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  1. East Coast Calendar
  2. Cheap hotel near PUJ?
  3. Chef Pepper - San Juan Shopping Centre
  4. Volunteer in Punta Cana
  5. Banco Popular open on Sunday?
  6. Car Wash Punta Cana
  7. Be Live Grand Punta Cana?
  8. Chef Pepper - can we have a civil discourse?
  9. Nacional in Punta Cana Village
  10. Question about Higuey
  11. Thanksgiving
  12. El Seibo: corridas de toros
  13. Some Bogus Air Miles alert
  14. "contigo" in Dreams P.C.
  15. Used Appliances in good condition
  16. Landline phone / wired Internet in Bavaro - TRICOM
  17. Plaza Lama in Higuey is selling off some inventory
  18. Baseball
  19. cute chihuahua needs a new home
  20. another business closing at Bavaro ...
  21. Do you know the name of this beach ??????????????
  22. Job Vacancies
  23. Dressel Divers Iberostar Hacienda PADI cost
  24. Los Corales Incident
  25. Job Oportunities
  26. chef/cook Cap Cana PT
  27. Spanish company to build US$180M amusement park in Punta Cana
  28. Restaurant El Pilar in el Cortecito closed (one more ...)
  29. florist shop near Bavaro Princess?
  30. Need Advice For Feb Trip to punta cana two guys one is celebrating his 60th
  31. Good Vet in Bavaro / Punta Cana / Higuey?
  32. Quick Culture Lesson?
  33. Wat happen to my tv thread
  34. so expensive ... worthy? (I enclose prices Bav vs SD)
  35. Where to buy a Nim-Tree (Neem)?
  36. Any of you guys bought Furniture at "Felo Muebles"? Save me a trip to SD?
  37. trash in Bavaro beach (and more)
  38. Buggies Excursion: An Experience
  39. What's new in Bavaro
  40. Wind, rough seas... is this normal for this time of year?
  41. Day Pass for Punta Cana hotel
  42. Inside out cafe'???...Mike n val r u out there!!!!
  43. Best "Gentlemens" Club in Puntacana??
  44. Didnt realise DR1 was a family forum
  45. New Year's Eve in Punta Cana / Cortecito
  46. Iberia Opening in Bavaro
  47. Here is a long shot question, anyone want to rent me their car for 3 months, or
  48. International SIM Question
  49. Jet ski rental in Punta Cana?
  50. Options for good and not expensive pizza in Bavaro?
  51. Type b Apartments
  52. Type B Apartments
  53. Looking for a job in Bavaro Area
  54. Cheap Used Furniture - El Corticito?
  55. Local Cigar Legend Passes on
  56. AI info for Bavaro/Punta Cana area...
  57. Top UK Fugitive Liiving in Punta Cana
  58. Prices in Bavaro 200%-300% higher than in SD (just checked today)
  59. Dog Sitter Needed
  60. La Sirena Higue
  61. Bavaro Rotary...PJT
  62. Punta-Cana: stuff TODO?
  63. looking for a second hand handset
  64. 3 guaguas to reach Punta Cana from Bavaro, why this crazyness? any clue?
  65. Private Spanish teacher/tutor wanted starting asap
  66. Casa de Campo World's Best Golf Resort
  67. Infant/Toddler-friendly AI's in Punta Cana
  68. Cant find a smaller Stackable Washer/Dryer in the area.
  69. Whales have arrived in the Punta Cana area!
  70. Restaurant La Palma in Punta Cana
  71. Recent frequent Tricom internet outages
  72. Brisas de Bavaro Question
  73. Air Tran Magazine - Punta Cana
  74. Transportation to other area's from Bavaro
  75. Fat Tony's
  76. Canine distemper on the east coast
  77. Non-AI Bavaro Hotels
  78. Uvero Alto Resturants??
  79. Miches beaches?
  80. Chiropractor needed
  81. Chiropractor needed
  82. Happy Days Hotel in Cabarete - Phone Number?
  83. Trouble with current management company
  84. has anyone tried this restaurant?
  85. holy week
  86. BINGO NIGHT Feb. 29th San Juan Shopping Center BAVARO
  87. Volunteer interpreters for doctors and med students
  88. Car for rent needed......500 USD per month?
  89. Looking for a roommate
  90. Majestic Colonial - Need Help
  91. Another Grocery Store in Bavaro/Punta Cana coming!
  92. Has anyone rented a condo in White Sands?
  93. Bell Tele/Expressvu in Bavaro
  94. Looking for a partner of tennis in Bavaro, Punta Cana
  95. Ocean Blue H10 - Ocean Blue & Sands
  96. anyone stayed at cortecito, punta cana
  97. greek sports bar
  98. Hoyo Azul Cap Cana
  99. dumb guy phone question
  100. Interesting Article From Real Estate section
  101. Carnival in Punta Cana today
  102. Airport Bus Charter
  103. need info on punta cana, is there a small town with in distance of this hotel
  104. Car for sale skoda fabia 2007
  105. Car Rental
  106. Reflexology in Punta Cana / Bavaro area?
  107. Sending a package to Bavaro
  108. Looking to Buy a SUV/Vehicle
  109. San Juan Shopping Center
  110. housemaid or home workers salary?
  111. Need your help
  112. Recommendation needed for professional dry cleaners
  113. stuff for babies (furniture, clothes, toys, etc,etc) in bavaro?
  114. Spanish lessons
  115. What's Punta Cana like?
  116. Tow-Truck
  117. Itinerary suggestions in June?
  118. Dominican Republic: life outside the playground
  119. Fire at Majestic Colonial
  120. Best Cross Resort Privileges in Punta Cana/Bavaro?
  121. Adventuring outside the all inclusives...
  122. Zumbathon in Punta Cana this Saturday
  123. Metro Pac in Bavaro
  124. giving birth, best hospital options in area?
  125. Where is the best store/location to purchase groceries?
  126. PGA Tour Latino America to Punta Cana
  127. Punta Cana
  128. Missing woman - punta cana
  129. Down town .....................in punta cana
  130. Looking for an Extra-Large Dog Travel Crate
  131. travelling to punta cana in mid june. family/single dude vacation need info, thanks.
  132. A hotel in Bavaro?
  133. Introduction
  134. Internet/Cell ?
  135. Laser Hair Removal Place
  136. punta cana night life
  137. Need a reliable real estate agent in Punta Cana/Bavaro
  138. punta cana to perto plata
  139. Looking for computer programmer...
  140. Retirement Rental in Punta Cana Area
  141. Cheap Caribbean AI Deal
  142. Moving to PC area... a few questions..
  143. Strange expat comminity in Bavaro
  144. Steve's Bar Bavaro RIP
  145. Accident in Higuey, 2 deaths reported
  146. good not expensive photographer for a beach session?
  147. Looking for people to meet in Punta Cana
  148. Cortecito information
  149. Bad Weather 20-06-2012 to 24-06-2012
  150. Just arrived
  151. IKEA opening Plaza San Juan
  152. Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders
  153. Looking for roommate in Cortecito
  154. where to watch Spain-Portugal Eurocup in Bavaro?
  155. Canada Day in Punta Cana
  156. Plaza Lama In Bavaro
  157. Steve's Bar opening this Saturday July 7th!!!!!!
  158. Punta Cana Hardware Store?
  159. Is Iberia Supermarket, in Friusa, open on a Sunday.
  160. Are there any Driving Schools in...
  161. Great deal renting Coretico condo
  162. Ouch! Any good Dentist in Bavaro, PC...
  163. jewelry store to fix size of two rings?
  164. after one year living in Bavaro ... safe place to live? wondering if it is ...
  165. Puerto Rico to Punta Cana
  166. New Highway?
  167. Chiropractor Bavaro??
  168. Dentist - Help
  169. Does anyone know the approximate Cost of buying an Internet Stick from Claro, and
  170. Would like to send flowers to someone in Bavaro. Is it practical/possible?
  171. H10 Premium Ocean Blue in Bavaro - anyone been there?
  172. Looking for Web Designer
  173. Gym and/or tennis in Cortecito/Bavaro
  174. palma real cinema closed forever???
  175. Internet TV
  176. Looking for recommended bodywork .. Punta Cana area?
  177. Babysitter wanted..
  178. Waterpark? Sirenas
  179. cave in macao area
  180. Pet Travel
  181. Fair taxi driver with dominican, not touristic fares????
  182. Employment in Punta Cana?
  183. Where to live in Punta Cana?
  184. Scooter needed in Bavaro
  185. Has anyone had experience with financing a car in the DR? Do dealers offer financing
  186. Migracion opens an office in Punta Cana
  187. Texas hold 'em, euchre, et al at Gladys
  188. New residential project in Punta Cana
  189. more open Eating at Macao Beach
  190. more than one place to eat at Macao beach?
  191. Computer shop
  192. Valles shack Macao Beach? best fresh seafood anywhere
  193. Anybody heard of Hotel 2 Garden in Bavaro?
  194. Apple Mac Center recommendation
  195. Traumabapu or Sichoprola buses taking Coral highway to SD already????
  196. Zip Line Auction for Strays!
  197. Falacies about Punta Cana: GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!
  198. Is there an Indian Restaurant in Punta Cana?
  199. vacation rentals in Punta Cana area
  200. Marbetes - Punta Cana/Bavaro
  201. Nathan's Hot Dog Alert
  202. Explosion in Hotel Kitchen
  203. Trump files suit...
  204. looking For A job
  205. Sales tax...at the cleaners?
  206. Who knows about the huge lot next to Plaza San Juan?
  207. Universities PC / Higuey / La Romana?
  208. Bavaro - cheap lodging for 2 nights for a dominicano
  209. tappas in Cortecito
  210. Outside In Restaurant Is Closed
  211. Weather Forecaset
  212. Super Pola open on Mercedes Day?
  213. New Theme Park
  214. Seeking for employment website
  215. Sun, Sand, Sex on the Beach (not the drink)... Sosua of the east?
  216. Los Haitises Excursion
  217. New Map of East Coast w/Hotels
  218. Flights PUJ-POP
  219. good casa de cambio in punta cana
  220. AquaGames water park/Hotel Sirenis
  221. Info needed to return to dr missing the island!!
  222. Rattan Furniture
  223. Hotel 2 Bavaro next door to Hotel 2 Garden
  224. Looking for good Lawyer in Bavaro area
  225. A small sampling og pictures from our recent trip
  226. Need generator help
  227. Grocery Store in El Dorado Reopening
  228. A couple questions before my vacation...
  229. USD or CAD which dollar to take
  230. On my bike from Resort to Plaza Bavaro area
  231. Will be looking for an apt/House in Punta Cana this December.. Long term.
  232. Occidental Gran Punta Cana
  233. Lobster in Punta Cana
  234. PGA Latin America Tour at Bavaro Thursday
  235. Some questions about DR/PC
  236. any idea about the re-opening of Palma Real cinema?
  237. Arriving in Punta Cana-question about bus to higuey-santo domingo
  238. What's a fair price (i.e Gringo Fair) for a trip from airport to Dorado Village?
  239. Best way to travel from Punta cana airport to Samana (Bahia de Samana)
  240. How much for Taxi from Airport to Dorado Village? Thanks!
  241. Fly doors? Where to get in Punta Cana area?
  242. Area Question
  243. Jumbo in Punta Cana?
  244. Anyplace to watch UFC PPVs in Bavaro?
  245. David Ortiz Golf Tourney at Hard Rock Today
  246. Cap Cana Buggy Video
  247. Coral Highway to Hospiten/Veron?
  248. Return from vacation Punta Cana - Bacaro beach
  249. Boa restaurant closed. My thoughts about it
  250. Claro 10Mbps Internet in El Cortecito?