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  1. Playa Palenque
  2. What happen to Hotel Mozart
  3. Purolator in San Pedro de Macoris
  4. Telephone Hotel Madejra in Boca Chica...
  5. Another assault!!
  6. Boca Chica/Oasis Hamaca in October
  7. Traffic Tickets
  8. Need tips for Juan Dolio, Boca Chica or other beaches near Sto Domingo
  9. Oasis Hamaca (Boca Chica) October 13-17
  10. US Turkey Day Football in Boca Chica
  11. Talanquera juan Dolio
  12. Cigar Factory in San Pedro
  13. Las Olas Updates and photos ???
  14. Festival Idolos Latinos Oct 3rd!!
  15. Punta Cana Airport to Boca Chica
  16. Need advice: Bayahibe or Punta Cana?
  17. Had a blast in North!!! Lets try the South
  18. Visiting baseball camps?
  19. Apartments/Hotels in Boca Chica
  20. Where are the best rooms in the Oasis Hamaca?
  21. Finally!!!!
  22. Hotels in Boca Chica
  23. Barcelo Capella Juan Dolio??
  24. Best Snorkling, Jet Skiing and Horseback Riding
  25. WiFi in Juan Dolio?
  26. Driving from La Romana to Cabarete
  27. whats going on with the police?
  28. Inauguration today in Juan Dolio!!!
  29. anyone buy cohiba cigars?? got a question
  30. Metro Country Club - Any Owners on DR1?
  31. Most convenient airport to Casa de Campo
  32. Maps from April 08 by Steve G
  33. Coral Costa Carib
  34. Best route to La Romana??
  35. Biotropical fruit
  36. Boating Accident - nasty
  37. Scuba Diving
  38. Phone number
  39. Starting to sound like a broken record
  40. does anyone here live in boca chica
  41. is boca safe like sosua...to a certain extent
  42. Help ! going to Oasis Hamaca !!! (taxi fares)
  43. tahini?
  44. Family hotel in Boca Chica?
  45. electricity
  46. sailboat to rent?
  47. steve
  48. Is Hotel Playa Esmeralda in Guayacanes still open?
  49. Situation at Playa Esmeralda
  50. Albatros Club Resort
  51. Decameron htl Juan Dolio
  52. Las Olas, Juan Dolio. Updates and photos ???
  53. Gran Bahia Principe La Romana
  54. New condos in Boca Chica
  55. Plaza Real Resort
  56. Purchasing SIM card at Dreams La Romana
  57. Going to DR
  58. Ole Supertienda - Boca Chica
  59. Bed&Breakfast room with sea view required
  60. IFCA Development
  61. Caribe Paraiso, Juan Dolio
  62. Boca Chica vs Juan Dolio?
  63. budget lodging homes,cabanas etc
  64. so the South the Party the North is ?
  65. Playa Esmeralda - another question?
  66. Tips for single Englishman coming to Boca Chica
  67. Plaza Real Resort vs Albatros Resort
  68. Reggea Music
  69. Gua-Gua Crash at Las Americas
  70. Altos de Chavon
  71. Taxi rate - Boca Chica to The Colonial Zone
  72. taxi rates
  73. Overstaying on a tourist card
  74. Don Juan or Dominican Bay
  75. Health club/gym in Boca Chica ? Rent?
  76. La Ramona
  77. Buy/Rent Large Jap Bike in La Romana
  78. Taxi from SDQ to Bayahibe
  79. Cabanas in the south
  80. Seafood safe to eat?
  81. Best Fishing Tours?
  82. Closing of the Roundabout / Rotary at La Romana
  83. Poker Tourny at Bayahibe
  84. Cheap accommodations in La Romana
  85. Guaguas from Boca Chica
  86. looking for house to rent
  87. Daddy Yankee in Altos de Chavon 3 april!
  88. How do I get to Boca Chica by car from Santo Domingo
  89. Burnings in distance
  90. Water in Boca Chica
  91. Hotel Garant vs. Hotel El Candil
  92. Big Family Friendly All inclusive hotels
  93. Famous persons in Casa de Campo
  94. Best Pasta in Juan Dolio
  95. Hotel Esmerelda
  96. Free wifi in Boca Chica
  97. Coral Costa Caribe in Aug
  98. Boca Chica Pics.........Music.....Enjoy!!
  99. Trip to Saona island
  100. Where to buy a Planta in San Pedro de Macoris
  101. translator / taxi / guide needed boca chica and santo domingo
  102. Las Olas Updates and photos
  103. Old photo of Ronnies Beach House Bar in Boca Chica
  104. Juan Dolio relocation
  105. Rent Jet Skis
  106. Not Everything Bad Happens in Sosua, Taxi Drivers Getting Slaughtered
  107. Gangs at Las Americas International Airport follow their victims home
  108. Hamaca ?
  109. Boat House, Boca Chica
  110. Costa Del Sol
  111. Best pizza in Juan Dolio
  112. Anyone golf in the South?
  113. Good Place for Breakfast in Juan Dolio
  114. Boca chica / juan dolio disco/dancing
  115. Wedding problem in Punta Cana
  116. what are some hotel options in juan dolio?
  117. Juan Dolio--inexpensive hotels for a few days
  118. IFCA - What happened??
  119. Best Money Exchange place in Juan Dolio
  120. Boca Chica or Juan Dolio?
  121. bachata Dancing!
  122. Men in masks kidnap Italian citizen in Boca Chica
  123. La Romana
  124. Good value restaurant in Boca Chica
  125. Looking for employment in childcare or teaching position
  126. They want nude beach!!!!
  127. San Pedro de Macoris
  128. Looking for Private Rental for couple on South Coast
  129. estate
  130. Health Insurance agent ?
  131. Raw milk in Boca Chica?
  132. Juan Dolio -how broad are beaches nowadays
  133. Metro Country Club Apartment Rental
  134. Getting to Bayahibe from SDQ & motor rentals?
  135. SDQ-Gran Bahia Principe La Romana
  136. Isla Saona's antenna tree
  137. Hotel Astoria
  138. Cleaning of the beach, one person killed
  139. Howard Johnson in SPM?
  140. Cabarete or Juan Dolio
  141. Hotels in San Pedro de Macoris
  142. Cloning Credit Cards in San Pedro De Macoris
  143. Transportation from SPM to JD after dark?
  144. watching NFL games in Juan Dolio
  145. Swiss couple killed in Juan Dolio
  146. Hotels in Boca Chica
  147. Another killing in Juan Dolio
  148. What to Do.... SD/Boca Chica or Faithful Sosua!
  149. Hotel Nicolette--Boca Chica
  150. What is average Policeman' s Salary?
  151. Are the politicians and police persecuting chicas in Juan Dolio
  152. more action on the streets last night...
  153. anyone hear about someone getting eaten by a shark in guayacanas about 2 weeks ago?
  154. Access to beach in New Juan Dolio
  155. la romana
  156. Embassy Suites Juan Dolio any one recently stay there?? Thinking of booking a stay.
  157. Volleyball in Sto Dgo and at Resorts
  158. Want to give my BFF a great trip to JD D.R.
  159. Another killing in Juan Dolio
  160. arrving in DR after Midnight
  161. Snorking in Bayahibe
  162. Pichardo - Any Update on IFCA? Interested in status!
  163. BelleVue Dominican Bay - All Inclusive
  164. Bayahibe to Airport Punta Cana
  165. Boca Chica
  166. Casa de Campo need Advice plz asap
  167. Lady Gaga in La Romana.
  168. where can i find stainless steel cookingware?
  169. Flying with a dog from the LRM airport
  170. Where to snorkel?
  171. English speaking vet in San Pedro or Juan Dolio area,
  172. Juan Dolio - How crowded is crowded?
  173. Aquatic Garden Project?
  174. Fire in Boca Chica
  175. another dumb question...
  176. Safest and best fare for transport from SDQ Airport to Juan Dolio hotel ?
  177. Another oil leak in DR!
  178. Hotel Zapata??
  179. Swimming Lessons in Boca Chica??
  180. DR Next Week - Safety Tips
  181. Excursions to Bayahibe from Punta Cana?
  182. I Need a Hotel Something Like Hotel Zapata in Boca Chica
  183. Considering changing my lodging plans.
  184. Fishing near La Romana / Casa De Campo
  185. Fishing from shore at Juan Dolio
  186. One week to go!!!
  187. Pinewood studios in juan dolio
  188. Need Help
  189. Driving directions from SDQ (Las Americas)
  190. is traveling in a rental car from bavaro to bayahide safe?
  191. Another Life Lost On Las Americas Highway
  192. where can i find a organic food store on the south coast?
  193. Hire Private Driver
  194. S: Interpreter English/Spanish to help next Week Boca Chica
  195. Mail/Post Office in San Pedro
  196. Any ideas for service project in JD or San Pedro?
  197. Medical treatment in Juan Dolio ?
  198. English speaking In Home Child Care/ Nanny
  199. Punta Cana-La Romana tour
  200. List of Bars and restaurants in Boca?
  201. Los Delfines Aquapark Project is ON !!!
  202. departure times of any of the cruises that leave from la romana to catalina island?
  203. Bavario express buses from Punta Cana airport
  204. Playa Marina Boca Chica
  205. Experienced housekeeper looking for a job
  206. Anyone in Bayahibe?
  207. Hotels on the beach?
  208. Barcello Capella Beach or Costa Coral Caribe
  209. Tennis teacher in Juan dolio
  210. Juan dolio- what is better / what can be done better
  211. Any foreigners living and working in boca chica
  212. Less tourists in Boca Chicca
  213. wedding in la romana
  214. Juan dolio to santiago
  215. Returning to BC after 10 years!
  216. Bayahibe real estate
  217. Recommendations for La Romana
  218. Say it ain't so, Joe
  219. Boca Chica...safe or in denial?
  220. Current going rate for taxi from SDQ airport to Juan Dolio area?
  221. Does anyone know of the destruction in Boca Chica from the hurricane??
  222. The wo's of Boca Chica - Goes both ways...
  223. Any Buses from SDQ airport to BC?
  224. Plaza Real Resort
  225. Considering a trip to boca chica
  226. Pinewood Studios Breaking Ground
  227. A Pyramid nearby Juan Dolio
  228. Apartment/hotel in Juan Dolio
  229. South Coast Calendar
  230. Gifts for Locals Bayahibe/beaches
  231. Juan Dolio Snorkling/Diving
  232. Juan Dolio (Barcelo Capella) - Diapers?
  233. House or Apt for rent in La Romana
  234. Cab fare from Santo Domingo airport to Juan Dolio
  235. Apartment Rental Juan Dolio
  236. Recommendations for all-inclusive resorts in Boca Chica
  237. Helping Local Artisans
  238. Need Maid in La Romana (Not Casa de Campo)
  239. anyone online from La Romana?
  240. Superbowl
  241. lunch restaurant in SPdeM and nice beach on way back to capital
  242. Type b Apartments
  243. Staying in BOCA CHICA, any good GYMS there?
  244. Hotel Astoria-Boca Chica
  245. Juan Dolio to have new Marine water park
  246. Looking to purchase diesel generator
  247. New to Juan Dolio and Looking for Insights
  248. Playa Caribe
  249. The Circus of Dreams San Pedro March 17th & 18th
  250. Greg Norman golf course, Costa Blanca, San Pedro