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  1. SD Internet Cafe - HELP!!!!
  2. wi fi code
  3. 8mm Movies to DVD
  4. Poker in SD
  5. Help with finding children entertainer
  6. Live band ?
  7. Need help finding a good hotel in SD, Under $90/night...pool...chica friendly!
  8. Hotel Mercure
  9. Sofitel Nicolas de Ovando
  10. A different hotel question
  11. Any festivals the weekend?
  12. 3 month stay
  13. looking for a dj records vinyl store in the area
  14. Nightlife during the week in SD
  15. When is the End of the Curfew?
  16. Do any chinese restaurants serve Dim Sum
  17. Ethnic food in the capital?
  18. Reviews of the Renaissance Jaragua Hotel & Casino
  19. Dr. in Santo Domingo?
  20. 4 Day Weekend
  21. Santo Domingo Scammers !!
  22. Brunch in Santo Domingo ?
  23. Codetel / Verizon - keep losing internet connection
  24. Reliable taxi service from SDQ airport to "downtown" SDQ?
  25. I need a lawyer for Resident Visa
  26. Calling 829 from US
  27. Reservations?
  28. Did someone say "Beach" ?
  29. I need assistance from the board members - please
  30. Route number leading north out of Santo Domingo
  31. Space Bar/Disco Eclipse on Ave. Venezuela
  32. Sports Bar in Santo Domingo
  33. Getting to Santo Domingo from Punta Cana
  34. Where are the fun spots with girls?
  35. Need Help Making Hotel Choice.
  36. Inexpensive Hotel on the Malecon?
  37. Weekly rentals
  38. Cell Phone Use in DR
  39. ??? Cigars ???
  40. Excursions leaving from Santo Domingo
  41. Any can't miss places I should go to?
  42. MegaCentro
  43. Cutting down trees in Santo Domingo
  44. Researcher looking for translator/fixer
  45. Doctor Betances Street ??
  46. How difficult is it to sneak "chicas" into some of the more mainstream hotels
  47. Dominican Colonial City
  48. Lets Talk Travelers' Checks
  49. Anybody know the name of the hotel.....
  50. acuarium suite resort?
  51. Buying a TV as a gift - A waste of Time?
  52. Restoration Day - Stores Closed?
  53. Restoration Day Parade
  54. otolaryngologist
  55. Is Karaoke Bar still open?
  56. where would one rent a car on a sunday?
  57. Reliable Taxista in Sto Domingo
  58. Lets Just Say a Storm hits the Island....
  59. Lite Sto. Domingo Recap..questions ?
  60. Free Hugs in Santo Domingo
  61. Info on restaurant and museums please
  62. looking forward to visiting santo domingo
  63. International Courier
  64. Seafood spot please......
  65. La Base nightclub
  66. Hotel or Condo in Santo Domingo
  67. Carrying drivers license in DR
  68. Condition of the Malecon
  69. Where do the college kids hang out?
  70. Dengue Fever......
  71. Adia or La Grade Mansion hotels
  72. Need shooting range in SD area
  73. Awareness Bracelets
  74. Looking for Jerry Bourque
  75. Tourist Cards
  76. Excursions from Santo Domingo
  77. Apart-Hotel for business traveler
  78. hotel recommendation $40.00 decent
  79. Reliable taxi/guide in SD
  80. confused?
  81. Fresh Veggies!!!
  82. Up up up and away... attempting to scratch the Dominican sky.
  83. Help who's going to "bob Marley en la playa " in santo domingo ?
  84. where to rent a car?
  85. Any Americans want to do a get together?
  86. Buying a kids bicycle in Zona Colonial
  87. where to pay electricty bill?
  88. Dominican Travels
  89. Looking For Friends in Santo Domingo.
  90. Iglesia De Los Minas
  91. Toque Profundo at 8 puertas!!!!!!!!
  92. Walk/caminata against Governmental corruption
  93. Events going on this Friday in Santo Domingo
  94. Rock players/singers?
  95. Best Beach Closest To Santo Domingo?
  96. Best Romantic Spots In Santo Domingo
  97. Jaguar Apart Studios - Gazcue
  98. Pictures from the caminata?
  99. American staying for 6 Months Seeks Other Americans.
  100. Very international film festival
  101. Fun things to do with kids in SD
  102. need info...can anyone in Santo Domingo help!
  103. Overnight Trips From Punta Cana to Santo Domingo??
  104. Events for the weekend
  105. fall 07 SD - cuando bailar bachata y merengue
  106. Driving at Night ??????
  107. Shipping from Providence, RI to Santo Domingo, DR?
  108. 2 Girls Going To Sd...any Hotel And Disco Suggestions??
  109. How to Get from SDQ airport to La Isabela "Higuero" airport?
  110. Spiritual Healing?
  111. Need some help limo/Restaurant
  112. Folklore Festival at Megacentro
  113. Dancing during the day in Santo Domingo
  114. used stuff
  115. Tour guide
  116. A good surgeon..
  117. ces & Mrs. CES are in SDQ for the next 2 weeks . . .
  118. Threading in SD?
  119. If you live in Santo Domingo and want to learn Creole.
  120. Infant Care
  121. Hard Rock Cafe
  122. El Conde
  123. Acropolis Mall
  124. Boston vs Indians
  125. SD Hotel Recommendation
  126. Hotel With Best View of Carnaval
  127. Apartment/Apart hotel for one month?
  128. Expreso Jade
  129. Hotel Conde de Penalba
  130. Malecon Center
  131. Enerolisa y el grupo de Salve de Mata de los Indios performing this Friday.
  132. Halloween Party @ Pravda Sushi Bar & Lounge
  133. Taxi question / Gua Gua questions
  134. No Alcohol After Midnight in SD?
  135. first post- hairy question!
  136. Carol Morgan School - Do I have the wrong impression?
  137. is san cristobal a good excursion
  138. Photos from Santo Domingo Este
  139. First time in the D.R. / Santo Domingo - Suggestions ?
  140. Best " Jugos " in the D.R. ?
  141. Best weeknight partying spots ?
  142. Celebration of San Miguel in Villa Mella Sunday November 18th
  143. volunteering!
  144. Tormenta Noel in Los Minas/Los Tres Brazos
  145. power in colonial zone
  146. Tofu?
  147. El Hip-Hop Dominicano por la causa!
  148. Christmas in Santo Domingo
  149. McDowell's
  150. Sofitel Frances
  151. No love for the Jaragua Hotel ?
  152. 809 & 829 phone service!
  153. Pakistani Food in Santo Domingo
  154. Good local cuisine restaurant near SDQ Airport
  155. Best Payout Casino in Santo Domingo
  156. walking in the city
  157. Jogging along the malecon/parks...
  158. looking for an apt for rent...one month
  159. Your Place Gym
  160. Are BELLA VISTA, CIUDAD AGRARIA, INVIVIENDA, and KM 14 good neigborhoods to live in?
  161. What would be the hardest part for a US citizen male moving to santo domingo?
  162. How much does a taxi normally cost in santo domingo?
  163. Do most Dominicans work 5, 6 or 7 days a week?
  164. Would one make more money in santo domingo teaching english or working a call center?
  165. Who are some Dr1 expat US members who live in santo domingo?
  166. Thanksgiving in Santo Domingo
  167. What is the difference between a publico and a concho?
  168. Where do I go in santo domingo to get my electric and water bills put in my name?
  169. Does Claro or Orange have the best cellular service in santo domingo?
  170. What is the best nightclub in santo domingo for bachata music?
  171. Is Scotibank or Banco Popular the safest to do business with in santo domingo?
  172. Poker tournament at Majestic Casino - Hilton
  173. What is the best, most affordable health insurance policy I can get in santo domingo?
  174. Does a non-resident pay income tax on dominican income if one works in santo domingo?
  175. Hotel Aladino
  176. Hillbilly meets a Hillbilly
  177. Faro de Colon
  178. How do I get my cedula?
  179. Does it take 500,000 dominican pesos to be eligible to apply for a residence visa?
  180. All inclusive hotel
  181. Thanksgiving ingrediants?? Help needed...
  182. Is it really hard to go from a native English speaker to speaking Spanish?
  183. What are the safest ATM machines to use in Santo Domingo?
  184. Is Hotel Lina a rip off?
  185. Aerial Shots of Santo Domingo
  186. Hostels
  187. What are the best places in santo domingo for Wi-Fi wireless internet service?
  188. Computer Courses in SD
  189. Taxi cost Mercure to Bus Station?
  190. Trance Party In Samana
  191. contact lenses
  192. Yoga Studios in Santo Domingo
  193. Happening Lounges/Bars
  194. Wanna play Softball?
  195. Pet Questions....Santo Domingo
  196. guest friendly budget hotel in Santo Domingo
  197. Religious Celebrations in English
  198. Seeking a job in Santo Domingo
  199. Luggage lockers at SDQ?
  200. Gay in Sto. Domingo
  201. Car Rental
  202. Carnaval in Santo Domingo or La Vega?
  203. Thanks for all the reactions
  204. lodging near Caribetour pickup
  205. Identity-card (Cedullar)
  206. prof photog/videog in santo domingo?
  207. Travelling to Santo Domingo
  208. Is it best to load minutes on a new Orange cell phone or sign for a plan?
  209. trance party in samana 31 december
  210. Renaissance Jaragua Hotel, Guest friendly?
  211. Reputable Volunteer Agencies...
  212. Travelling to SD 24th Jan
  213. Lodging options in Santo Domingo
  214. caribbean cinemas website?
  215. ?? Hotel Mercure Santo Domingo
  216. Driving SDQ to Sosua and my dilema...
  217. 1 Month Apartment Rental in SD??
  218. metro to SD airport?
  219. Non AI in Santo Domingo
  220. I need a Favor from someone in Santo Domingo
  221. Need Luxury hotel
  222. Best Exchange Rates
  223. Why are taxi rates to and from SDQ airport so high?
  224. Things to do in SD and comments on Hotel Residence
  225. Help Please I am traveling..............
  226. vegetarian santo domingo
  227. Merengue
  228. El Conde Peatonal
  229. Sofitel Zona Colonial - Guesy Friendly?
  230. SD or BC and bus info pls
  231. Hotel V. Rental property
  232. La Fundación Poder Unido in Santo Domingo
  233. Apartment or ApartHotel In SD?
  234. Visas
  235. Heading to SD on 21-28 - Need advice on some stuff: Hotel, weekday ideas, etc
  236. Where to make local calls outside hotel?
  237. Public Transportation from Airport
  238. Carnaval Tips
  239. Reasonably Priced Hotels
  240. Help-Santiago to Airport in Santo Domingo
  241. post office
  242. Argentino's
  243. Roller skate lessons
  244. Hard Rock Cafe discounts ??
  245. Mamajuana in Santo Domingo
  246. Carnival Mask Makers
  247. Mexican restaurant SD
  248. Websites with apartment rental listings?
  249. What to Do in Santo Domingo
  250. Santo Domingo Little Theater