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  1. Claro question
  2. Colombian passport holders don't need visa for Dominican Rep ????
  3. Why do the Dominican people have one of the highest amount of single -mother families
  4. What's Up With Kms in Santo Domingo?
  5. Office Chair
  6. Purchasing apartment in Santo Domingo ....
  7. Why so hard for a "medico" to find work ??
  8. US Citizen looking to apply to US embassy in Santo Domingo ... Any tips or advice ?
  9. customs question
  10. AMET speed checks Autopista Las Americas
  11. place with best exchange rate in DN
  12. Mayweather Pacman
  13. City Intersection Windscreen Cleaners......
  14. Guard Commits Suicide
  15. CANE Restaurant in SD - Excellent!
  16. Naevus Epiluminescence Dermatoscopy in the Capital?
  17. Best place to ride Bike.
  18. emilie conway concert
  19. Watch Out, it's coming to Santo Domingo!
  20. Restaurants
  21. Supermarket specials
  22. Money
  23. Social clubs in Santo Domingo?
  24. santo domingo this weekend
  25. Best place to buy a helmet in SD
  26. First Maker Faire in Sto Domingo June 6 & 7th
  27. Hotel Francés collapsed in Zona Colonial
  28. Help! Need tips for days out in Santo domingo with two kids...
  29. No Power >> No Water
  30. Salon de la Belleza?
  31. Wifi at SDQ?
  32. travel from Santo Domingo to Baseball academies in Boca Chica
  33. Any good gay hotels in Santo Domingo?
  34. Patio Furniture Stores
  35. A Sustainable City
  36. Fresh Fish. Best place to eat / Best place to buy?
  37. Another AMET purge
  38. Looking for unique things to do in Zona Colonial or outskirts...
  39. Internet service providers in sdq
  40. Looking for female friend who knows English!
  41. Hotel Boutique Casa Conde- Mysterious charges to credit card
  42. Drought and water use
  43. SDQ guagua to Santo Domingo city
  44. Grands, formerly Pacos in Colonial Zone
  45. Back from SDO
  46. Privatization of the Colonial Zone?
  47. Hotel Portes 9 Zona Colonial
  48. Bad day at work - do not look if squeamish
  49. Seedlings, tomato, squash, etc
  50. getting from SD to POP in the evening
  51. Small Package Door to Door from SDQ to Bavaro?
  52. cultura profetica en concierto: 6th of june
  53. Dinner in Zona Colonial - Guarded Parking anywhere?
  54. Neumonologist
  55. Want to hear some good Jazz tonight
  56. Deaf Awareness Day
  57. Dark Chocolate
  58. money exchange
  59. Need to buy some turtles (sculptures, figurines or such)...
  60. Need info on Los Alcarrizos, Distrito Nacional...
  61. First time in SD, Do i have everything right?
  62. Uber in Santo Domingo
  63. Luis Eduardo Aybar
  64. Steakhouse in Santo Domingo
  65. Krispy Kreme Opens at SDQ Airport
  66. New Buildings Going Crazy
  67. danilo opens the second part of SD bypass
  68. Excellent part time cleaner available
  69. Movie Theaters in Santo Domingo
  70. Fireworks? Probably NOT
  71. Gay Pride March Tomorrow
  72. Nice Hotel With Hard Wire Internet Needed - NO WIFI
  73. Birthday!!!
  74. Which one is the biggest Plaza Lama Store in Santo Domingo?
  75. Some hotels on Malecon?
  76. Hills RD - restaurant
  77. Leather Recliner
  78. Armed Robbings in Piantini and Mirador Sur
  79. Advice Wanted Regarding Taxis
  80. Rent a house or Apt
  81. Seeking Opinion Regarding Finds on Hotels.com
  82. Antenna for over the air stations.
  83. Why is the capital so ghetto ?? Is the rest of the country like that ????
  84. Blue Mall 2 Development
  85. If an American citizen impregantes a DR citizen... will they give him a visa ?
  86. Big Tiger Shark caught at KM12 Autopista Las Americas
  87. Trying to ruin the Ruins?
  88. Water Cisterns
  89. Real Estate development planned for San Souci/Ozama river entrance
  90. Thinking of getting a Masters that would be desirable in the DR
  91. The Malecon has so much potential .... How come it seems so deserted ????
  92. Which is the highest point in SDQ with public access?
  93. What's going on across the river
  94. Best gym in SD
  95. Where do you get good cheap grub?
  96. Shuttle from las americas to zona colonial
  97. Acropolis Tower and Plaza: New Restaurant
  98. Circus & Theatre in Santo Domingo this week
  99. 1,305 Street Surveillance Cameras in Santo Domingo
  100. Cable Internet Service Availability in Santo Domingo?
  101. Hard Rock Hotel
  102. August 4th: Santo Domingo Celebrates 519th Birthday
  103. AD - Looking for Quality Assurance PM
  104. Minister Assaulted
  105. dead man building
  106. Where has my thread "Need a BBQ" gone?
  107. Santo Domingo Calendar
  108. Resistance seen in Police and Congress to police reform ??
  109. Info on Hotel Shakey?
  110. La Casita De Papi new to Colonial Zone
  111. doctor in santo domingo
  112. Suggestions for Spending Time in Santo Domingo for Non-First Timer
  113. USMC Cemetary santo Domingo
  114. Any good Periodontist in Santo Domingo?
  115. No Dunkin Donuts in the Dominican Republic?
  116. why do dominicans hate us?
  117. First time in Santo Domingo - anyone around?
  118. CAID School
  119. “Missing bag and missing clothes”-Hotel Nicolas de Ovando
  120. Beware- Rampant Crime and Police Shakedowns confront tourists visiting Santo Domingo
  121. The new colmado experience
  122. Agora Mall Welcomes New Tenant
  123. Chikungunya and fashion choices
  124. Hurricaine Erika and SD?
  125. 7 ounce Presidente
  126. Chair and Table Rental ..............
  127. Where can I get Takoyaki Balls in Santo Domingo??
  128. blackout for SD - 2nd of september
  129. After googling, I still don't understand the reason for daily blackouts ...help...
  130. Traveling to Santo Domingo May-2016
  131. autopista las americas
  132. Pedestal Fan ..................
  133. Any good Restaraunts in Gazcue or on George Washington ave?
  134. Where could I find a Furnished Apartment for Rent
  135. debt problem question
  136. Anerican embassy
  137. Volunteer Training
  138. Where can I live stream news programs being shown in DR ??
  139. Anyone know of any Santo Domingo tours on Wednesday
  140. my vacation is coming need help- Boca chica
  141. What Mexican Restaurant in Santo domingo?
  142. Clubbing in Santo Domingo
  143. Renting a car in Santo Domingo to explore Samana ??
  144. Best way to get from SD to Casa Del Mar Lodge in Barahona ???
  145. Columbus Day
  146. Quiñceanera
  147. Recommendation Tienda Celulares Santo Domingo?
  148. Las Galeras or Barahona ???
  149. Agora Mall - Tratorria Pizzarelli
  150. Safety continues to be a major concern for tourists visiting the Colonial Zone
  151. AD. 6055 Selling iPhone 5S 16GB White Factory Unlocked
  152. Banco Popular Avenida Duarte KM 14
  153. line 2 expansion
  154. What to do October 16 to 19 2015
  155. Forums are dead-I wonder why
  156. Fernando Echavarria dies moments before performance
  157. My friend just got robbed in Piantini
  158. Caribe Tour Bus to San Francisco De Marcois
  159. taste santo domingo
  160. Former US Consulate Sold
  161. Apple Cider in DR?
  162. Ccc
  163. Shipping from Nova Scotia to Santo Domingo
  164. CNN: Zona Colonial on Sunday Nights
  165. italian rapist captured in SD and deported
  166. Planet Fitness to open in DR
  167. Canvas photo printing shops in Santo Domingo?
  168. Very nice event in November- Colonial Fest
  169. Conference Event
  170. Looking for an electrician in Santo Domingo
  171. Expats
  172. Miss Sorda Dominicana
  173. Hotels near SDQ
  174. Can you recommend good gym?
  175. Santo Domingo vs. San Juan
  176. Question About A School In Santo Domingo-The Community For Learning
  177. SD Traffic - Hubieres offers some ideas
  178. politico campaining from a donkey
  179. Dermatologist in Santo Domingo
  180. New Underpass 27 de Febrero
  181. Colonial Fest 2015 - This Weekend
  182. Ideas for Friday or Saturday evening in Santo Domingo
  183. Caribbean Genealogy Seminar in Santo Domingo
  184. Wild West in Santo Domingo
  185. Is Anybody Doing A Thanksgiving Dinner In SD This Year?
  186. Santo domingo hotel near party zone
  187. Orange Mobile Santo Domingo
  188. Hotel Santo Domingo
  189. Need a fixer/translator in Santo Domingo. Dec 15-18
  190. US Visa corruption in SD: revelations, allegations and retractions
  191. Umbrella Stroller
  192. update parking SDQ
  193. Juancito Murdered in SD
  194. Ready For The Christmas Traffic
  195. looking to buy a metal swing set for Christmas
  196. Santo Domingo En Vivo Concert Postponed
  197. to migracion office with metro (underground, not the bus)
  198. Here's One for Chic and the Girls
  199. Coca Cola holiday mapping show
  200. Santo Domingo to Boca chica...how to get there?
  201. Overseas Shipping - Santo Domingo to NYC area
  202. New Supermarket Chain
  203. Dance Classes/ Teacher
  204. Taxes for the pension fund of the builders
  205. Taxi Cost Metro Bus to SDQ and Back
  206. Barrio chino, santo domingo
  207. 40 floor hard rock hotel to be built in SD
  208. Need a good dentist in Santo Domingo (I live in Piantinni and don't like needles)
  209. First time visitor, appreciate any tip
  210. Hotel Recommendation?
  211. Acrid smog from fire at landfill
  212. Electrician needed
  213. Picture
  214. Prescription Eyeglasses and exam
  215. Casa Sanchez, Zona Colonial
  216. Multi-City Trip (Advice?)
  217. Stretch/Luxury/Vintage/Whateva Limousine with Driver...
  218. boca chica
  219. Surfs up dude.
  220. Need a doctor or clinic with parking in Santo Domingo
  221. Gas explosion in Los Rios, Santo Domingo
  222. Parking Colonial Zone
  223. New Pizza Shop Opens in Bella Vista
  224. Give me a Break ................
  225. Buy a scientific calculator?
  226. SD Dentist recommendation for Zoom tooth whitening
  227. orchid show at the Botanical gardens
  228. Tallest buildings in Santo Domingo
  229. Medical Reference
  230. Anyone ever been to Botegga Fratelli?
  231. Cake shops in Santo Domingo?
  232. another gas station explosion in SD
  233. Carnaval santo domingo
  234. changing dollars to local currency
  235. Buying dishwasher
  236. chinese man suspected of murder of two prestamistas
  237. Motorcycle rental
  238. Yet Another Mall.. Downtown Center
  239. Cost of living?
  240. Sto Dgo bypass road finished?
  241. Blu Cellular Vendor in the Capital?
  242. Hello...Almond milk
  243. Restaurants close to PUCMM Santo Domingo?
  244. Fire in body shop Naco
  245. Dutch lessons in Santo Domingo?
  246. sword robbed from statue's hand
  247. metro expansion in sd
  248. real estate question
  249. zona universidad
  250. this area santo domingo