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  1. Question on Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana Resort.
  2. Occidental Gran Punta Cana
  3. babysitter needed. Anyone knows one trustable and available?
  4. places to stay in punta cana
  5. Recommend a muebles store or a furniture carpenter in Higuey?
  6. Overnight Tours: Your Opinion
  7. Recommendation for a short stay in Punta Cana or surrounding area
  8. Gold's Gym opening in Higuey
  9. High School Near Bavaro
  10. Parcel Deliveries to El Cortecito
  11. Anthony Santos Concert
  12. Kite Surfing
  13. Negligent Vet warning : Los Corales (Please read!!)
  14. Signposting Bávaro/Coral highway
  15. What to do in Bavaro when travelling with teenagers?
  16. Altagracia Basilica in Higuey: Easter Service
  17. 1st timer--- Sosua or Punta Cana
  18. Investing in property in Bavaro? My and your thoughts ...
  19. Hardwood floor Bavaro/Veron
  20. General Questions!
  21. Massage/Spa in Punta Cana & Bavaro
  22. Best Resort for Singles
  23. Pulpo Cojo on fire?
  24. Day trip to Isla Saona
  25. Any other tourists or Bachata/Merengue/Salsa dancers want to meet in Mar?!
  26. Budget Car Rental
  27. Good family AI in Punta Cana
  28. Anyone want to meet up April 15th - 22nd ~Punta Cana~
  29. 5.0 tremor affects east coast
  30. Rolling Power Outages in Bavaro??? Please say this isn't permanent.
  31. East coast animal lovers
  32. Assistance needed in getting driver's licenses
  33. Super Lama opening soon at Palma Real
  34. Tony Roma's Closed
  35. Looking for a Car and or motorbike Punta Cana area
  36. Musician Living in Bavaro
  37. where is the overstay fee payment counter in PUJ airport?
  38. Cabo Engańo beache(s)
  39. Resident golf rates and courses
  40. Cross Fit partner
  41. is Super Lama at Palma Real already opened?
  42. Tricom internet issues since Friday morning in El Cortecito
  43. Orange down in east
  44. best option to buy terrace furniture?
  45. Bavaro Job's
  46. Good Mattress Store in Punta Cana
  47. Higuey to Punta Cana/Bavaro
  48. 5 yo girl dies in shootout in El Seibo...shooter hangs himself
  49. Earliest Public Transport to Higuey/SDQ from Bavaro?
  50. Pasola for rent anyone?
  51. Punta Cana Recommendations
  52. Tourist Excursion Business
  53. Harleys in Punta Cana
  54. 6000 DOP Taxi Bavaro-SDQ-Bavaro = OK?
  55. No Claro internet for me :^(
  56. Non All-Inclusive in Punta Cana
  57. Barcelo dumping garbage in Cortecito near schools
  58. Canadian Dies in PC boating snorkeling accident
  59. Ground Transportation SDQ to Punta Cana
  60. Bobcat
  61. Advice needed - stay in Riu Resort in July
  62. Gas left in Punta Cana / Bavaro?
  63. Sweet labrador puppy looking for a new home (Punta Cana Bavaro)
  64. El Pulpo Cojo reborn?
  65. Looking for an Apt in PC for the weekend
  66. Plumber needed, leak detection
  67. Outback Coming to Bavaro
  68. Suggestions...Bavaro to Santo Domingo
  69. Does Anyone Know if the CINE at PRV is open on Sunday nights. We want to see Oblivion
  70. Occidental grand Punta Cana?
  71. Tourist card online - any advantages?
  72. "Go Caribe Tour" - anyone know them?
  73. looking for cheap apartment in el cortecito or surrounding area
  74. Ripped at the Pump SHELL Station on the way to the Airport?
  75. My first DR Chica meet me at " La Bomba". Where?
  76. looking for carpenter to build shelves for minimarket
  77. Thoughts on road/curb construction in the East?
  78. Back For An Extended Stay!
  79. pharmacy
  80. Cortecito roads will be paved!!!! (thanks Lord)
  81. produce wholesaler
  82. Tourist Card
  83. punta cana airport to Santo Domingo
  84. July 4th
  85. Any difficulites with dating Dominicanas in Bavaro
  86. Fire in Bavaro?
  87. Two Canadians being held in Jail in Higuey charged with assault? Wedding Party.
  88. Westin Punta Cana Hotel & Resort
  89. Traffic Accident / Tourists / Higuey
  90. any news about the el Pulpo Cojo property?
  91. Silver Cable signal interruption.
  92. OMG! Is there a decent resort?
  93. Canadians released
  94. Passenger bus accident Autovia del Coral
  95. Housekeeper/Nanny
  96. A move from North to South
  97. Items for Sale!
  98. List of Schools for Spanish Speaking Children in Bavaro
  99. Akikomo- Decent Asian/Sushi in Bávaro
  100. Lates Taxi Fares PUJ?
  101. 1st Time to Punta Cana
  102. Pics of paved roads in el cortecito?
  103. 3 PC Resorts on Caribbean Journal Top Ten list
  104. Tattoo Recommendation in Punta Cana
  105. Santo Domingo/Punta Cana Bus
  106. Need info. regarding leaving the D.R. and returning
  107. EMERGENCY!!! Computerparts in PC / Higuey? Best source?
  108. Where to find Hotel Bavaro Punta Cana Princess?
  109. 1st trip to DR
  110. Testing the waters in Bavaro
  111. Juan wins surf competition in Caleton!
  112. Things to Do
  113. Dominican Spanish Translator Required Business Bavaro or Fruisa area
  114. Mail Boxes Bávaro PC closing down operations
  115. Viva 3G Modem and Mac
  116. Tools and printer paper
  117. Model Kitchen
  118. 5 nights in Punta Cana and Bavaro
  119. how stable is the electricity in punta cana/bavaro?
  120. Questions on first trip to Dominican
  121. Anyone flying Halifax or Toronto to Punta Cana in September??
  122. Weekend Getaway to Hard Rock
  123. Gay storm over Punta Cana - InfernoDr cancelled
  124. looking to hire two employees in bavaro
  125. Recommended restaurants
  126. Weather?...
  127. La posada de Gladys
  128. English lessons for 10 yr old?
  129. Is there some organizes Football (Soccer) for kids in PC - a club maybe?
  130. Hardware Store, Construction tools and materials, Carpenter in Punta Cana/Bavaro ?
  131. Finally a Driving School in Bavaro / PC!
  132. Making the move!
  133. That Canadian Punta Cana issue
  134. Live-in Maid/housekeeper needed in Punta Cana
  135. Dog Kennel in PC area?
  136. Missing Dogs - Punta Cana Area
  137. BTBCF donates again...
  138. Condo in the Punta Cana/Bavaro area
  139. Daycares? Nannies? How and where to find them please.
  140. Fraud! card cloned in Bavaro
  141. REAL Car Wash?
  142. Car Accessories in Bavaro / Punta Cana?
  143. Seeking full time nanny
  144. Dental implants in punta cana
  145. Looking for Packing Supply Store
  146. Transportation
  147. Any chance to get a job if you are not a resident?
  148. Banco Popular
  149. Just heard no gasoline in Friusa and Cruce de Veron...
  150. I am lost !
  151. Getting fed up w/ Pueblo Bavaro
  152. Tonight in Steve's Bar: Revolver Reloaded!
  153. Dentist in Punta Cana area
  154. Burglaries in the PC area
  155. La Romana bypass open!!
  156. electronic ecigs and ejuice
  157. la romana food suggestions? Viagra in punta cana?
  158. Sim card vendor in Punta Cana?
  159. Weather
  160. Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro
  161. Friend came back from PC and thinks the DR is unsafe..
  162. I need to be there now!
  163. Minor Earthquake Punta Cana
  164. Christmas day openings
  165. Outback Open in Palma Real
  166. The best way to get Dollars...
  167. Revista Inspection Location Punta Cana ?
  168. Liquor prices
  169. New Years Eve
  170. Punta Cana to Santo Domingo Driver wanted.
  171. Wifi and cable TV Recommendation in Bavaro
  172. Wow! I left in November came back 2 days ago and TRAFFIC LIGHTS now.
  173. Alcoholics Anonymous, English- speaking meeting starting. Punta Cana.
  174. Locksmith
  175. Buggy trips
  176. Bad Accident
  177. Punta Cana hospital botches appendicitis operation girl dies?
  178. Punta Cana Airport Delays
  179. Departure from Punta Cana Airport
  180. Pipeless pool filtration
  181. Long time rental in punta cana area
  182. Good restaurants in Punta Cana/Bavaro
  183. Coming back to DR!
  184. french tourist drowns
  185. P.C. Airport... round two
  186. Tips for Tourist
  187. London family , the move is ON , now looking for properties , please help ;-)
  188. Majestic Colonial Resort In Punta Cana
  189. Seaborne airlines to San Juan
  190. Cap Cana
  191. Authentic recipes for use while we're in the Dominican?
  192. Ideas for a day in Punta Cana
  193. dominican rums ... better ones ?
  194. Looking to rent an Apartment in Bavaro/ Punta Cana
  195. vacation in punta cana
  196. Punta Cana accomodation help
  197. mamjuana to bring back to Canada...
  198. Amercian killed in car crash
  199. updated info for Bus from Uvero Alto to Playa Macao and Playa Coretico
  200. Looking for Caribbean-Sun suntan lotion in PC area
  201. russian found dead in a hotel in bavaro
  202. Aunt Clara Cookbook
  203. where to find a certain kind of rum...?
  204. CEPM is installing their Cable TV / Internet in Pueblo Bavaro
  205. Money exchange
  206. PC/Cap Cana Condo Rental
  207. Cheap activities to do in Bavaro?
  208. Best Way to get to PUNTA CANA
  209. beach chair rental
  210. Farallon Rest. Cap Cana went the "Commercial Trap" route it seems...
  211. live music in Bavaro area
  212. Bali cana restaurant
  213. Bavaro/Punta Cana people - please help...
  214. Car Rental Offices
  215. Best Shopping Experience in a Punta Cana
  216. Sports bar in Bavaro that has the UFC London this evening?
  217. Santiago de Los Caballeros to Punta Cana
  218. Russian Killed in Bávaro
  219. Concrete Stamps
  220. Those who live on east coast might like this
  221. Miches?
  222. Pizzarelli in Punta Cana Village... Terrible
  223. Bubble Wrap
  224. Thomson (for flights to UK) office in Punta Cana?
  225. Optic Store in Bavaro ?
  226. Cap Cana Kudos
  227. Bummer: Colegio Calasanz PB becoming Public School :(
  228. Cat care: does no one actually keep their cat indoors?
  229. paralyzed by the choices
  230. Strike going on in Higuey/Punta Cana
  231. Wristwatch repair
  232. Round of golf costs
  233. Spay and neuter campaign for cats and dogs starts today!
  234. Print Shop in Bavaro area
  235. The title to my property is ready. New development. They want $700
  236. Champions League Final
  237. Stupid real estat agent in Bavaro
  238. Looking for long term rent in Punta Cana Village
  239. Hyatt coming to PC/Bavaro?
  240. Visiting Punta Cana for Anniversary. Can you help me?
  241. Place to stay with group in Punta Cana
  242. Day trip to Boca de Yuma
  243. Ceiling fan for sloped ceiling - Seller and installation?
  244. Does anybody has experience with http://www.atletico-puntacana.com/???
  245. Juanillo Beach access..?
  246. Beach access in El Cortecito area..?
  247. Punta Cana Airport to Bayahibe Area
  248. Going out in Higuey
  249. Casinos open to the public in Punta Cana
  250. Chef Work