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  1. decision made......re Immigration Canada
  2. The first flight to Canada - Experience with Charters
  3. Work Visa Application for Canada
  4. Spouse has travel visa to US, what forms need to be filled out for
  5. Getting Citizenship to Canada
  6. Can my Fiance visit me in Canada if he has a visitors visa for the US?
  7. does a Dominican qualify for spanish citizen
  8. Help, PR visa to Canada
  9. If Haiti received the application and it is "In Process" does that mean...
  10. Chinese visa in the Dominican Republic
  11. Marriage between Dominican women EU man
  12. Trying NOT to panic... Spanish visa problem
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  14. partner or friend for visitor visa to the UK?
  15. Visa's & Passport for the UK
  16. American woman applying for her Dominican finacee
  17. Canada Sponsorship - Unmarried, Baby on the way
  18. On-line visa for UK
  19. Permanent Residency to US took 1 1/2 months!
  20. Visas to Mexico
  21. K1 fiancee visas
  22. New York entry clearence for uk spouse visa
  23. E ticket for a Dominican's first flight to Canada
  24. Visitor visa to the USA
  25. Question about "In process" ..re Immigration Canada
  26. B File Number Port au Prince
  27. what proof is needed?
  28. I encourage everyone to call upon your MP
  29. before you send your application
  30. is there anyone who was at the interview...re Immigration Canada
  31. Question about medicals for kids...re Immigration Canada
  32. visa for algerian living in france
  33. Everything going great.. re- coming to Canada
  34. vistor visa while waiting for PR for husband??
  35. PR visa in Germany; waiting for PR visa in Canada
  36. Congratulations Sangria
  37. What Should Be Done Before Leaving DR?
  38. Getting maried this august and i need help getting my spouse a visa fast?
  39. appeal hearing in the uk
  40. Wait Time for Sponsorship Approval - Immigration Canada
  41. appointment list for visa
  42. Visas for business travel??
  43. Visa information for the USA
  44. Questions for visa application to Canada
  45. K3 Visa Petition-Affadavit of Support
  46. Child visitors visa to the UK
  47. Need Information...re Immigration Canada
  48. Dominican to UK
  49. From DR to Dubai
  50. Use of Representative...re Immigration Canada
  51. Transit through the US
  52. How Long for Sponsorship Approval? - Immigration Canada
  53. Visa for Mother-in-law for the US
  54. Visitors Visa, ten year visa, spouse VISA US
  55. Interview in Santo Domingo - Re Immigration Canada
  56. Help..visitor visa to the UK
  57. Sponsorship to Canada
  58. Hypothetical Visa Question
  59. Bringing over Dominicans on the Canadian live-in caregiver program?
  60. uk settlement visa
  61. Police clearance certificates for Canada from Italy
  62. Successful History of visitor visa to Canada!!!
  63. Info about canadian visa
  64. Visa for children in the Dominican Republic
  65. Immigration Canada Timeline - CANWEST
  66. When to send additional proof of relationship - Immigration Canada
  67. Visa Fraud...How does it work?
  68. Where to find FORM IMM10a!!! - Immigration Canada
  69. UK spouse visa experts wanted
  70. Bring Forward Dates..re Immigration Canada
  71. Best way to ask MP for assistance..re Immigration Canada
  72. letter of invitation?
  73. Permanent Resident Application - Canada
  74. Open Work Permit..re Immigration Canada
  75. October Interviews - Immigration Canada
  76. CAIPS Notes for $5.00
  77. Police clearance for visa to canada?
  78. Visitor Visa UK success !!!!!!
  79. Immigration Interviews - Focus on Communication and Family
  80. Visitor visa for wife....re Immigration Canada
  81. my fiance visa approval came in..in less then 2 1/2 months! re-immigration to US
  82. Police clearance cert from Italy (better to visit Italy?)
  83. Chile, land of opportunity
  84. CAIPS question
  85. visa issued!!! Immigration to the UK
  86. Info...Immigration Canada
  87. 2nd medical exam..re Immigration Canada
  88. Canadian Immigraton Facts 2008
  89. Conjugal visa for perm. residence-canada
  90. how many time after the bringfoward date haiti contact us?
  91. Canadian PR question and Ontario red tape!!
  92. Canadian Embassy in PUNTA CANA
  93. if you are denied...re Immigration Canada
  94. W5 show on Immigration Canada
  95. The best time to submit Canadian PR?
  96. Anybody doing PR in Vancouver Canada for spouse?
  97. PR canada Medical exam?
  98. Visa to the US for my dominican wife... help!!!
  99. Entering the US without a biometric passport
  100. Immigration Canada - What do you do after you have been denied
  101. Haiti & The Dominican Postal Service?
  102. Wealthy Dominican to wed American
  103. What are the countries who issue visas the easiest to Dominicans nationals?
  104. Question regarding my MP's status report..re Immigration Canada.
  105. Approval re Visitor's Visa for Canada
  106. Appeal Timelines - Immigration Canada
  107. ElizaJ - Update Immigration Canada
  108. Payment of Fees? Re Immigration Canada
  109. Canadian Embassy moving Nov. 23rd
  110. Guidelines & rules for posting in the visa forum!
  111. Address to send updated information to CIC?
  112. Visa or residency to Spain
  113. Canadian embassy in SD - phone numbers to pick up visa
  114. Dominican spouse to U.S. service member in Germany
  115. US Embassy telephone?????
  116. What does M19 mean? - re Immigration Canada
  117. Finally we have an interview date
  118. Regarding CAIPS notes - Form IMM 5475
  119. Trying to sponsor a college student from the DR
  120. FYI -Sponsored Family Members..re Immigration Canada
  121. Can Dominicans visit Belize?
  122. concerns about interview
  123. Family Sponsored Visa Questions for the US!
  124. Family reunification re-Immigration to the USA
  125. The interview is over! Re Immigration Canada
  126. Parent Sponsorship to Canada
  127. Experience with late birth declarations
  128. PAP Spousal Application Time frame...re Immigration Canada
  129. Which documents to translate?...Re Immigration Canada
  130. Transit over German airport
  131. Canadian Immigration Employees working in Port Au Prince...
  132. Temporary Visa to attend English Summer Camp
  133. Dominicans traveling to Canada?
  134. My K1 visa accepted in less then 7 months!! RE US immigration
  135. Carta de invitacion for Europe: what do I risk?
  136. Dominican to Visit Canada
  137. Vistor Visa to US with Canadian PR
  138. Can I get a Dominican Visa in Cuba ? plz urgent
  139. CAIPS question
  140. CAIPS for PR - Quebec selected immigrants?
  141. What are my chances for my DR girl to visit me?
  142. IMMH10-A Form Received
  143. Visitor Visa for husband to see children
  144. New Question About Further Proof of Relationship-re Immigration Canada
  145. Visitors Visa to Canada
  146. Visitor visa for Canada while in PR process
  147. Travel Question RE: Travel through USA to get to Canada
  148. Question about B file number. Re Immigration Canada
  149. Canadian Embassy in Santo Domingo - Suggestions for me?
  150. mistake on visitors visa application affect PR / can police check be done outside DR?
  151. Canadian PR Card
  152. Clarification on Travel with Canada PR CARD
  153. Filling out form 5563 Re Immigration Canada
  154. How long must you stay in DR before you can re-enter US
  155. Am I required to provide details of accommodation on PR application
  156. New online form for US non-immigrant visas
  157. K1 Interview Questions-re visa to USA
  158. Use of a Representative Form (mailing to Missisauga)
  159. K1 Visa Interview Experience..re Immigration to USA
  160. Traveling to DR via the US: May have a problem
  161. Sponsoring dependent children - PR in Canada
  162. Visa to UK denied. Need help
  163. Help Please - UK Visa Appeal
  164. How hard is it for Dominicans to visit the U.S?
  165. Talldrink's Hubby's Visa - APPROVED!!
  166. What I found out today...
  167. Good news posted on CIC web-site!
  168. proof of income for sponsorship?..re Immigration Canada
  169. Great news!! re..Immigration Canada
  170. Just a travel question??
  171. New form for non-immigrant visa applications US
  172. Clarification of the April 1st Immigration Canada Update
  173. Tiguerita - Hubby's PR visa for Canada issued today!
  174. usa visa
  175. Canadian Immigration - Visitor Visas Stupidity
  176. Understanding CAIPS notes
  177. Medical for Visa
  178. Medical for Visa -re Immigration Canada
  179. Genistar-Timeline PR Canada
  180. RE: Immigration Canada - Haitian sponsorship
  181. European applying for US visitor visa in SD
  182. Question on how applicants are notified. Re-Immigration Canada
  183. Success story - temporary resident (visitor) visa for Canada
  184. CAIPS notes-re Immigration Canada
  185. UK to Introduce Immigration Cap
  186. Canada-PR and then visitor visa appplication
  187. Canada-paying vv fees from canada
  188. Application forms for Canadian residency
  189. Vacation visa for Canada
  190. Police Certificate..re Immigration Canada
  191. IMM 5406 Question..re Immigration Canada
  192. list of countries where dominicans can travel without visa
  193. Question about form 5481-Sponsorship Evaluation..re Immigration Canada
  194. List of documents needing to be translated..re-Immigration Canada
  195. I need a well connected Immigration lawyer now!!!!!
  196. Visa for Nassau for Dominicans
  197. Medical expiring..Re Immigration Canada
  198. Birth Certificate...Re Immigration Canada
  199. USA resident visa
  200. how long is sponship in usa and then trf to become canadian resident
  201. Cost of Redoing the Medicals
  202. british consulate in sto domingo
  203. Police Certificates Santo Domingo
  204. In-Law Visas
  205. What kind of a delay adding his daughter - Re: Immigration Canada
  206. Seeking solid advice on bringing brother from DR to NY (work visa?)
  207. Where to buy Canadian dollars in Dominican Republic?
  208. can. pr bring forward date
  209. Capis notes: address for sending this?
  210. Basic Income to Sponsor Spouse - Re: Immigration Canada
  211. Canada Visa Office - Santo Domingo
  212. can i mail waiver form to uscis if i know visa will be denied
  213. Immigration Canada - Forgot to put something in package, am I screwed?
  214. Immigration Canada - Sponsorship from the DR
  215. Dominican Visa for the United States
  216. Immigration Photos
  217. Immigration Canada -Curious about the Process......Let me hear your story
  218. IMPT: New English Language Requirement for Partners of UK Citizens
  219. Need to Send Documents to the British Consulate in NYC
  220. always 'married'
  221. Flying to Singapore, Malaysia or Hong Kong
  222. VISA UPDATE For Dominicans Traveling to Central American Countries
  223. How much would it cost me to bring my boyfriend from dominican republic?
  224. Custody Girl moving to Canada.
  225. Everything to do with CAIPS Notes - Re: Immigration Canada
  226. scheduled list appointments
  227. Medical Test Immigration Canada
  228. Got a visa to the UK....now for flights??
  229. US visa and immigration
  230. What is the best way?
  231. Authorized Doctors Medical Exam Puerto Plata area
  232. If I becomen an American
  233. Flight with Thomas cook from Dominican Republic
  234. Countries does not require visas for dominicans
  235. Is Puerto Rico part of the United States?
  236. Police/Record Check Legalization
  237. Additional Family Information IMM5406
  238. Imm canada-urgent need of information
  239. Visitation Visa for Dominican wife?
  240. US Immigration Services through Guzmán Ariza
  241. dominican to obtain vistor visa for usa
  242. question re birth certificates
  243. U.S. Immigration - Your Questions Answered
  244. Visitor Visa to the UK
  245. Flights out to DR to Countries other than North America/Canada etc.
  246. Visa for wife and step son - re: immigration canada
  247. Dominicans to Cuba
  248. Need 14 day visa for PR
  249. Decision Made Status - CIC Website Inquiry
  250. Help needed - please!!!!