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  1. Restaurants owned by expats in SD
  2. Santo Domingo Hotel?
  3. Boathouse on Friday evenings?
  4. Mercure Comercial SD Not a safe Hotel.
  5. HELP!! I always get lost trying to go from northwest Sto. Dom back to Samana Hwy!
  6. Carnival in Santo Domingo
  7. Remodeling hotels in Santo Domingo
  8. Car storage?
  9. Value of structure in Zona Colonial
  10. Hotels Remodeling- Where Does It All Go?
  11. Does anyone else use POBIDOM?
  12. Golds Gym Santo Domingo
  13. accident on autopista duarte
  14. Flower Shop
  15. Tinted plastic bottles for Hydrogen Peroxide in SDQ?
  16. Looking for private or semi-private city guide
  17. Metro linea 2
  18. Hotel el conde de Montecristo
  19. Coral Mall Santo Domingo
  20. Want to go to cancha municipal today
  21. Pride Parade 2014
  22. Nice Dominican Cultural Event February 26
  23. Highway from Haina?
  24. Gift from USA
  25. Santo Domingo-Cyber Park?
  26. Cheap and cheerful in Boca Chica.
  27. Traveller from USA needed.
  28. looking for a place for 5 days
  29. 27 Feb, men in drag?
  30. Malls and Hotels in SD
  31. Toyota DEALERSHIP.. Is their and actual Toyota Dealership in SD?
  32. Industrial floor sander - Rental?
  33. Cost of passport for Dominicans
  34. Now Playing at the FineArts
  35. Haitian Invasion?
  36. Alloy wheel repair SD?
  37. Party - week of 3/16-3/20
  38. A new expat hangout in the city
  39. Sambil - New Shops?
  40. Gay/lesbo bars in SD
  41. Affordable Hotels Near the Malecon @ Avenida José Núñez Cáceres?
  42. Tourist Beware (Santo Domingo)
  43. Jaragua Hotel closing date?
  44. Safe areas to live in SD.
  45. Wedding Photographer
  46. Dominican Fiesta Open again?
  47. Gym at Hotel BQ Santo Domingo
  48. Lunch Recommendations
  49. Hilton Malecon Bar 2 for 1... rip off alert..
  50. Hotel in Colonial Zone
  51. Send Documents Via Mail
  52. Horseback Rididng - Santo Domingo
  53. First Visit to Santo Domingo
  54. Seriously Considering Going to Santo Domingo By Myself.
  55. New Condo
  56. Need one week rental in SD in April
  57. Reading material in English, where in Boca.
  58. Cleanest, nicest areas of Santo Domingo to live? (and obviously safest and calm ones)
  59. Visiting Santo Domingo
  60. Book Fair Music Schedule?
  61. New 5 Minute Bus Shuttle For Febero 27
  62. Lost and Found
  63. American accountant in DR to help filing US taxes
  64. JCE Office
  65. Bank in DR
  66. Heavy Trucks on Independencia
  67. Park mirador sur
  68. Metro line two
  69. Maiden voyage in two weeks!!!...newbie!
  70. Santigo Cabana
  71. Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo
  72. US Embassy Warning Re UASD Campus
  73. Dominicana on top
  74. New Ubran Project For Ozama River
  75. Art and film festival at Novo Centro
  76. I must learn to dance
  77. Taxi cost to La Vega
  78. Native English tutor needed (private)
  79. Trip to Sto Domingo in 2 weeks!
  80. Making friends
  81. Sivlio Rodriguez and the power of one song
  82. New Resturant Coming to Santo Domingo
  83. New Wendy Open in SD
  84. Bridal Shower
  85. Bronx Beauty dies at the hand of Santo Domingo Doctor in botched tummy tuck surgery
  86. Day Time and Nightlife Recommendations
  87. Salsa Radio Station
  88. Public transport, Las Americas to Sambil
  89. Where is el millon?
  90. where can I purchase a bed at reasonable prices in Santo Domingo ?
  91. Hotel in Zona Colonial
  92. Francheska & Joan // Proposal @ Chili's
  93. Good inexpensive hotel in Zona Colonial
  94. Jazz In The Colonial Zone
  95. Guagua directions from Zona Colonial to La Romana
  96. Find Birthday Cake Near Zona Colonial
  97. Am I Missing a Mall?
  98. Any Geeks Here?
  99. English Chat?
  100. Directions: These Questions Are Dumb Only If You Know The Answers
  101. Are the Victoria Secret stores in SD legitimate?
  102. Gym Recommendations in SDQ
  103. Horror in Santo Domingo
  104. New Subway Resturant opened in SD
  105. Cinnabon no longer in SD?
  106. Medical Labs
  107. Which is the tallest building in Santo Domingo?
  108. Colonial Zone getting a face change....
  109. Yet one more super-size project for SD underway...
  110. Change of situation
  111. trip report, new American Embassy
  112. job fair in SD
  113. Anything new
  114. daytrip to SD/metro
  115. Electric Blackouts Update
  116. Driving Directions
  117. New Resturant Opened - Dennys
  118. Santiago = "Mini" SD and Nothing More?
  119. why can't they all just " ISSUE a SUMMONS"!!!
  120. Pool Supplies Store
  121. What does Santo Domingo lack to be a competetitive tourist destination??
  122. Water Truck in SD
  123. Supermarkets in Santo Domingo
  124. vacation
  125. Chinese Restaurant in S.D.
  126. Living in Villa Mella
  127. how long does it take to drive to San Juan de la Maguana?
  128. Bravo Supermarket
  129. Pakistani Restaurant in Santo Domingo
  130. Discrimination at Sambil?
  131. weather boca chica, santo domingo, last few days?
  132. Best chocolate in the Dominican Republic
  133. Post code, put me out of my misery
  134. Trojan Batteries-- Santo Domingo
  135. job fair to take place in SD in september - expo empleo 2014
  136. Hard Rock Cafe - La Zona Colonial
  137. Dragon fruit and seedless watermelon
  138. Sweetfrog Yogurt
  139. horrible trucks on the Avenues
  140. Washer/Dryer and Potting Soil
  141. too much of a good thing can kill ya
  142. Potting soil and plants
  143. Air Conditioner Installer
  144. Some pools Santo Domingo
  145. Cigar lounges, shops and other places
  146. Animal life, Santo Domingo
  147. Las 10 ciudades más peligrosas y las 10 más seguras del mundo
  148. Riot Today in Simon Bolivar
  149. something for gorgon, cultura profetica en concierto
  150. Daytime bars in Santo Domingo?
  151. watch football or hockey
  152. Simple Green
  153. First Placa
  154. once in a lifetime?
  155. Eye Exam
  156. long term parking near the airport
  157. The Dominican Performance at the Dance Festival.. Gasp!!
  158. Rocking Chairs - fake wicker
  159. visa gift cards?
  160. staying in santo domingo ...feb/march 2015
  161. staying in santo domingo feb/march 2015
  162. Locksmith
  163. Taxi Fare from Caribe Tours (coming from Sosúa) to SDQ Las Americas Airport
  164. Finally someone service real Draught beer in SD!
  165. Dentist
  166. Goldfish in Santo Domingo
  167. In the Heights
  168. Santo Domingo, example of Urban Disorder and Authority Crisis
  169. Hotel needed for week of 24 November
  170. Man Sets Fire To Backpack In El Metro
  171. La Isabela Airport
  172. Car Rental one-way fees
  173. Pork Ribs - - - Beef Ribs
  174. American dead in Gazcue
  175. Why?
  176. Recreation question
  177. One night in SD, which restaurant
  178. Not Another Ugly American
  179. Any Irish in Santo Domingo?
  180. DR1 Censorship
  181. Another Job Thread
  182. Policia Nacional - legalized thugs
  183. Demonstration ? ? ?
  184. Bad Accident in SD today
  185. thanksgiving meal
  186. Santo Domingo Colonial Fest 2014 THIS WEEKEND
  187. Arryo honda ???
  188. New Fast Food Resturant Opened at Agora Mall - Wendy's
  189. Looking for a real estate agent and expats in the Colonial Zone to interview
  190. where to sell gold coins
  191. Where to get a document scanned?
  192. Dangerous Walking
  193. Private guide wanted with car
  194. Private guide wanted - walking tour
  195. Best car paint shop in Santo Domingo?
  196. Razor wire buy/install
  197. Fireworks in SD?
  198. Johnny Rockets in Sambil
  199. EPS certified mail
  200. Santa in santo Domingo?
  201. Items for sale - Santo Domingo
  202. Foreigner killed in Santo Domingo
  203. NYer visiting SD for 1 week. Im Colombian but look dominican..
  204. Colombian in Santo Domingo ... I want to go to Juan Dolio in the AM and come back ..
  205. Opinion about some areas please...
  206. Urologist SD
  207. Santo Domingo vigil for Charlie Hebdo victims
  208. CIty of GOD/Eastern Zone SD.
  209. cycling path to be constructed in SD
  210. Cure Hospital in Santo Domingo (Cure International)
  211. approximate cost of taxi from metro to zona colonial?
  212. Good restaurant for 60th birthday dinner??
  213. New Super Pola on Ave Republica de Colombia
  214. Has anyone heard of this hotel?
  215. Stuff for Sale in Santo Domingo Facebook Page
  216. Superbowl 2015
  217. Santo Domingo DR To Host Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
  218. The Palms (Caribbean Cinemas Plaza)
  219. Beach Lounge Chair - SD - Where to buy?
  220. pozo, cisternas, tinacos?
  221. Tour guide?
  222. Flower shop
  223. Epsom salt
  224. Organic Yougurt
  225. Observation from the Frontier: Merengue tipico
  226. Night Crawl/Bar hopping in Santo Domingo?
  227. Cost Plus for microwave?
  228. Outdoor Chaise Lounge Cushions in SD?
  229. Dave & Busters
  230. chickenpox in herrera, SD
  231. a woman drives her car into caribbean sea
  232. What's Santo Domingo like on Independence Day ?? What to do ?
  233. Photo Shop near Caribe Tours Bus Station in SD
  234. Taxi fare from Metro Churchill terminal to Boca Chica
  235. The 'New' Hospital Dario Contreras
  236. Want to take the guagua from SD to Juan Dolio on Sunday to go to the beach and return
  237. Where to eat near El Conde ?
  238. Intersection of 27 Febrero & Privada- Expect chaos for the rest of the year
  239. Free Performances by Ministry of Culture
  240. Ananda Restaurante Vegetariano
  241. Construction In The Colonial Zone
  242. Bus from Santo Domingo to Las Terranas?
  243. Hotel Villa Colonial-Poor business practices
  244. I want to take a bus from SD to La Romana and return the next day. Good idea ?
  245. I am a visitor ... can I physically go to a hotel and walk in and ask for personel
  246. Basketball?
  247. Is 25$ USD from SDQ to Zona Colonial fare ?
  248. Where in santo domingo to see Chelea vs Paris soccer game?
  249. Neighborhood Suffers 35 Burglaries
  250. SDQ plastic wrapping a suitcase