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  1. Movies @ Cinema Plaza San Juan Bavaro
  2. Pulled Over by Amet and set free
  3. Cabeza de Toro beach shack restaurant
  4. Need a 55 gallon steel drum
  5. Cocotal... best internet service
  6. bying car need help
  7. public transport, santo domingo to puj
  8. Handy hotel for the airport.
  9. direct tv HD in Punta Cana
  10. I just read this and want to know if it is true
  11. Need all the actual Bachata and etc. Top Hits where to get...
  12. Steve's Corner Bar renovations
  13. spanish lessons Punta Cana
  14. Bachelor party help! Need advice
  15. xray with Universal insurance
  16. What is the ETA approximately of Tropical Storm Bertha for the Bavaro area?
  17. Names / Locations of best Residencials in Higuey?
  18. driving academy in Bavaro?
  19. Internet Higuey?
  20. Jeweler in Higuey / PC / Bavaro who can make a ring smaller?
  21. Escuela Liceo Juan XXIII, La Salle, Higüey - best in town?
  22. What would be the best basic school in Higuey?
  23. Higuey: Inversor + Intallation where / who?
  24. One time shipment to Punta Cana
  25. Amazons in Higuey
  26. Best place to buy days in a Bavaro AI
  27. El Hoyo (the Hole)
  28. awnings
  29. street lights in el Cortecito?
  30. Apple Store
  31. Owner of Hard Rock Café Clashes with Reporters
  32. Restaurants
  33. Altos de Chavon?
  34. Additional Comments on Prostitution Crack Down (no pun intended)
  35. Bad Accident in Punta Cana
  36. "Everything Cabarete" for the East Coast?
  37. Hard Rock
  38. Safe to go on excursion?
  39. Wendy's Open at SJ Mall
  40. Barrel shipper Orlando to Bávaro needed.
  41. Crash Landing in PUJ
  42. Anyone know the current status of the Punta Cana - Miches highway?
  43. Unique Way to Hide Money PC Airport
  44. New terminal opens at PUJ
  45. Planning on going on January
  46. Lamb. Oveja?
  47. Punta Cana prepares for Punta Cana Tri on Sunday, 9 November 2014
  48. Anyone know a reputable plumber in Bavaro?
  49. Silver Cable
  50. Nacional and Super Pola
  51. Punta Cana update
  52. Getting around without a car?
  53. Ugh... Tricom and Claro problems
  54. Getting a watch resized
  55. Does anyone know where this new building is?
  56. Cheap hotel in Bavaro?
  57. Do builders get discounts on materials
  58. Vacuum cleaner needed
  59. HGTV Punta Cana
  60. Looking for a few things in bavaro
  61. Bavaro green apartments
  62. None AI Hotels in Punta Cana
  63. Shooting on Arena Gorda-Macao carratera?
  64. Cocotal
  65. Crime in Punta Cana
  66. Da Tonino Hotel
  67. Cat for adoption
  68. Can't Decide... Need Help - Bachelor Party
  69. The Killers Vacationed in Punta Cana
  70. Driver's licence now available in Higuey
  71. Wow! So much lluvia in the Punta Cana bavaro, area.
  72. today's Fire in Cabeza de Toro
  73. gauge from PUJ to El Cortecito
  74. Find a driver with car in Punta Cana
  75. Four tourists drown at Playa Macao
  76. Boat tours
  77. Photo Shop
  78. a woman claims she was kidnapped by men who wanted to take her for a drink
  79. Tourist Card purchase online
  80. Dog lost at Punta Cana airport
  81. Apparently the whore house Ladies Factory is burning down, on fire today.
  82. 30 years for killing of Colombian woman in Punta Cana
  83. Possibly Hard Rock? Seeking resort advice. Mid 20s. July.
  84. another large investment coming to punta cana
  85. New Beach Coming to Limon
  86. at least four deaths in plane accident in punta cana
  87. Fight this weekend
  88. Passport photo in Bavaro/El Cortecito
  89. Good dentist in Bavaro
  90. Bachelor Party Advice
  91. Need A Favor in Higuey
  92. HELP - Dog Sitter/Doggie Hotel
  93. Plaza Dorado has become a Garbage dump across the street.
  94. What a change!
  95. Driving Directions Las Terrenas from Punta Cana
  96. USA Airforce meeting in Punta Cana. With Latin Countries and more
  97. Strike Tomorrow Higuey and Macao
  98. Is there anywhere in the PC area one can regularly donate blood?
  99. Barcelo Dominican Beach AI - thoughts?
  100. Outback Steakhouse
  101. Dannys Is Now Batu !
  102. Don't let the bed bugs bite
  103. Need A Jewler
  104. 5th Gas Station ( La Bomba) being constructed now just south of Barcelo.
  105. Loving this "cooler" Sunday weather after massive heat.. The Rain the rain..
  106. Please advise ! Rental in Punta Cana
  107. huelga in la altagracia province
  108. Expreso Bávaro cruce Verón operative?
  109. another el cortecito update
  110. Tricom office in Bavaro
  111. Can I get fingerprints taken at Policia Nacional?
  112. Double Charge at Sunix
  113. Whats the name of that new Bar with the Cessna on the Roof?
  114. Chilling in Higüey
  115. Domincan Passport Office
  116. Hoyo Azul and Zip Line
  117. Not staying at an all-inclusive... Where to eat that is good
  118. Local launder mat or service
  119. New Jumbo? Next to San Juan Plaza
  120. Where to buy a refrigerator . . . .
  121. Finding Bohemia Beer
  122. Villa Montessori
  123. Cost of living in Punta Cana
  124. Italian restaurant San Juan Plaza
  125. Where is "Auto-Aire" in Bavaro? I need car aircon repair
  126. Where to buy paint . . . .
  127. Haitian Roundup is On in Fruisa
  128. Trustworthy buyers real estate agent for very nice house in p/c
  129. Screen Doors
  130. A beautiful drive
  131. dead German Expat, last night
  132. Expats Night...
  133. Natura Park EcoResort: Need suggestions
  134. Blue Mustang driven by crazy russian from cocotal.
  135. looking for English speaking MD in Punta Cana/Bavaro
  136. Pranama Los Corales
  137. Job Fair - East Coast
  138. Seeking Punta Cana Job Info
  139. Cable and Internet
  140. Things to do in Punta Cana
  141. Going to AI Resort on your own car
  142. Is it illegal to get bylaws and minutes to review before buying apartment?
  143. Sol Tropical
  144. motoring around the Cordillera Oriental 1
  145. Banco de Reservas branches in PC-Bávaro
  146. New Cruise Terminal/Port in Cap Cana
  147. Car Rental in Bavaro
  148. Pentecostals
  149. Renting Punta Cana restaurant for private party
  150. Sivory Hotel & Caribe Tours question
  151. Installing Appliances
  152. Seaweed
  153. Cabanas in Punta Cana/Bavaro, where?
  154. "African Drone Bite" victim in Higuey
  155. Parking Punta Cana airport
  156. Bad accident in Bavaro, 2 Buses
  157. Affordable transport PUJ to La Romana
  158. Getting from SDG airport to Higüey?
  159. Cap Cana Drug Bust?
  160. Book store around punta Cana
  161. american drowns in bavaro
  162. AA meetings in Bavaro/Punta Cana
  163. Condo management
  164. Shooting at Coco Bongo
  165. Sosua to higuey
  166. Where to watch Grey Cup in El Cortecito?
  167. Looking for a place to stay
  168. bus crash on veron-higuey road
  169. Cabeza de Toro?
  170. Alcohol warehouse in El Cortecito - still open?
  171. Jumbo in Higüey & Bávaro
  172. Ferry from Punta Cana to Samana
  173. Cruise Ships in Punta Cana?
  174. Beyond the Coconut Coast
  175. Marabete 2016 Friusa
  176. More anger on the roads bavaro and area?
  177. Christmas Wishes to those in Bavaro/ Punta Cana
  178. Need a Men's Clothing Manufacture in the D.R.
  179. air mattress / foam bed
  180. Changes to Metropac Punta Cana
  181. Tourist killed at Macao
  182. Rental Properties
  183. Don Roque
  184. Looking for a bookkeeper
  185. best place to rent
  186. Exit of autopista for s Unidos Avenue Parque Turístico Empresarial Bávaro
  187. Nagua to Higuey
  188. High beach tide punta cana
  189. Food definition
  190. Haitan worker killed at the new Excellence Hotel
  191. PUJ locked suitcase
  192. Charter fishing in March Punta Cana
  193. Now only Presidente Lite?
  194. russian tourist drown in isla catalina
  195. Ferry from Miches to Samana
  196. 4 argentinian tourists arrested for the possession of counterfeit dollars
  197. Nacional - Blue Mall???
  198. Good barber in Punta Cana area
  199. Beaware when purchasing gas at Estacion SUNIX, Downtown Punta Cana
  200. Totalled car on autopista used as example. Smart thinking.
  201. Volunteer translators needed - English-Spanish, March 16th
  202. Dead Dogs. More than usual it seems autopista?
  203. Looking To Potentially Relocate To Punta Cana From Santo Domingo
  204. american dies during excursion in bavaro
  205. new hospital being build in veron
  206. hire a cook in bavaro for party of 7 for a few days
  207. Is Barcelo Dominican Beach Closing?
  208. nickelodeon resort to open in punta cana in may 2016
  209. Migración office move
  210. italian accused of running fake oil business
  211. Punta Cana Airport to install Honeywell's SmartPath Ground-Based Augmentation System
  212. Apartment rental vs small house which would be safer?
  213. All the construction
  214. Finding job in PC/bavaro area
  215. Help finding a place
  216. Bike Rental Punta Cana
  217. TV purchase in Punta Cana area
  218. Punta Cana -- Best deals on Day Passes at resorts
  219. another event
  220. Safety in Bavaro Beach
  221. Bavaro Beach Public Bar Recommendations
  222. Movie grill or studio grill
  223. news story of the week
  224. Hotels/Apartments Off the Beaten Path (Punta Cana)
  225. Where to go in Punta Cana
  226. Carnival Announces New Port in Cap Cana
  227. Housing in Pueblo Bavaro
  228. DR to prepare the biggest mojito in the world
  229. Punta Cana Maps
  231. canadian tourist drowns in veron
  232. Construction companies
  233. Best Place to Eat in Bavaro
  234. marijuana farm raided in veron
  235. Sterno in Punta Cana Area?
  236. Which acts would you like to see performing locally?
  237. Saona Island
  238. place to stay
  239. Family hotels in Romana?
  240. Protests happening in Higuey.
  241. Good things to do near Paradisius Palma Real
  242. Punta Cana Village
  243. Casa De Cambio
  244. Planning Bachelor Party in Punta Cana
  245. New Golf Course
  246. Dermatologist in Bavaro. What does it cost?
  247. Cap Cana
  248. Montana Redonda
  249. Miches
  250. Trusted shipping companies to Verón/Bavaro from NYC