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  1. Planning a trip need some sugestions
  2. Smaller or independant hotels La Romana or Bayahibe..
  3. Playa Vista
  4. Discotheque
  5. Atos de Chavon ampitheater
  6. Selling a House
  7. Hotels in Juan Dolio for a team of 30 people
  8. Resort Vacation: Traveling w/ Minors?
  9. anyone know a dance instructor in boca chica?
  10. Where is the best place for Scuba Diving in RD?
  11. Please help a fellow board member...Saona - Catalina
  12. Juan Dolio OR La Romana OR Bayahibe
  13. Boca Chica - The other Beach?
  14. Florist in Juan Dolio/San Pedro de Macoris
  15. vacation with a dog.....
  16. dog friendly resorts?
  17. Need Boca Chica Tourist Fatherly Advise
  18. BC hotel on the beach
  19. Boca Chica Supermarcado
  20. Places to live in San Pedro de Macoris???
  21. Chocolate friends
  22. Baseball in Boca Chica
  23. 5 people killed in and around boca chica?
  24. Journalist’s father-in-law murdered
  25. Bayahibe: Villa Iguana Hotel
  26. Metro Bus...
  27. Boating or Jet Ski in Juan Dolio
  28. Juan Dolio beaches public or not??
  29. Albatros Club Resort
  30. Travelers check
  31. A day in La Romana
  32. English speaking guide-Catalina Island
  33. Rental rates for an apartment in La Romana?
  34. Online tour places in boca chica
  35. boca chica
  36. Laundry in Boca Chica?
  37. Cell phones / Boca Chica
  38. Reliable, reasonable private taxi driver?
  39. where to buy a computer monitor
  40. Sailing Regatta
  41. Taxi to Juan Dolio - Barcelo Capella
  42. in SPM is howard johnson open? is there a number or email
  43. Juan Dolio weekend of 1/19/07 events???
  44. Gym's in Juan Dolio?
  45. Sosua vs boca chica?
  46. Buyin a cell for text msg. in Juan Dolio
  47. Visiting Boca Chica in a week
  48. Incredible Restaurant/Hotel/Museum
  49. South coast beaches
  50. Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans
  51. Boca Chica - getting there from SD and hotel recomenndations
  52. Juan Dolio - South Beach of the Caribbean !!!
  53. Chemistry Instructors or Students in Santo Domingo
  54. anyone else in BC y Saona from 2/21 -3/3?
  55. Donations to the DR
  56. Taxi to Coral Hamaca
  57. Thank you note
  58. Juan Dolio & DR on Google Earth
  59. El Candil has been sold!!!
  60. help on transportation
  61. Accommodation in Juan Dolio or Boca Chica
  62. villa sans soucy boca chica very bad place dont go!
  63. La Romana
  64. Travel to Juan Dolio
  65. Caribe Tours BC- Sosua ??
  66. Palm Beach Resort ??
  67. Best Way to get to Santo Domingo
  68. nightlife in Boca Chica
  69. Owsame new english website for PLAZA REAL RESORT in Juan Dolio!!!
  70. Taxi from Punta Cana - Boca Chica February 22nd
  71. Coops Marina Beach Resort
  72. Bayahibe
  73. LaRomana
  74. Campanina
  75. wifi in Villas Del Mar in Juan Dolio
  76. anyboday have any updated info about boca chica?
  77. Looking for Info RE: Boca Chica
  78. please help????
  79. is juan dolio the place to come for white sandy beaches?
  80. Juan Dolio Tourism Infrastructure
  81. is it possible to swim with dolphins in the south?
  82. wats the weather like the now in juan dolio?
  83. how long does it take to reach jd from punta?
  84. Moving to Los Conucos and looking forward to meet DR1ers
  85. Nice Motel in Boca Chica
  86. Fire Service in DR
  87. Boca Chica Disco
  88. Where to after a cruise?
  89. anyone want to meet up march 1st-march 12th
  90. New Photos of Bayahibe & Dominicus Beach
  91. Sunscape Casa del Mar
  92. Good snorkeling on the south coast?
  93. Villa Florencia.
  94. La Romana
  95. Bayahibe Map I found
  96. La Romana map I found
  97. Entertainment options in Bayahibe?
  98. Boca Chica Trip Report
  99. Isla de los Chicos / La Romana
  100. Beach House Juan Dolio - Looking for 1 day rent
  101. Holy Week 2007
  102. Casa De Campo-as An Investmen?
  103. Satellite Picture Of Pollution?
  104. Costa Lunga Owner Killed
  105. Hamaca Hotel by Coral or Barcelo Capella
  106. Villas Del Mar public beach entrances
  107. Barceló Talanquera
  108. Suggestions for Deep Sea Fishing
  109. Boca Chica Photos
  110. Wyndham Palace
  111. Santana Beach Resort Bayahibe
  112. Frank Reyes concert!
  113. Identification Please!
  114. Costa Del Sol Rental
  115. Getting from the airport
  116. Old Juan Dolio
  117. Bayahibe - Boca Yate Hotel and diving
  118. Is it the flu?
  119. Punta Cana to El Seibo and Coffee Beans
  120. Dominican Policia Justice = Very Scary !
  121. Albatros Club Resort in Juan Dolio
  122. How is Boca Chica?
  123. Coffee Plantations near Punta Cana?
  124. Cab fare for three from Punta Cana to
  125. Simple question
  126. Moving to Juan Dolio
  127. what's a good car rental & DR driving tip
  128. Gran Bahía Príncipe La Romana - Nov. 1, 2007
  129. Where to stay Boca Chica?
  130. Nice hotel in Bayahibe? Please reccomend.
  131. anyone traveling from 4/26 - ???
  132. First Time to Boca Chica
  133. Villas Del Mar Question
  134. La Romana Tips
  135. Dialysis at Hotel Costa Coral Caribe
  136. Gently used television wanted
  137. bocachica realestate
  138. Condo Rental
  139. Sending something to Macoris
  140. still can't post in South Beach thread
  141. Coral Canoa
  142. Information about Juan Dolio & Vicinity
  143. any hostel?
  144. Sofitel Nicolas de Ovando Santo Domingo
  145. How long does it take to get to La Romana from Santiago?
  146. La Romana for the 1st Time........
  147. Place to stay in BC for 1 month
  148. South coast tour
  149. Moving to LaRomana area
  150. Any ideas?
  151. Re: Juan Dolio-3 questions
  152. looking to rent an apartment in san pedro de macoris o juan dolio
  153. Playing Golf in JD
  154. New to Santo Domingo
  155. Hotel Refugio BC
  156. studio apt juan dolio
  157. Looking for recent info on Coral Costa Caribe Hotel
  158. First time in LaRomana - Need Advice...
  159. Dejavue VS Riverview VS Hotel Bayahibe
  160. Beaches will be BUSY: 4-Day weekend
  161. CRAZY WHEELS ... any good companies?
  162. Telecable presenta: MEN AT WORK en Concierto. Hard Rock Café, sábado 7 de julio 8:30
  163. Private High school in La Romana
  164. Juan Dolio Question
  165. AI In Boca Chica
  166. Road going north from Boca de Yuma
  167. Dapathan
  168. Anybody know whats going on in the Boca Chica area, I heard there has been protests?
  169. Best food? Best dentist?! tell me more...
  170. hotel in southcoast
  171. Rentals in Boca Chica
  172. chocalte friends songs
  173. bocachica to sosua
  174. Cell Phone Rentals In Sdq
  175. Deep Sea Fishing
  176. Residencial Villa Espana
  177. Anybody know the name of the hotel.....
  178. I need to know where is Batey Experimental.
  179. House in San Pedro de Macorís...
  180. Things to do in San Pedro de Macorís
  181. Boca Chica Conditions
  182. Watering Hole in Juan Dolio ??
  183. Beach Parties Or Raves
  184. Casino Dominicus in Bayahibe
  185. Viva Wyndham Dominicus Palace
  186. WiFi
  187. Transporte from Airport to hotel outrageous price!Question ?
  188. Where to stay in Boca Chica and Santo Domingo?
  189. Internet/electricity problems ?
  190. Eating out in Santo Domingo
  191. Where exactly is Bayahibe located?
  192. The Australians are coming!
  193. Anyone teaching reading/writing English
  194. Juan Dolio-Will the beach stop shrinking?
  195. North Coast Vet's First Trip to La Romana
  196. Which Resort in Bayahibe
  197. American Football in La romana
  198. Hotel Vista Tropical - Boca Chica
  199. Casino Dominicus
  200. Hotel Zapata email address?
  201. Oasis Hamaca Information
  202. Kingdom hall / Boca chica
  203. What to do in Bayahibe
  204. is there going to be a street festival in boca chica in the next coming week or so?
  205. Hamaca - Boca Chica (November)
  206. Help re: Bayahibe and Jarabacoa
  207. Need to rent weekend in March 2008
  208. One night in Juan Dolio
  209. Boca Chica Company
  210. Best way to Juan Dolio from SD Airport
  211. distance la romana to boca chica
  212. Hotel Astoria Boca chica
  213. HAMACA - Arriving Sunday, Nov 4
  214. Playa Palenque or Boca Chica ?
  215. ride with local buses
  216. desperate bachatera
  217. Closing time Sun - Thursday still 12AM or did it change to 1 AM like in the capital?
  218. excursion trips from Boca Chica
  219. Sanitation question
  220. Marbella
  221. First time in DR - will visit Juan Dolio: Questions
  222. Advice on Motorcycle Rental
  223. Bayahibe - best way to get there from SDQ?
  224. Isla Cabritos national park
  225. Boca Chica - Bayahibe
  226. weather in Bayahibe
  227. Boca Chica Beach
  228. Scuba diving in Boca chica
  229. dancing lessons in boca chica?
  230. From SD to Boca Chica via bus/colectivo?
  231. Yoga & other classes
  232. internet connection in boca chica!!
  233. LRM airport
  234. Boca Chica to Jarabacoa
  235. Nanny/babysitter
  236. Just arrived - some travel questions
  237. Juan Dolio : Problems - Solutions
  238. Man killed by car on JD Blvd
  239. Anyone hear about what happened in Boca Chica?
  240. Ex-Pat Family needs home to rent
  241. Woman robbed in front of Banco Popular in JD
  242. Aramis Marina & Yacht Club in Juan Dolio . Any info ?
  243. Live music in Boca Chica
  244. Need Interpreters for medical mission in La Caleta
  245. Fishing in Boca Chica
  246. Spearfishing in La Romana? License necessary?
  247. Anything special going on for the holidays in boca chica?
  248. Happy, happy Dominicans
  249. Where To Stay In Boca Chica?
  250. Juan Dolio Lodging for Divers