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  1. Moving Back to SDQ
  2. Carnaval
  3. Need basic hotel near Caribe bus terminal in SD
  4. shopping malls
  5. Centro Medico Integral
  6. Nearby carnivals on Sunday, Feb 13?
  7. Samana highway DR8
  8. Wedding on beach in Santo Domingo
  9. Superbowl
  10. DR Carnivals
  11. Clean Bachelor "Party" for locals
  12. Wedding in the Santo Domingo/Boca Chica area...
  13. blue taxi van from airpot
  14. Need help best option to buying a flight to sdq.
  15. Volunteering in Santo Domingo
  16. Hotels/Hostels in Santo Domingo
  17. International Film Festival is on
  18. I need to find a VIVA store that sells the Sony Ecrisson W705 cellullar telephone.
  19. I have entered Las Americas Airport on a one way ticket from American Airlines.
  20. What VIVA store in Santo Domingo has the widest selection of new cellular telephones?
  21. Video Gaming in Dr
  22. Hostal Marina Real hotel.
  23. Do I need a two way ticket?
  24. Is there a bus strike in Santo Domingo?
  25. AFROJACK in Santo Domingo
  26. Blue MAll 3New Movie theaters
  27. MEC / Outdoor Sports Shop in Santo Domingo?
  28. I need to get an eye exam and new lenses made for my eye glasses in Santo Domingo.
  29. Hotel recommendation for 1 night
  30. La Romana to Santo Domingo
  31. Time travel machine on La Catolica
  32. Going rate for office space?
  33. Need some approx. rates in SD
  34. Ideas while in Santo Domingo
  35. Find a friend in Santo Domingo
  36. School or private teaching in Santo Domingo
  37. Fire at Plaza Luperon
  38. Guest friendly
  39. Colonial zone hotel recommendations
  40. Best Place to Live
  41. LASIK Corrective eye surgery in Santo Domingo
  42. Delinquents in Las America Airport
  43. Where can I buy a Hockey Stick in SD?
  44. Current Taxi Rate from Santo Domingo Airport (TSDM)?
  45. Hotel Danae in Gazcue?
  46. Rhinoplasty and implants in Santo Domingo, Help Plzzz
  47. Youth baseball info needed
  48. Santo Domingo, Are you Ready?
  49. Place to stay in Santo Domingo
  50. AIR show?
  51. Hey Everyone
  52. Gazcue and the lecy cuts?
  53. What happened to the dog charity, closed down?
  54. Hotel Namie ?
  55. High end laptop in SD
  56. 4% Voces Amarillas LIVE concert
  57. Need help planning trip from La Vega to SD
  58. Looking for a house
  59. Santo Domingo to Sosua
  60. Guide for Colonial Zone
  61. where to get car fitted for natural gas
  62. Phone Rental
  63. Private Spanish Lessons
  64. Short-term apt for rent in SD close to Centro Olimpico?
  65. Need a hotel near the US embassy
  66. Maid Needed in Zona El Portal Santo Domingo
  67. info on avis car rental at sdq
  68. Taxi from PUJ to Santo Domingo
  69. Volunteer Opportunities
  70. Spanish
  71. Coming to SD in June need help.
  72. Lomas Lindas
  73. So what is going on in the city tonight?
  74. Is the Skoda Fabia car reliable transportation for Santo Domingo?
  75. Aparthotel/hostal in SD
  76. Where in SD to buy Fruit and Veggy Juicer
  77. Chu Chu tour bus in the Zona Cololonial
  78. Any wheat grass in SD
  79. Do you live in Gazcue?
  80. Dentist in Gazcue?
  81. mover
  82. Pacquaio Mosely Fight
  83. Organic and/or Gluten-Free Bread?
  84. Cristo rey santo domingo
  85. Marriot Courtyard - Pool?
  86. Airport Transfer Las Americas - Punta Cana
  87. Emergency help !
  88. Veterinarian in Santo Domingo?
  89. What happened to the Take away list for Santo Domingo? there was one here!
  90. The best damn take away/delivered food in the capital?
  91. Looking for the best place for a Pedicure in town.
  92. Free Cataract Surgery for the elderly
  93. Need a photographer in SD
  94. Traffic in North SD
  95. living in an apartment in Gazcue
  96. A Car in Gazcue
  97. II Edition Las Terrenas 10K
  98. i need bunk beds for the kids.
  99. Places to eat at on the highway from the airport.
  100. Santo Domingo taxi phone number
  101. Movie Max Rant
  102. Best place to buy a evening dress for a woman?
  103. Uasd
  104. Teatro Guloya
  105. Caribbean fashion week 2011
  106. Nothing easy in SD
  107. Face to Face
  108. Apartment from mid July wanted
  109. Favourite Drinking Spot?
  110. Merenguefestival 2011
  111. need a hotel or apartment rental
  112. Where to watch the Stanley Cup in SD?
  113. Best Italian and best French/Continental restaurants
  114. First time to DR...questions. Help?
  115. Adenoidectomy
  116. Santo Domingo or Boca Chica for Nightclubs?
  117. Hotel La Residence in Gazcue
  118. Red Light District for SD
  119. Best Problem Solving ever!
  120. Car rental at SDQ
  121. Computer Repair in the Capital
  122. information needed
  123. Boxing gym in Sabana Perdida?
  124. TV Advertising Santo Domingo? Advice Please!
  125. VIP - Malecón Center Cinemas
  126. What bars have the prettiest staff?
  127. Luxury car rental??
  128. rain rain go away
  129. La Taberna Vasca
  130. airline
  131. Any tips
  132. Gay Rights March
  133. Is Piantini loud?
  134. good prices for buying a PC in the capital? (and not being a cr...p)
  135. Exchanging money for a trip to Cuba
  136. Reasonably priced hotel near Universidad APEC
  137. Perimeter Fence Stolen At Las Americas Airport
  138. office depot is opening a branch in Santo Domingo
  139. Thank you to IIC
  140. what are the best things to do
  141. Museo del hombre dominicano / Villa Mella
  142. Body Shop Gym Sarasota Bella Vista
  143. 3 week stay in Santo Domingo - recommendations
  144. Would anyone like to hang with me around the Zona Col or Gazcue (or tell me non-shady
  145. Questions about my stay in SD
  146. Visitation
  147. Where to buy a bicycle in Santo Domingo?
  148. Maria Auxiliadora to Gazcue
  149. Is drinking Water something I should worry about?
  150. Fishing Rod?
  151. Weather in September??
  152. Fastest way to send documents to DR
  153. Weather (Emily)
  154. Storm or hurricane?
  155. Aparta Hotel close to Instituto Dominico Americano
  156. Santo Domingo Traffic Updated
  157. Lousy Santo Domingo Google Earth Images
  158. need help please,..looking for a certain hotel near el conde street
  159. Place to party on a Sunday night?
  160. working remotely from Santo Domingo
  161. Semana Dedicada a Alfred Hitchcock
  162. Santo Domingo On $100 A Day ?
  163. Apolo spa Colonial Zone
  164. Guide to What is happening in SD
  165. should i try all inclusive companion resorts or just try to hook with chicks in bars?
  166. Gyms near the university area
  167. Salsa/Bachata/Merengue in the university area
  168. The Garbage Men Stole our trash cans!
  169. For those who have Tricom Cable
  170. Is Sto Dgo one of the 10 most dagerous cities in the world? IDTS
  171. Santo Domingo, Manhattan of The Caribbean
  172. US embassy denies report about SD
  173. The best fireworks ever!!!!!
  174. Reverse Shipping SDQ to Orlando, FL
  175. side trips from santo domingo
  176. Zona Universitaria vs Zona Colonial
  177. AKON in Santo Domingo
  178. Used Furniture in Santo Domingo?
  179. Restaurant recommendations Santo Domingo
  180. delivering flowers in Santo Domingo
  181. Is this a good/legit Spanish School
  182. Who is editing the news?
  183. Need help choosing: Tricom vs Claro High Speed Internet
  184. Shellac
  185. Dreadlocks, locks, twists, "Rasta"
  186. hotel in colonial zone
  187. Aparthotels in the cap
  188. New wendy's and Sbarro pizza on Núñez de Cáceres
  189. Guagua station?
  190. Need some Colonial Zone help...
  191. Public Transportation from Santo Domingo to San Cristobal
  192. What is up at UASD? now it's tear gas and gun fire....?
  193. Pedicure with massage chairs
  194. Hotel Near SDQ
  195. I need hel!. I want to open a hooters type plaice/nightclub
  196. Hostel Marina Real in Santo Domingo
  197. Sd to Samana airport
  198. boxeo in la capital....!
  199. Strange sky over Santo Domingo
  200. Question about visiting Santo Domingo
  201. Cathedral Santa Maria
  202. Agora mall
  203. How to get baseball tickets
  204. publico routes from Parque Independenca
  205. Need new hard drive for my Dell laptop
  206. Roof Sealing Company Needed
  207. Time to get some dental work; looking for advice
  208. Shoe Shines in santo domingo
  209. UFC live in Santo Domingo
  210. New Beach-Plaza in Santo Domingo
  211. Sambil shopping center santo domingo
  212. Thanksgivng 2011
  213. Folklore of the 4 Winds
  214. Celphone Service
  215. SANTO DOMINGO- Must do's in Santo Domingo
  216. Galeria 360
  217. Silver Sun Gallery
  218. Bullets and Accident Kill 3
  219. Complaint office
  220. Be careful out there, this is the season.....
  221. Hotel Ivis Close To US Consulate
  222. Santo Domingo to Bayahibe?
  223. Caribetours from Petionville, Hati to Sto Dgo
  224. Carnival 2012
  225. werewolf - piantini area
  226. Blue Mall SD
  227. Ikea sd
  228. COMPUTER Purchase US vs. Santo Domingo
  229. Sunday Night Football in the capital - where?
  230. I need to have my mail forwarded from my PO Box in the USA to Santo Domingo.
  231. Arriving @ SDQ, Orange style! (Video)
  232. Clarion Hotel (Avenida Tiradentes)
  233. villa mella population
  234. Good areas to live in SD? with no blackouts and 100-150K USD apartment prices
  235. The best area in SD to meet lots of other young people?
  236. Any help would be appreciated
  237. watch out for 2 guys on a motorcycle
  238. Bachata teacher, advanced level SDQ?
  239. Late arrival SDQ, need simple room overnight before guagua to Las Galeras next day
  240. Acropolis Center Mall
  241. Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas?
  242. Got a week in Santo Domingo in Jan 2012. Recc's on what to do cool and different
  243. Are there people from the Balkans living in Santo Domingo?
  244. MMA In Santo Domingo - Finding Instruction and A Place To Watch UFC
  245. Johnny Rockets
  246. date confirmed going to santo domingo
  247. looking to sale any thing from the us while in dr
  248. any weight lifting gyms in in the area
  249. cheapest supermarket in SD?
  250. Boxing day Sunday