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  1. Seeking info for Larimar George around Paraiso
  2. La Sirena in Bani??
  3. Is it worth the drive from Punta Cana to Bahoruco to 'go to the source(less exp larim
  4. My trip to Pedernales and Bahia de las aguilas
  5. Jimani to Pedernales?
  6. Ilso went on a trip to perdenales and barahona in april 17th
  7. Barahona's coast is contaminated.
  8. Passport in Barahona?
  9. A morning in Bani
  10. nice hotel in Bani with pool and Wifi??
  11. Tour to Bahia de las Aguilas
  12. New La Sirena Multi Centro Bani (*Walmart)
  13. Casa de Caoba
  14. Last Second DR1 Deal: Tour the SouthWest With MotoCaribe
  15. Some Comments About the SouthWest
  16. Casa Bonita - Paradise on the South Coast
  17. SW Tour: DR1 Special!
  18. Need advice for upcoming trip to Barahona (from P.Cana) 8-12/13th April 2013
  19. What can anyone tell me about San José de Ocoa?
  20. Does Anyone go to the South West Coast anymore?
  21. Rio Nizao (Tubing)
  22. San Cristobal Night Life
  23. Great news for Barahona and the southwest!
  24. Wine Tourism?
  25. Hotel Saladilla
  26. Rancho Platon
  27. 52 best places to go in 2014
  28. Who is this Deity?
  29. New revamped Bahoruco Beach Resort - jumpstarting the tourism in the southwest
  30. Santiago to Pedernales
  31. Bahia de las Aguilas, who can tell me....
  32. Barahona on NY Times Places to Go in 2014 List
  33. Five Reasons to Move Barahona to Top of DR Bucket List : Huffington Post
  34. New Highway Around Bani Begins in September
  35. Deep Sea Fishing in the Southwest
  36. With regard to Airport at Barahona
  37. Bahia de las Aguilas - Titles Rescinded
  38. Attempted Break Out Leaves Several Dead At Najayo Prison
  39. Observation from the Frontier : Bahoruco is not Pedernales !!!!
  40. Observation from the Frontier : ? Seen everthing ?
  41. Trip to San Jose De Ocoa
  42. Pedernales border market
  43. Is there anyone in here living in the Barahona area that is teaching english?
  44. Military And Police Step In To Enforce Garbage Collection In San Cristobal
  45. Azua is the Napa Valley of the Caribbean?
  46. Paraiso area....places to stay
  47. The Death of an Italian
  48. Long Blackout in our area of San Cristobal Province
  49. Pictures of my trip to Barahona & Pedernales
  50. barahona positives - negatives
  51. Bani Mango Expo -
  52. Punta Arenas complex
  53. Bahia de las Aguilas
  54. Barahona Fishermen Find Unique Chinese Statue
  55. PEDERNALES: The Five Best Natural Destinations
  56. What can you tell me about Bahia de Aguilas ? ... Villa Jaragua , " la loma" ?
  57. american dies after taking sexual stimulant
  58. Powerful"mafia"of investors who own in Punta Cana area will not allow SW to develop ?
  59. Parque Nacional Luis Quinn
  60. Builder / Maestro in the Barahona area
  61. love gone wrong
  62. DR: Caribbean's First Major Vineyard
  63. Lago Enriquillo
  64. pedernales by autobus
  65. A stroll down the malecon in Barahona.
  66. french man dies in a boating accident
  67. Ocoa Bay: Wines & Boutique Hotel
  68. Barahona Tourism
  69. german man accused of cutting down trees in national park
  70. Road from Pedernales to Duverge
  71. investors waiting for green light for 14 tourist projects in pedernales
  72. Anti-Littering Law Enforced in San Cristobal
  73. Road from Los Patos to Bahia de las Aguilas
  74. italian arrested for sexual exploitation
  75. 911 service expands tomorrow in San Cristobal & Haina
  76. Circunvalación in Barahona
  77. Punta Catalina
  78. Haitians will take over Dominican SW province ‘soon’
  79. Romeo in Bani
  80. Sometimes thing work here.
  81. Transport options from Barahona to Pedernales (Bahia de las Aquilas)
  82. Have you heared of the local organization/agency Guanaventuras?
  83. Looking for a private "park"
  84. Guayabal, best road to get there from Azua / Bani ?
  85. Las Yayitas, a Lovely Waterfall North of Bani
  86. Reconstruction of Bahoruco Beach Resort in Barahona brings both joy and controversy
  87. palmar de ocoa
  88. kfrancis, AKA Ken Brown died last Saturday in Barahona
  89. San Cristobal: Food Markets for the Poor
  90. Azua Ring Road
  91. Domicen constructing solar plant in Palenque
  92. Diving Operators
  93. Beaches in Jaragua
  94. Best place to base ourselves for 5 days in SW ??
  95. Bahia de las Aguilas w/ 2WD?
  96. Larimar Mines
  97. Bikers in Bahoruco
  98. Dive Shops
  99. cheap hotel/hostel and things to do/(not do) in Bani / Barahona? Perdenales safe?
  100. plans for southwest & questions
  101. Cardiologist and other hostages
  102. Café Santo Domingo Farm Tour (San José de Ocoa)
  103. Driving from Bavaro to Bahia De Las Aguilas in one day?