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  1. Help needed - please!!!!
  2. Visitor visa for minor?
  3. Which countries can Dominican republic passport holders travel without a visa?
  4. Dominican boyfriend wants to visit Canada
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  9. English language testing (for Canadian skilled workers)
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  12. Long-term US visa renewal
  13. Multiple vs Single
  14. Return to UK after marriage?
  15. Marriage Certificate Canadian PR
  16. Help re: visa for a minor
  17. applying for visitor visa Canada
  18. visa application letter
  19. Where can I get documents translated
  20. Schengen Visa to Sweden/Europe
  21. Regular U.S. Consular Services Suspended Until Further Notice...
  22. Lost passport
  23. Family based petitions for u.s. Permanent resident visas
  24. Is american embassy still issuing visas?
  25. Passport Appllication
  26. VERY URGENT: Correcting an error on the Visa to the US
  27. Temp Resident Visa Canada: QUESTION
  28. I need a Mentor,, re canadian PR visa
  29. Going to the usa
  30. Private Messenger used by US Consulate in SD...
  31. K1 Visa Interview Help
  32. Tourist Visa to Spain
  33. TRV Canada Processing Time Increased
  34. Do i need to bring a marriage and birth certificate to interview?canada appl
  35. how long before you receive papers for US
  36. right of permanent residence fee??? PLEASE NEED A QUICK ANSWER!!
  37. UK Visa Question
  38. Temporary Worker Visa- Canada...any experience?
  39. Step childern permission papers
  40. PR Timelines for Canada
  41. Visitor Visa application submitted today
  42. Consultorios Visa open on july 4th??
  43. UK Visa for Dominican Passport holder.
  44. Declaring Dependents on Visa Application
  45. How hard is it for a Dominican to get a Turks and Caicos visa?
  46. Domincan woman married to a Canadian Man processing PR application and having a baby
  47. Dominican Republic removed from english test exemption list
  48. 3 weeks since visa application. Who to call for info?
  49. Immigrating to Canada from the DR - is it possible for an unskilled couple with kids?
  50. Student Visas Requirements & Information
  51. Want to Work and or Study in the United States...read below
  52. B-1/B-2 Visitors Who Want to Enroll in School
  53. US Visa appointments via internet
  54. Fiance Visa for the UK
  55. I know my visa case will be difficult.
  56. Tourist Visa for Student
  57. half dominican half english baby passport
  58. B1/B2 Visas
  59. People with visa experience, please help me.
  60. Question on Visas available to Dominican Residents
  61. Visas for Dominicans in Transit Barbados/Antigua
  62. does a dominican womans visa cover her infant child as well?
  63. Sponsoring a child - Canadian PR
  64. Changes at CIC - longer processing times etc. Give your feedback!!!
  65. UK Visitors Visa for Husbands Daughter & Mother-in-law
  66. Dominican family to visit Canada
  67. Overtstayed US Visa Holders
  68. Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Denied Today
  69. American wants Dominican Visa
  70. Questions about visa to the US for my son's father..
  71. Getting ready to apply for K-1 fiance visa
  72. Question about US Resident status.
  73. Question about US visa
  74. I-130 form application approval Question
  75. How about a stickey?
  76. Got a call from the Canadian Embassy
  77. Documents needed for applying for Visa at the Spanish embassy in Santo Domingo
  78. Can US Perm Res use DR tourist cards?
  79. Visitor Visa To Canada
  80. Does a Dominican Citizen w/U.S Green Card need a Visa to visit Jamaica?
  81. How do I get my novia a U.S. tourist visa
  82. Dominican with US visiting Canada
  83. Question about visitor visa to the UK
  84. People other than you sending info to CIS.
  85. No responce from I-130 after a month
  86. question regarding us tourist visa
  87. UK Border Agency: maintenance requirement evidence
  88. Finally, getting her visa to the U.S
  89. Visa Necessary to Connect in an Airport in Canada?
  90. July 2012 changes for visa into uk, get them in NOW!!
  91. UK Spouse Visas - Useful Info for English tests in DR
  92. English language test?
  93. Uk Visa - Case where Sponsor is financially dependant on Dominican Applicant?
  94. Canada Immigration In Process? how often is changed ?
  95. It appears Dominicans will need visa to Argentina as of July 1st 2012
  96. Uk spouse visa time line
  97. Canadian PR Application Questions
  98. Canadian to wed Dominican man, need info!!!
  99. Updated e-mail address dominican embassy in Belgium NEEDED
  100. What is the approximate time line for a K-1 visa to come through
  101. Legal papers for kid to leave DR with the father
  102. Visa for 1yr..is it required for American
  103. Uk visa question
  104. I'm confused and don't know who to trust
  105. Changes in Immigration to Canada as of Oct.26 2012
  106. Question about Canadian sponsership
  107. Applying for Visitor Visa This Week !
  108. dominican living in spain visiting family in uk
  109. It is time I got married
  110. UAE Visas, Need info asap
  111. Change from non-immigrant visa to immigrant visa, possible?
  112. The fastest way to get a VISA for Dominican people?
  113. Questions about a Fiance Visa
  114. US and Canadian Visa renewals
  115. Is it difficult to get a canadian visitor visa for dominicans?
  116. new immigration law in Canada and its marketing campaign...
  117. bringing her to NYC, II have immigration questions.
  118. US Transit Visa To Canada
  119. Timing to pick up my second permenent residency card
  120. Pensions, can that count as savings for a UK visa
  121. Oh Canada!!! I need some help here
  122. Sponsoring Siblings into the U.S.
  123. Has getting a temp visa to Canada gotten any easier yet?
  124. Canadian marrying a Dominican
  125. American wanting to bring Dominican fiancee to marry in U.S.
  126. I'm Amercn. She's Domincn. We Have a 2 month Old. Wld Like to Get Home for Christmas
  127. Visa to Australia for a Dominican
  128. Income requirements to sponsor a spouse to Canada?
  129. Is a transit visa necessary for Chile?
  130. Temporary Work Visas
  131. How do I get a tourist visa for my boyfriend?
  132. American born Dominicana immigration to Canada
  133. I'm British, she's Dominican, want to visit the US
  134. UK Tourist Visa - A Possibility or a Dream?
  135. Visiting from New Zealand - Visa or Tourist card??
  136. Canadian Work Visa vs Permanent Residency for Employment
  137. need help with visa
  138. Misspelled Name
  139. applying for american visa
  140. Adjusted Refusal Rate 2013 - B Visas USA
  141. US Visitor Visa
  142. best and worst passports of latin america
  143. Direct Consular Filing?
  144. Couple battles Ottawa to rescue and adopt abused boys
  145. Inmigrate to canada
  146. Can't Find, despite searching and searching...Canadian Visa Wait Times
  147. Canadian Permanent Residency - received e-mail to bring passport to embassy
  148. Proof of employment in order to sponsor to Canada
  149. Country list of VISA requirement for Dominicans
  150. US visa obtained easily.
  151. New US Consulate and New Consul General
  152. Letter of invitation for a Canadian VV
  153. man... Brewster certainly is one of the good guys...
  154. Short Stay Visa for Germany
  155. U.S. citizen applying for Brazilian tourist visa in Santo Domingo
  156. Likelihood of Obtaining Visitor Visa To Canada
  157. A question on US immigration
  158. transit visa for dominicans?
  159. Russia to Remove Visa Requirements for Dominicans
  160. Canadian sponsorship with existing undertaking
  161. Visa for a Dominicana
  162. 10 yr visa to usa.
  163. Visitor Visa for USA
  164. US Visa Renewal for Dominicans
  165. Visa-free travel to Russia for Dominicans
  166. Applying for US visitor visa
  167. Travel Visa for Dominicans - USA/Canada???
  168. Canadian visitor Visa Info
  169. Help - UK Visa contact numbers
  170. CHINA resident requirement for entry to DR
  171. Bringing a Dominican to the states via K1 Fiancé Visa
  172. K1 process vs. married in DR thus allowing my SO to come over?
  173. DCF for US Immigration Visa
  174. After I-130 has been filed now what? Other paperwork?
  175. List of Countries Dominican ciizens can enter visa free as of 4/15/16
  176. Birth Abroad
  177. Visa requirements for a Dominican Citizen for Portugal
  178. Medical Fees
  179. Número de impuesto del banco from overseas
  180. Info on immigrating to Canada
  181. UK Marriage
  182. About to Apply for Visitor Visa.....Does who I know have any influence over Approval
  183. Obtaining & maintaining US permanent residency.
  184. Dominican Certificates company (for criminal background check)
  185. Canadian Embassy
  186. Immigration / Visa for US
  187. Visa application to Canada -passports sent to Mexico
  188. Calling all UK citizens fellow Brit looking for advice.
  189. a canadian concerned before marriage
  190. Getting my poor Amigo to the US.
  191. starting an application for visa
  192. Married name vs Maiden name during i130/864 visa process?
  193. Need price of passport
  194. Visitor visa for my wife
  195. beware of K-1 snafu
  196. Traveling w/ DR Passport & US Permanent Residency
  197. Does a Dominican need a Visa to travel to Colombia?
  198. My husband
  199. After i130 & 864 stages we are finally onto a line for interview.....but how long?
  200. Best way for US citizen to invite a friend over for a tourist visa?
  201. Do I need a police certificate for the interview?
  202. Tourist visas to be more difficult to the US
  203. London with Schengen??
  204. French Schengen visa for Domnicans (Tourism)
  205. Can someone take their girlfriend to USA for marriage and stay?
  206. Riped/damaged Canadian Visa