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  1. Lost Visa Appointment Packet...upcoming appointment
  2. Haiti....translation help....
  3. 2sc police certificate
  4. First Time Us Visa From Dr
  5. Medicals for Immigration Canada
  6. Maintaining PR Status in Canada
  7. Work Visa
  8. question on DS230
  9. Applications for visas accepted online
  10. Please Some advice? any one?
  11. Visa Question....Living here in DR
  12. K-1 Interview soon...
  13. Student Visa
  14. Visa to Spain - Dominican with US Green Card
  15. Need help - Interview packet
  16. Visa from UK to Spain for a Dominican
  17. Shengen Visa
  18. Hotel near consulate
  19. airline tickets
  20. K-3...and IR-1...?
  21. Bringing cash to the interview
  22. Extension on K1 interview in December
  23. Name change..
  24. Birth Certificate for K3 visa
  25. US Student visa for Haitian living in DR
  26. Things I'm sending
  27. not granted the dates requested
  28. The Kids
  29. Sponsoring a Neice to Canada- HELP
  30. Dominicanstotheusa.com is back online!
  31. Visa from the UK
  32. Question for Canadian sponsor wife/husband
  33. Visitor Visa requirements for Canada
  34. US visa for my husband-help
  35. Would this work
  36. Visa question for the US
  37. Visitor visa to Canada..
  38. Conjugal partner visa to Canada
  39. Brother in-law got sworn in
  40. F1 student visa
  41. US Visa fee to be raised to 131$ starting Jan 1st, 2008
  42. No more visa or Passport needed?
  43. Timelines for papers once in Haiti
  44. Status Changed to Decision Made...Visa to Canada
  45. Visa to Canada
  46. Canada visa
  47. Special Visa for Canada
  48. Canadian citizenship for adopted children!
  49. Advise on using a lawyer to obtain a visa to Canada
  50. Visa to the UK
  51. Time for husband to Canada
  52. Tourist Visa to Belize or Costa Rica
  53. Provincial Work Visa
  54. Canadian immigration stories/experiences for publication
  55. Questions about US
  56. sponsorship to canada....process postings from start to finish
  57. Is a visa required to vist the US?
  58. Started sponsorship to Canada for my wife....Carlos process from start to finish
  59. Sponsorship for PR to Canada.....Lexi...start to finish
  60. dual citizenship
  61. Dominicans TO Costa Rica
  62. Canada Work Visa
  63. Visa waver and other issue US
  64. visa for Belgium
  65. Work visa for the US - which one?
  66. US Visa Application Process Advise
  67. Got married and now need help with adjusting K1 status
  68. Waiting for packet from the American consulate
  69. Please help me not screw up my gfs future GC
  70. Applying for American visa
  71. P.R. Visa to Canada....poster Johana start to finish
  72. Sending documents to Immigration Canada....2008 discussion
  73. Where to get documents translated for immigration purposes.
  74. Interview Questions for a K1 visa
  75. Canadian Sponsorship Application help
  76. certified judicial translator @ Puerto Plata
  77. Tourist and K-1 visa questions
  78. babies born in DR
  79. Need Guidance for US Visa for Child-HELP
  80. HELP getting to Colombia
  81. Amendments to the Canadian Immigration system
  82. Visa to the UK
  83. what are the visa requirements for brazil ?
  84. US immigrant visa (INTERVIEW DAY)
  85. Visa to Canada
  86. Visa for Anguilla
  87. Legal doctor for Belgian Visa application
  88. Visitor visa for the UK
  89. Visas for cruises
  90. I need info for my fiancee to get a visa to the UK
  91. The cost of relocation
  92. schengen visa
  93. direction oficina central de estado civil
  94. International Students and Post-graduate Work Permits
  95. Federal Skilled Worker Process
  96. Letter of Invitation - Immigration Canada
  97. Completed timeline for Canadian PR
  98. Now Dominican Citizens will need a Transit Visa for France Unless one of these apply
  99. starting process from outside Canada
  100. Visitor visa to Canada refused. need advice on how to re-apply please.
  101. Where can i get docs translated from Spanish to French
  102. Help!! K-1 Visa & Passport Stolen!!
  103. Minimum Necessary Income? (CIC Form)
  104. Working temporarily in Canada
  105. I have an important question
  106. Visitor visa to the US
  107. Application to Canada question-What should i do?
  108. student/exchange visa to the US
  109. Photos for Immigration Canada
  110. Police Certificate for Immigration Canada
  111. visit to Canada ~ vs ~ a move
  112. Sponsership of spouse to Canada
  113. Manila, Philippines - More Immigration Officers
  114. My boyfriend got his Canada visitors Visa now how does he fly to Calgary Not via USA
  115. Visa for UK for my boyfriend b4 I move 2 DR
  116. On how my Boyfriend got His Canada Visitors Visa..hope it helps!!!
  117. UK Visa Process
  118. Dominicans visiting turks and caicos
  119. late declaration and the visa process..
  120. H1B (Working VISA)
  121. Visitor visa to the US for girlfriend.
  122. Refused canadian visit visa
  123. Quicker Paperwork for Marriage in UK than DR?
  124. File Number Starting with a "B"
  125. Visa free Travel to Europe for Family of Europeans
  126. Visa offices for Aruba & Bahamas
  127. From start to finish; marriage, visas, immigration
  128. Congratulations Homer Simpson ( Ronny )
  129. Obtaining visas for other countries in the DR
  130. Approved as sponsor for a visa to Canada. What's next?
  131. Visa for settlement to the UK.....From start to to issued by mistake
  132. Visitor's Visa for Baby's birth......Canada Immigration
  133. I-134 ?
  134. uk marriage visa
  135. Question about the process to Canada..Vintage's process from start to visa issued
  136. Immigration Canada
  137. Move to France
  138. Interesting Read...
  139. Introduction & question about Immigration Canada
  140. marriage of convenience...toronto star sept 16/08
  141. Sending a babies birth certificate
  142. My Story~Visa 2
  143. Potential Interview Questions Re-Immigration Canada
  144. want to marry in the DR but will live in U.S.
  145. Spousal Sponsorship Timeline for Canada
  146. Marriage visa to the UK
  147. School Documents and Police record for visa to Canada
  148. Need help to get visa for Spain
  149. Canadian visitor visa for family member
  150. Question about going through the Canadian process
  151. In Process.....question about Immigration Canada
  152. fingers crossed for hubby coming to england
  153. Obtaining an american travel visa?
  154. Dominican going to Vietnam. Visa??
  155. Cubana residing in the DR
  156. Has a Dominican, MARRIED to a Canadian, ever been approved for a VISITOR VISA?
  157. Unemployed sponsor re-PR visa to Canada
  158. Website??
  159. Invite a Cuban to DR ?
  160. In transit, Madrid
  161. English Please!.......re - Immigration Canada
  162. eea visa for dominican married to french
  163. Question about the medical for PR visa to Canada
  164. How hard is it to get a Visitor Visa to Canada?
  165. How long to bring Dominican children of K1 fiancee to the US
  166. Need help with K1 visa to the US
  167. Visitors Visa For Dominicans visiting Canada
  168. Dominicano with U.S. Felony?
  169. How to send the application to Port-Au-Prince?
  170. Documents for settlement visa to the UK
  171. Translated documents, what's next for immigration Canada?
  172. Visitor visa to Canada for Brother in law
  173. financial status.....for UK visa
  174. form VAF4 (fiancèè visa for UK)
  175. HELP...Sponsoring family member
  176. Help me understand the Visa process for UK
  177. Flight to the UK on a Work Visa
  178. Vistor visa for the uk
  179. Uncompleted Timelines for Canadian Permanent Residency Applications
  180. For those who travel to the US under the Visa Waiver program:
  181. Ordering CAIPS Notes...re Immigration Canada
  182. 1 location plus quick option service for Birth certificates, and other documents?
  183. Suggestions on filing out Canadian PR application
  184. Visitor Visa to the US question
  185. Dominicans want to visit Canada
  186. Any news? Re- members waiting for Visa to Canada
  187. Step kids and visas to Canada
  188. Is it too soon? Re- Immigration Canada
  189. Visas for father to be here for babys delivery in US
  190. Romanian visa
  191. We got mail from Haiti!
  192. what does the ECO decide on?...re settlement visa to UK
  193. DHL or UPS ? re-shipping documents to Haiti
  194. Great news!!!
  195. News from Immigration Canada!
  196. Recieved call from the Canadian Embassy
  197. Are you a Canadian citizen living in Quebec?
  198. Please explain
  199. Received email from Immigration Canada
  200. german visa
  201. Can the application fee be paid online or not?
  202. Question for those who have had an interview in the DR
  203. What documents required for Mexico?
  204. Questions about student/work visa to the US!
  205. Canadian Visitor Visa after American Visa
  206. Call from Haiti.......re Immigration Canada
  207. Some questions after Canadian visa approval
  208. Finally!!!!! News from Haiti
  209. Aid of MP or lack there of...re Immigration Canada
  210. No Visa..re Immigration Canada
  211. Alleluia!...Received letter from Haiti
  212. April Interviews for Canadian PR- Santo Domingo..
  213. Medical expiring re: Immigration Canada
  214. A Dominican woman's divorce
  215. Visitors visa for Canada question
  216. work visa program
  217. Question about birth certificate for Canadian PR visa
  218. Canadian Immigration Wait Times Update
  219. Visitor visa for the USA
  220. uk visa for family member of a dominican living in uk
  221. Call From Haiti!
  222. Government Nominee Sponsor Program
  223. Who is waiting for an interview in SD for Canadian PR visa?
  224. VISA day...re Immigration Canada
  225. Client Application Status? RE- Immigration Canada
  226. Immigrant processing time at airport stateside
  227. Visa for Spain & renewing a Dominican passport
  228. Shame on you Canada Immigration!
  229. Just a question about documents...Immigration Canada
  230. caips notes clarification? Re Immigration Canada
  231. Form IMMH10a...Immigration Canada
  232. Unacceptable...Canadian Embassy in Haiti is dysfunctional!
  233. Multiple-entry visa to Canada
  234. I wonder about some things??
  235. LAWYERS - Don't Bother...re - Immigration Canada
  236. visa for Bahamas, funny story
  237. need hlp on uk spouse settlement visa
  238. Interviews - Re: Immigration Canada
  239. About Canadian Immigration and visa information required
  240. Effective April 17 2009
  241. Visitor visa to the US
  242. My husband is Coming to Canada!!!!
  243. Questions about medical...re Immigration Canada
  244. Speak openly at the interview...re Immigration Canada
  245. Immigration in Haiti - Contact Information
  246. Travel requirements for all countries
  247. My 2nd Immigration Interview!
  248. Visitor visa to Canada
  249. Requirements for visitor visa U.K
  250. Visa for Spain with Canadian residency