroaches
  98. Wind Energy in the DR would induce economic, environmental and social benefits.
  99. looking for
  100. broad billed tody
  101. Combination of energy sources to reduce oil comsumption
  102. are we already growing
  103. Who knows tap water parameters in Cabarete-Sosua area PH and GH etc?
  104. what do they call wisteria here?
  105. citrus problems
  106. Lionfish in the Dominican Republic: the problem and are they good to eat?
  107. sun screen for plants
  108. Tilapia
  109. Saving the Parrots
  110. The Atomic Energy Agency?????????????
  111. Helados Bon and the GREAT Macadamia Nut Project!
  112. The Cove...a billion dollar busines in killing thousands of Dolphins every year
  113. Herbalicious
  114. Google Earth, Barrick Gold & their wonderful gift to the DR!
  115. Can you imagine these in the DR
  116. Little Black Snake
  117. Carambola/Star fruit seeds
  118. DR1 news - Limited hunting?!?!
  119. Beach Cleanup Day 2011
  120. The last Survivors in the Dominican Republic's wild!!!
  121. Columbus caused a mini ice age
  122. plastcic recycling
  123. Permaculture Design Course on the North Coast
  124. The Last Survivors Video
  125. Wind Farms and Solar, what next Water?
  126. Solar panels
  127. Anyone practising the FUKUOKA method of farming/gardening?
  128. Drugs, arms and charcoal
  129. Volcanic Rock (dust)
  130. "Turning the Tide for Coastal Fisheries" National Geographic Competition
  131. The country has the most Blue Flag beaches in Latin America
  132. DR: greenhouse gases
  133. Combined cycle power plant
  134. MIT: New Device Converts Heat to Electricity
  135. Sugar Cane biofuel?
  136. Solar Energy coming to the DR!
  137. Resources for Dominican Flora and Fauna?
  138. Recycled Steel Smelting in the DR. Is there any?
  139. Need contact at Grupo Punta Cana Recycling Center
  140. Who are the major recycling companies in the Dominican Republic?
  141. New patent/technologie for producing bio-methanol from comunnal waste.
  142. sawdust available?
  143. tree nursery question
  144. DR Recycling contacts
  145. Good news for the DR environment
  146. Open bidding!
  147. 6,000 natural gas-powered vehicles
  148. Notice - supply contract
  149. Buying Solar Panels in Santo Domingo
  150. Approved Loan for solar panels in schools
  151. Global warming fraud
  152. I Have Always Viewed the "ENVIRONMENTAL FORUM",as DR1's
  153. "Roadmap" to Sustainable Energy in the DR?
  154. 2nd Edition of DR Environmental Film Festival
  155. High-Level Dialogue this Sat. 28 July on Lake Enriquillo
  156. Google Earth Tour of DR's Marine & Coastal Ecosystems
  157. Got a "Clean Energy" Project Idea for the DR? Here's Your Chance to get it Financed
  158. NY Times Article on Caribbean Reef Changes
  159. Cheaper and Less Pollution
  160. Green/renewable energy to power remote cell towers in DR
  161. Monte Plata 54 Mega Watts solar panel plant to plug into grid soon!
  162. Punta Cana Group invests into producing Bio-mass for their needs.
  163. Wind Park Los Cocos enters expansion on second phase!!
  164. Changed to solar and...... Wow!
  165. Solar Oven Makes Salt Water Drinkable
  166. Drinkable Water
  167. The special morning of September the 8th!
  168. Joe Kennedy of Damajagua to run for elected office
  169. Anyone familiar with these solar panels??
  170. Villages slowly vanish as Hispaniola lakes grow
  171. Solar Panels
  172. Sea Turtles Visit DR
  173. Solar panel help/info
  174. Solar in the near future.
  175. Mosquitoes are attacking!
  176. One good thing a storm brings
  177. Geological Society in Republica Dominicana ??
  178. Dominican Republic banned shark finning
  179. Mold Remediation Cautions
  180. meteor showers
  181. diver saving dolphin or dolphin saving diver.. we will never know
  182. Visual Pollution Autopista del Coral
  183. Ecotourism link
  184. Barrick Gold's effect on DR Environment - important video!
  185. Bahia de los Aguiles
  186. Bad Flood
  187. Environmental Minister Where are you?
  188. Smart Meters
  189. Aquaponics in Cabarete
  190. Macademia Nut project
  191. 7.5 KwP Photovoltic System Installed & Kudos to a DR Gov. agency & EDESUR
  192. Watershed Issues
  193. Dengue
  194. Electricity Cable
  195. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. slams the country’s planned coal plant
  196. Animals Protection Law in DR?
  197. Free energy
  198. Free Endangered Species Ringtones
  199. new recycling plant in SD
  200. refrigerator powered by solar energy
  201. Best Place for summer vacation
  202. Laws in the DR. about capturing and eating Sea Turtles ?
  203. Fauna of the DR
  204. Looks like the Lionfish are here to stay...
  205. Lionfish threat worsens
  206. Best Strategy for Cattle in Winter?
  207. How To Plant Pasture Grass Seed Without Using Heavy Machinery?
  208. Palm oil
  209. Drones--Tested in DR & Haiti--Matternet
  210. Contact for Medio Ambiente POP
  211. Down and Dirty
  212. Where are the seagulls?
  213. Damage Being Done By Sewage Discharge Into Sosua's Rivers
  214. Insolation Charts for DR Regions.
  215. "New coal-fired plant will not affect environment"
  216. Solar Pool Pumps
  217. Mercury Testing
  218. Where are the hurricanes
  219. DR Foliage?????
  220. Distilled Water
  221. Festival at the Jardin Botanica this Weekend
  222. haiti consults dr on water supply??
  223. want to collect pet bottles
  224. Please tell me the name of big landfill in Dominican Republic
  225. What third world country’s need ?
  226. Offshore earthquake M 6.5 North of PR
  227. Taking a pi$$ for electricity, solution for the DR?
  228. Central America and the Dominican Republic organic crops
  229. Back to Basics.
  230. High winds and high surf, Bavaro beach
  231. Gas in DR!
  232. ¡Vívelo Verde!
  233. Escocotar
  234. Nationalization, Privitazation ?of the SEEDS?
  235. Garza v Gallo
  236. garlicgate
  237. Lantana for mosquito control
  238. Una Golondrina No Hace Un Verano
  239. Flame Trees
  240. Fair Trade plantations?
  241. Beach Erosion
  242. Rock Armour for Break water construction
  243. USAID projects in the DR
  244. Loma Miranda
  245. The Cove
  246. big green lizard?
  247. trees....
  248. biomass/biotrash...
  249. Camping in the DR
  250. Whales