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  1. reputed real estate developers
  2. Nice residential tower going up in La Esmeralda, Santiago!
  3. Land prices, building costs. Massive variations?
  4. Terramar complex
  5. Help finding assorted home construction items in the DR @ (home, kitchen, etc)
  6. Interested in buying property in dr
  7. pool construction in Sosua
  8. Name of Neighbourhood in SOSUA / CABARETE
  9. Making rental contract
  10. Real Estate Investment Club in Punta Cana Bavaro
  11. Where is Pichardo when the wheels fall off?
  12. Haciendas el Choco land for sale
  13. property title fraud
  14. Workforce & Wages
  15. Need to rent a workshop space in Santo Domingo
  16. Real Estate Agent
  17. Price range south of POP airport
  18. Building Green in DR
  19. Wow
  20. Possible Permenant Residency Investments
  21. A Question for Foreigners
  22. I want to buy a home but the plat plan is missing!!
  23. Buying a house where the town holds title to the land
  24. replace granite floor for porcelanato floor
  25. Price of land and advice on buying
  26. Los cerros
  27. Oceanfront property in cabarete
  28. Bond buying in the dr
  29. Bank CD's Interest Rate
  30. Donald Trump sues Cap Cana Resort
  31. Donald Trump files suit against Cap Cana resort
  32. Rental in Puerto Rico
  33. need advice on selling my condo
  34. Buying and selling a home in the D-R without a Dominican bank account ?
  35. Sale of portion of land: Is location of portion to be indicated in the acto de venta?
  36. opinion on RE market: sea front condos.
  37. El titulo and el impuesto
  38. Looking for a simple home in the DR
  39. Beautiful condo for SALE - Best Deal Punta Cana
  40. Seeking a condo with balconey in the Las-Terrenas area.
  41. Vista Mare - Any comments/information?
  42. C21 Trickery
  43. Looking to Rent a 3-4 BDR House
  44. Gran Cabanna Cabarete Investor Call
  45. Advice on buying house in cabrera. Any info helps. Thanks!
  46. will house go?
  47. where do i start??
  48. Looking for nightly rentals in Piantini
  49. Moving to Santo Domingo, searching for an apartment.
  50. investment opportunity
  51. Has anyone done business with dr coastal properties in cabrera?
  52. Inspections on Home Renovations?
  53. Marmolene construction costs - high and low?
  54. Anyone know of a villa for rent - Samana Santa
  55. Sanctuary in Playa Magente
  56. Property Ownership - as a company or as an individual?
  57. apartment saga ending
  58. Looking for lot or small villa to purchase in Cofresi
  59. Looking for Puerto Plata Apartment
  60. Is there hope for Cabarete? (Investing in Property)
  61. Santo Domingo Real Estate Prices
  62. Buying In the DR - For those pondering it.
  63. House Insurance
  64. Wanted to Buy: 2BR/2Bath house
  65. Ocean View Condo For Sale - Santo Domingo
  66. Anyone with a few bob to spend this place coming up for auction looks nice
  67. Condos in Sosua
  68. Real Estate Valuations and Trends
  69. Capital Gains Tax for Non Residents in DR
  70. AVERAGE real estate commission?
  71. Sosua La Mulatta - Why is almost everybody selling ?
  72. wanted multifamily apartment in good condition
  73. Executive Offices in the Dominican Republic
  74. Residential projects in DR
  75. Aparta hotels in santiago
  76. Looking For Architect In Santiago
  77. old property scam
  78. lots to buy on moncion?
  79. Advice on renting out a commercial property in Santo Domingo
  80. What is a Grantor in Real Estate?
  81. Cabrera Area New Projects/ future Goverment Plans for the area?
  82. Familiar with this, agent/business?
  83. Deposit before contract?
  84. DR property insurance ? any recommendations?
  85. My dilemma: Buy or Rent with kitesurf and SUP for half year stay ?
  86. What can anyone tell me about Star Hills between Puerto Plata andSosua?
  87. opinion on developing in Guayacanes area
  88. Relocating to the DR within 3 weeks need advice Please
  89. Real Estate Appraisers in DR
  90. Knowledge, photos, floor plans, and recommendations please
  91. Need Real Estate Agent....
  92. robert michael and co should i contact for real estate help
  93. Bank loan for land purchase
  94. Buying a rental/for sale ad.
  95. Ocean View Condo For Sale - Santo Domingo
  96. Question Re: Mortgages in DR
  97. Looking for apartestudio in gazcue
  98. Title
  99. occupancy rate
  100. Cacique & Honduras Santo Domingo Properties
  101. Real Estate in Sosua,Cabarate, Luperon etc.....
  102. question about resindencial hispaniola
  103. las Terrenas Condo
  104. building costs 2014
  105. Moving my RCI home resort from the DR to another place.
  106. Advsing a friend
  107. residencial hispaniola...
  108. House for rent needed!
  109. building a house in Dr cost?
  110. Trying to figure out what to list my house for.
  111. best website for dominican property listings?
  112. Condo Mortgage Loans in DR
  113. trying to reclaim property!
  114. Problems at Pueblo Bavaro
  115. government owned land on north coast
  116. Recommended Canadian container shipping company?
  117. Need a referral for a good real estate agent broker in Santo Domingo
  118. montellano northcoast on the road to puerto plata
  119. Renting an apartment and turning on utilities
  120. Waterfront House In Sosua Sells For $2k U.S.
  121. Property Taxes
  122. buying land at first. in d.r
  123. im thinking of buying a villa in the sosua area and im looking for tips.
  124. Provisional Title on a property???
  125. N Coast condo for sale with owner financing
  126. single male writer lking for inexpensive 1 bdrm sosua/cabarete for 2 wks end April
  127. Roommate Wanted!!
  128. Contractor - architect?
  129. Ocean Front property prices
  130. has anyone seen this online petition for regulation of the domestic real estate...
  131. Avoiding DR inheritance laws validating US will at cancillera PLEASE ADVISE ASAP
  132. Aligio apt-hotel in Las Terrenas
  133. Land in Maimon ?
  134. Designs for a second floor/story?
  135. Looking for 1 bedroom apartment
  136. I need an English Speaking Realtor to Rent and Sell my house in Santiago
  137. Looking for an Apartment/Condo to buy in Santiago de los Caballeros
  138. Looking to rent small office cheap
  139. Where can I have a for sale sign made?
  140. Goverment program- to give land to those that have been affected by land crime
  141. bestsosuarealestate.com - Comments /Opinions / Experiences
  142. Broker recommendation
  143. stages of deslinding
  144. playa palmera uvero alto building lots
  145. Real Estate Agent Serving Imbert
  146. REal Estate Comparisons
  147. NYT does a market profile of the DR
  148. transfering lager amounts from canada for real estate
  149. who typically pays the lawyers when buying the property the vendor or the buyer?
  150. looking for apt near colonial zone for a month ...feb/march 2015
  151. Como recuperar terreno invadido?
  152. My house is now for sale.
  153. HGTV House Hunters International tonight
  154. 1br apartment needed in Cabarete or between Cabarete&Sosua(not Sosua itself)
  155. Bar / Lounge for Sale in Santiago
  156. Apartment Share / Room to rent - Santo Domingo
  157. Selling a large piece of real estate in Bavaro
  158. Buying My Own House / Hipoteca
  159. Tax status
  160. Contact Center Space Wanted - Santiago
  161. Las Terrenas questions
  162. Gated community? Or not?
  163. Anyone familiar with land pricing in Bonao?
  164. looking for rental
  165. good neighbourhoods near sosua
  166. Renters beware!
  167. rental property abroad
  168. real estate agent in santo domingo
  169. looking for property for sale in Casa Linda
  170. Selling Property In Santo Domingo Arryho Hondo
  171. Titles for The Garden Condos are in!
  172. Advice for selling a house
  173. Looking to rent in Puerto Plata or Nearby
  174. owner financing on a condo
  175. CONDOat Infinity Blue
  176. Lot Land
  177. Adventures in finding and financing an apartment in SD.
  178. BUYING an apartment!
  179. Buying apartment in palm suites bavaro for rental income????
  180. Santiago realtor
  181. Real Estate - My Journey
  182. Seeking cheap place to live and have store front business
  183. Transfering money to the seller of a house in the DR.
  184. How to shop for real estate in DR?
  185. Advice on building costs.
  186. 430 Mt/4600 Sq ft Modern Home in Santiago , Pool, Gated
  187. Finding Roommates
  188. Ocean View Condo For Sale in Santo Domingo (ad ID# P-1831)
  189. Looking for a mortgage contact
  190. Ocean view condo for sale in Santo Domingo (ad# P-1831)
  191. Rental Properties Advertising
  192. English-speaking real estate lawyers in Las Terrenas
  193. Good real estate agent Santo Domingo
  194. Wanted: Retail location, preferably in plaza, in Santo Domingo
  195. HELP!Buying a House
  196. What is 64 tarreas of land worth near yamasa
  197. Late deposit return
  198. Cattle auctions
  199. A site similar to craigslist for native Dominicans? (apartment search...)
  200. Please recommend a reliable RE agent / Sosua area
  201. Considering a condo/apartment
  202. Thank you DR1
  203. Beautiful lot for sale! Breathtaking ocean view in prestigious community
  204. Spacious and exclusive lot with beautiful hill views in gated community
  205. Recommendations for a newb on where to stay for a few months
  206. Taxes Paid on Home Sale??
  207. length of time
  208. NY Times: House Hunting in DR
  209. Who should I contact to test soil for new construction ?
  210. apartment insurance
  211. What is going on?
  212. Property management company
  213. RENTAL: Who pays commission? (Lawyer and Real Estate Agent)
  214. Playa Chiquita Rental / Sosua / - Any insight?
  215. Real estate agents improper request
  216. we search **Gonzalo** in costambar
  217. Bathroom Redesign in Santo Domingo - Need someone with Skills
  218. Im thinking of buying a condo. Help!
  219. Condos and houses prices
  220. Historic Real Estate Prices
  221. Mortgage info
  222. Anyone recommend a realtor for Don Juan II La Romana?
  223. Deslinde
  224. Title Insurance ?...
  225. House vs Condo vs Apartment?
  226. Need advice
  227. Brick by Brick
  228. Are land prices ridiculous high?
  229. Facebook listed Real Estate Caberete/Sosua area
  230. Jarabacoa Villa for sale
  231. What Is The Best Venue For Selling An Apartment In Santo Domingo?
  232. Who Owns the Property
  233. What is 150 tareas worth in sierra prieta
  234. long term apartment rental - cabarete
  235. Tell Ya This Much.....
  236. Best options to rent out an apartment
  238. Apartment Security
  239. Renting or buying in Santiago
  240. Blog about Commercial Real Estate in the Dominican Republic
  241. Taxes for title transfer
  242. paying for real estate purchase in other country.
  243. Undeveloped area waterfront lots?
  244. Advice On Buying Property in Puerto Plata Area
  245. Real Caribe
  246. Apartments in Cabarete
  247. One Month Rental in Barahona
  248. Garage NEEDED for an SUV near SOSUA YEAR'ROUND
  249. an aopartment
  250. NY Times Article About Real Estate In North Coast