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  1. Taxes, on luxury, not food or medicine!..
  2. Marketing Research Assistance
  3. Cedula delay
  4. Marriage certificate help!!
  5. Name Change in US with DR Marriage Certificate
  6. THE TIME IS NOW for DR to Follow "China's Lead" !!!
  7. The Level of Education!
  8. Central Bank says inflation for first 6mos. of 2007
  9. new measures to counter narcotics
  10. LF blasts bureaucrats (from DR1 News)
  11. Amable Aristy vs. Leonel
  12. The Purchase of Administrative Posts !!
  13. Could dissenting foreigners be kicked out?
  14. 2008 Election
  15. Three Election Questions!
  16. Possible Coup in the DR?
  17. Corruption and blackmail
  18. !Que no Pa'Lante Que Vamos!
  19. Maritime Help
  20. The Political Culture of Democracy in the DR
  21. "Mr. Hummer" Taking Politicking to the Next Level
  22. For people living in the Samaná Peninsula
  23. Council On Hemispheric Affairs DR Summary
  24. Can Americans join the DR Army?
  25. Cuarta Via
  26. 8 million pesos
  27. orphanages
  28. Worried about Petrocaribe!
  29. Referendum in DR?????
  30. Hurricane & Tropical Storms and the Economy
  31. citizenship requirements
  32. I have about had it with Alejandrina German
  33. Hacienda?
  34. Poor road conditions and a million ''potholes!
  35. "Dominicans will vote again for Leonel"
  36. Marbella money laundering case
  37. Public Works 2004-2008
  38. Any one know of a $300.00 USD wedding tax in Dominican Republic?
  39. Miguel Vargas Maldonado Mansion De 800 Millones De Pesos Pph
  40. Dominican Passport. . .
  41. Business questions and Taxes
  42. FYI - IRS Seminar-Gran Ventana
  43. How the South America conflict benefit or not DR!?
  44. Potential war adverted in Santo Domingo?
  45. Diesel or propane???????
  46. Now here is something to think about
  47. We miss Candelier...
  48. Interesting Article on Leonel in Mia Herald
  49. Please help me identify these officials
  50. Leonel Fernández Reyna: The Politic, The Author, The Intellectual
  51. Representative of what?
  52. Autonomous Government Ministers
  53. This is too funnynot to post here
  54. "Mock" Presidential Debate 2008
  55. Leonel wins election!
  56. Election Poll
  57. Election Day
  58. Buying Votes with Subsidies?
  59. The Economist on Fernandez
  60. Capturing the Dominican Vote
  61. National Holidy starting Thursday @ noon
  62. Leonel Learns Lessons from Bush
  63. The Dominican Repatriated Issue
  64. 16 May 2008 Election Day reports
  65. 1st Bulletin
  66. Interesting read on Clientelism and Democracy
  67. Constitutional Reform Again
  68. Unasur comes to town
  69. Don't kill them babies, wait untill they are adults
  70. Eliminate children employment?
  71. Informe PNUD 2008
  72. DR-CAFTA & car prices in the DR
  73. Privately Funded And Owned DR1.
  74. Know who your friends are
  75. Dominican Senators make more than President of U.S.
  76. Laws allowing fiscal abuse
  77. El idioma oficial de los Dominicanos es el "Spanish"!
  78. La Democracia Dominicana En Accion
  79. Election song
  80. Doom in the DR's future?
  81. Lets be realistic and cover the Spectrum...
  82. DR's Government and corruption.
  83. (Oped piece) Leonel Fernandez setting up his next job
  84. I Saw Part Gubmint Actually Work Last Night
  85. Historical records
  86. Guillermo Moreno's Plan For Dealing With DR's Problems
  87. Is the Gov't letting the Peso Float? Or is the market catching up?
  88. The light bulb deal (las week's news)
  89. Changes in Government
  90. The Senator Was Wrong????
  91. MIUCA office in Santo Domingo?
  92. Dominican Education in Crisis
  93. GEN Santiago
  94. Whenwill EGA Haina Generator Plant be "up to snuff"
  95. Retiring Generals? Involuntary? $$? Pensions?
  96. Sea Port Customs officials Corrupt ?
  97. What is the direction of the JCE???
  98. Education in the DR
  99. DR Constitution Reform
  100. The most corrupted countries of Latin America
  101. Hipolito 2012?
  102. How many military dictators have we had in the DR?
  103. International tribunal 680million dollars against Dominican republic
  104. How many Constitutions have there been in the Dominican Republic
  105. A first for the DR's gov!!!
  106. Actual state of the DR economy from my point of view.
  107. Amet /Lesh
  108. Leonel Watch
  109. interesting picture in Hoy
  110. Leonel - The New Obama
  111. DR Budget
  112. From Today's DR1 News.....
  113. To the Honorable Senate President Mr. Perez
  114. Visa?
  115. I have a dream...
  116. DR agency giving to Clinton Foundation?
  117. Has anyone been watching the Siemens scandal?
  118. Christmas Pardons
  119. Disgusting.
  120. Dominican Department of Migration increases fees
  121. Need statistics
  122. Interesting Confrontation
  123. Aging Issues
  124. Papers for a New Restaurant
  125. small victory for public school?
  126. Leonelmeter
  127. DR and the Economy
  128. Did anyone do the arithmatic??? OMG!!
  129. I want to be president...
  130. Anyone else looking to get into Dr politics?
  131. Developments in the DR
  132. In China they shoot 'em!
  133. How can the government allow
  134. Beatification For Balaguer??
  135. Italian and Dominican Police working in the DR together...
  136. Death Certificate or Acta de Defuncion
  137. Puerto Plata: The police state!
  138. Restricted or not imports
  139. Is it usual for a President to be on My Space?
  140. Official Tourism Numbers
  141. Dominican Customs Agency’s WEBSITE www.?
  142. Metro Budget vs Education Budget
  143. Bridge over the Masipedro River, Bonao
  144. Chinese influence in Latin America - Good or Bad?
  145. article 30 coverage plus constitutional questions
  146. Web site to look up cedula info?
  147. PRD back in power in 2012?
  148. Military Operation Center
  149. customs office in santiago dominican republic
  150. Dominicans, who are the bigger fools?
  151. Amnesty for illegal foreigners?
  152. Civil Service and the Dominican Republic
  153. Refidomsa
  154. Trade ranking embarrassment
  155. appointment for visa
  156. cannot believe what I just read.
  157. no bid contract?
  158. Senior Dominican official asks entire Cabinet to resign
  159. Electrical problem to be solved in two years?!?!?!?
  160. Secret deal MVM + Torrijos!!!
  161. Rhadames Segura gone...now Celso Marranzini
  162. Spin doctor caught in the act
  163. Deputies love their expensive cars
  164. It looks like Bono lent his plane to Leonel
  165. Apostille explanations
  166. NAL's & Pichardo, spin required...
  167. Corruption + electricity + education
  168. 311.gob.do Don't y'all rush
  169. The New Constitution:
  170. How tough is it to get into office in DR?
  171. Corruption banned!
  172. Three Time's A Charm
  173. Dominican ancestry
  174. Follow the leader.....
  175. DR government & organizations and education: Links
  176. Are Aids tests free?
  177. Mr independent or mr. Noshame?
  178. MASTERCARD pricelessssss +
  179. hospitals in Bani
  180. Looks like an x-month-long holiday for 30 in Colombia
  181. President Fernandez and the Latin American Presidential Popularity Ratings by Gallup
  182. election results
  183. Fraud in elections
  184. Watch you back Fernandez?
  185. Haiti and Dominican Republic related topics and issues
  186. US auto imports no duty after Jan 2010, read important info on this!
  187. Consulting a good paying job
  188. Dominican Republic Customs - be Aware
  189. New Regs. and the effects on importing bikes and parts into the DR
  190. The METRO statistics
  191. Venezuela reportedly arrests Dominican diplomats with forged bonds
  192. internet
  193. Six steps down the stair
  194. Vote For 'Ninguno' (No-one)
  195. New Radars for DR military?!
  196. the police in DR
  197. The floor is open for comment
  198. Link to Government Tarifas
  199. Need help on how i bring my car into DR.
  200. 200 Active Generals in DR - OMG!
  201. Question about DR elections
  202. President Fernandez the international mediator
  203. How Much does the PN Head get paid?
  204. Wonky political question
  205. Govt Officcial Bought Apt./US$1.8MM Cash
  206. List
  207. Flat panel tv custom fee ?
  208. Dominican General's Nest Egg
  209. Dominican Republic's next President????
  210. Evolution of Narcotrafficking & Govt.
  211. Government Extortion From Gringo Citizens?
  212. Zelaya wanted in Honduras
  213. Police harrasing tourists for money ?
  214. is there a hungary embassy in dominican republic?
  215. Cases of vanishing airplanes
  216. IMPORTANT: Estrategia Nacional de Desarrollo 2010-2030
  217. Political Summit in Constanza ?
  218. Visa application - visitor
  219. Documentations for the customs
  220. www.republicadominicanatv.com
  221. Next dominican president
  222. contact info
  223. Who was the best president in D.R. history
  224. Who are these idiots?
  225. Pols?
  226. Santo domingo oeste candidates whos winning
  227. where do you see D.R. in 10 years and further
  228. What's gonna happen to DR debt, when is it going to stop.
  229. 2010 Elections
  230. Exit Fee
  231. Regional variations in cost of buying cedulas for voting purposes?
  232. DR's drug problem. are we the next Mexico or Colombia ?
  233. This got me looking at the numbers...Wow!
  234. Electoral fraud...
  235. Video of President Fernandez and the Pope
  236. Anybody Want To Comment On This?...
  237. Training Military
  238. Gov.
  239. Departamento Nacional de Investigaciones
  240. Llégo Papa!
  241. For those still with doubts:
  242. PNUD inform on education
  243. War on drugs in the DR and news from the DNCD
  244. "Blackouts Seem To Get Worse".....
  245. Threat to press freedom
  246. DR's Economy
  247. Student Loans?
  248. auto to Puerto Rico
  249. taking my car to Puerto Rico on the ferry
  250. PRD implosion???