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  1. Apartments/Hotels
  2. Swed lookning fore healp.. cheep hostel to start whit and then room/apartment?
  3. Santiago for me!
  4. Anyone know George Butler Motorcycle Racing?
  5. Suggestions on household goods in SD
  6. How many pesos for a taxi from Las Americas airport to Caribe Tours bus station?
  7. Driving Range in Santo Domingo?
  8. Train Santo Domingo to Santiago
  9. Gimnasio
  10. HELP Please - Hotels in the central part of Santo Domingo
  11. Hotel El Embajador
  12. NFL Sunday
  13. Oasis Hamaca Guest Policy, etc...
  14. DHL Local Number?
  15. Kid's Activities
  16. How can I get internet service in my apt. similar to Comcast speed here in the USA?
  17. Curry selling shops
  18. At my last end with pistols
  19. Gold's Gym increase-you kidding me?
  20. What are some good gyms other than Gold's Gym to workout in Santo Domingo?
  21. Tech Fair (Tecdo)
  22. best way of travel to capitol
  23. 1 day trip near Santo Domingo
  24. Peanuts in the Shell - Customs OK?
  25. Driving around the Colonia Zone (video)
  26. ATM Machines not working??
  27. closest hotels to Nunez
  28. Sport Fishing near Santo Domingo
  29. How are expariates dealing with the 24 hour long blackouts in Santo Domingo?
  30. Travel Itinerary - Advice Appreciated!
  31. Christopher Columbus Whereabouts
  32. Bullets
  33. How do you keep Dominicans from stealing fuel from the generator at your house?
  34. Photography / camera equipment shop
  35. NY Times article
  36. Where to buy toaster oven and lawn chairs in SD?
  37. aNY Expats selling furniture when leaving DR
  38. Where to watch soccer on TV in SD
  39. any feed back on a hotel named royal palace
  40. Visiting DR 12/27-1/7/2009
  41. Mi Taverna
  42. When I decide on what apartment I want to rent, what can I expect in terms of deposit
  43. I want to make 60,000 pesos per month in Santo Domingo, have any suggestions?
  44. JUST for curiosity's sake.....
  45. The Best of Santo Domingo
  46. Pool Access on Malecon/Gazcue
  47. I need to ship a package to a PO Box in the USA from the DR, but Fed Ex & UPS are no.
  48. Santo Domingo Metro
  49. Place to out pictures on a CD
  50. teaching
  51. Where to play tennis in Santo Domingo
  52. I look for person which it studies geography
  53. I need a Taxi ride from SDQ Airport to my hotel
  54. $50 hotel
  55. Anybody seen Burt Webber?
  56. What is store similar to Best Buy in Santo Domingo
  57. Good (inexpensive) restaurants in Santo Domingo
  58. Nite life
  59. Soy Milk
  60. Nightlife agenda December 2008
  61. Budget accommodation advice
  62. Cheap hotels in sd...
  63. Helen Kellog Library
  64. Where can I take pilot lessons to learn how to fly an airplane?
  65. Stay a month or two in SD ?
  66. English movie theaters
  67. I am not affraid of the big bad wolf......
  68. Is Ikea Open?
  69. Plaza Central Hours (Santo Domingo)
  70. Poker in Santo Domingo
  71. hi me and my friends are looking to go to boca chica this March
  72. christmas dinner
  73. Second Trip to DR... Need hotel ideas
  74. Obama Inauguration Party
  75. Earthquake!
  76. where are the *itty bars other than the two on the malecon
  77. El Conde to Caribe Tours - How Far?
  78. Where Is A Great Restaurant in Santo Domingo To Get Grouper
  79. New Year's Eve
  80. New to the forums, could use some advice.
  81. Orientation in Santo Domingo
  82. I need a dentist (non touristica) in Santo Domingo for routine dental work.
  83. Need phone # for Hotel Razor
  84. SDQ to Sosua Ride
  85. Hotel Abyta and JetSet Disco
  86. Violence is a major issue
  87. Metro Update?
  88. pharmacies in Santo Domingo
  89. Inexpensive, safe hotel for single female
  90. Sushi Ya
  91. optician
  92. Message from US Embassy-Demonstrations
  93. baseball
  94. looking for apt. in Santo Domingo
  95. What is normally called a high school graduate and a university graduate in SDQ?
  96. Are there reliable places in SDQ to get my academic transcripts translated to spanish
  97. What are some good neighborhoods around Clarion Hotel on Avenida Tiradentes, esquina?
  98. Brothels in Santo Domingo
  99. Local Companies offering service to Punta Cana
  100. Large Supermarket Near Gazcue
  101. Orange "company stores" in santo domingo
  102. Is condo-parque aparthotel "guest"friendly?
  103. Very unusual question, but important
  104. Seeking info on Independencia Cycling Tour
  105. I told you so I told you so!!
  106. resorts closest to Bonao
  107. What movie theatres in SDQ play movies in English?
  108. los tres chorros
  109. Day or overnight trips
  110. Need chaperon/driver
  111. Chinese New Year
  112. La Casona Dorada
  113. santiago to santo domingo
  114. Hilton Casino Santo Domingo
  115. Looking for name of a college
  116. Cheap Car Rental
  117. Hotel with pool
  118. Hotel Beds
  119. Historical Question: Alfau Street
  120. Best Hotel for Carnival in Santo Domingo
  121. Advice, moving to Santo Domingo
  122. 1st trip to D.R.
  123. Juan Luis Guerra Concert
  124. Looking for a drop off day care.....
  125. Melia Hotel with a guest
  126. Looking for a guest friendly hotel in S.D.
  127. 1 week in DR, advice about plans, esp Zona Colonial
  128. Bavaro hotel recommendation needed
  129. Botanical Gardens
  130. Is UPS, FedEx, or DHL the best way to ship heavy items from the USA to the DR?
  131. Where is the best Orange cell phone store to find the Alcatel OT C701?
  132. Where is SEESCyT and attorney general's office Santo Domingo?
  133. Is SEESCYT the same agency as the Ministry of Education?
  134. Anyone ever gone to a university in Santo Domingo from the USA?
  135. Places for American expats in Santo Domingo
  136. dr1guide to Santo Domingo... HUGE!!!!
  137. New Coffee Spot in the Colonial Zone
  138. Hotel near Caribe bus station?
  139. Calendar for National Theater
  140. Autos
  141. Assistance
  142. I'm looking for a place to stay in Santo Domingo!
  143. Hotel/Room Near Los Alcarrizos
  144. Papa John's opens its first restaurant in the Dominican Republic
  145. Automated Teller Machines
  146. Chiropractor and/or Acupuncturist?
  147. Electronics!
  148. I am now in Santo Domingo but I need some good computer speakers for my laptop.
  149. How far is Isabella from Puerto Plata?
  150. Is anyone good at Santo Domingo geography?
  151. Caribe Tours vs. The Metro
  152. Arriving to Isabela from Santiago
  153. How much is it to get to Santiago from Santo Domingo? (Using Caribe Tours)
  154. How does one go about hiring a Taxi?
  155. Great moments in hair cutting, the sage continues...
  156. weekly rentals
  157. Are there any good web designers, seo,
  158. Wendys in Santo Domingo ? adress ?
  159. Good free weight gym?
  160. Brazilian Super Tucanos
  161. tickets for violinista
  162. Good budget hotel near Caribe Tours bus station?
  163. Driving Time? - SD to Santiago?
  164. Ciudad Modelo
  165. Any good mechanics that can be trusted
  166. Good HangOut Spots in Santo Domingo
  167. Drama schools?
  168. Aparta-Hotel for a Week
  169. La Romana trip
  170. Medical Evacuation Help Please
  171. Nicest Cabanas West of Santo Domingo
  172. March 18-22 Spring Break Boca Chica
  173. room safe at codo parque hotel
  174. 3 noches- sugerencias!
  175. Made it here, Is Viva better cell phone service than Orange?
  176. I cannot get my Orange voice mail to work correctly.
  177. Botanical Gardens / Hotels
  178. Where in Santo Domingo?
  179. Rubin
  180. 2 Bedroom Accommodations Santo Domingo
  181. Walmart
  182. Yellow Pages Online
  183. malecon cruise
  184. Nightspots - Upscale"ish"/Older Crowd (40)/Music - Saturday Night
  185. Where is good on Sunday now that the Malecon is open?
  186. Ethnic Neighborhoods
  187. travel info request
  188. Driving From SDQ to Colonial Zone - Directions
  189. Need info. on MRI exam (Seriously)
  190. place to stay for a week
  191. Local bar with pool tables
  192. Hotel El Senorial
  193. Walking Distances in Zona Colonial?
  194. motorbike rentals
  195. Whatever happened to IKEA?
  196. is there ANYTHING else like Han's Aparthotel Pension Serena?
  197. Bachata & Salsa lessons
  198. Is it possible to get the National Geographic Channel in english in Santo Domingo?
  199. Can you buy GPS units for your car with street maps of Santo Domingo preloaded?
  200. newspaper ads
  201. Does La Sirena, Plaza Lama, Jumbo, or Americana have the best products to buy?
  202. What movie theatres in Santo Domingo play movies in English?
  203. Water In Santo Domingo this week
  204. Merengue Music Festival
  205. Looking for people to go out in Santo Domingo
  206. car rental from airport
  207. Gazcue
  208. Hotel Residence City
  209. Looking for a Studio or Hotel in S.D.
  210. 10 Things to Do in 24hrs?
  211. do i have to pay at airport to bring my lcd 32 inch tv?
  212. Pistol alterations
  213. Authorization letter for travel
  214. Hotel Roma
  215. which is closer to Zona colonial ? caribe tours or metro tours ?
  216. How much is the peaje on the Carretera Sanchez?
  217. Transportation from POP to Santo domingo
  218. Having 2 days to see the Dominican Republic
  219. any metro updates?
  220. Night life?
  221. Canadian or Expat meetings
  222. Question
  223. Golf clubs anyone?
  224. What is the difference between Claro Postpago plan and Claro Control plan?
  225. El Millon--Where the Heck is it?
  226. isabella, dominican republic -- more than one city named isabella?
  227. rental car liability
  228. mangos
  229. Traveling to Santo Domingo, Santiago/Puerto Plata and Punta Cana
  230. 10 ways to remember Santo Domingo
  231. Fellas getaway to Santo Domingo
  232. My imagination or we just had a little shakin'?!
  233. Photo Exhibit
  234. Potty Training
  235. plaza lama megastore
  236. Shipping Computer to SD: Best way?
  237. Transfer from airport SDQ - please help!
  238. Heading to SD, any pointers?
  239. Buses From Santo Domingo to Punta Cana
  240. Ikea santo domingo
  241. Jumbo luperon
  242. Traveling from Santiago to Santo Domingo by air
  243. Poker tournament this weekend
  244. Gay and in SD
  245. YMCA Santo Domingo Summer Camp
  246. Malecon musings
  247. churches
  248. Sunday night Santo Domingo
  249. Terra cotta tiles
  250. Santo Domingo Sectors?