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  1. LADIES ONLY! And Now A Few Words From Meemselle....because one word is never enough
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  3. So let's kick off with the menopause -only ladies post
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  8. Is the DR a good place to raise children: JUST FOR THE LADIES.
  9. Sanky Statistics MEN DO NOT POST
  10. LADIES ONLY! More results about sankies
  11. Double Standards - NO MEN TO POST
  12. Picking bits of food out - LADIES ONLY TO POST
  13. Culture shock - NO MEN TO POST
  14. What's your diet
  15. Gringa/Dominicana looks
  16. Sexual Harrassment in the DR NO MEN TO POST
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  18. Question About The Gifts.....Women Only
  19. A to Z of the Dominican Republic: Ladies only to post
  20. B is for Bachata, Brugal and Barahona NO MEN TO POST
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  22. C. Can we start C? LADIES ONLY
  23. Women's role in the DR