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It's not hot!
Everyone thinks itís hot and complains that itís hot but that is a matter of tradition. 
Every country has a custom of complaining about the weather because it is a safe topic. Regardless of race, religion or nationality, no one can change what mother nature throws at man weather-wise, be it rain, snow, hail, sun or wind.

But Dominicans have a problem. The weather rarely varies more than a few degrees.
So when the mercury goes up a centimeter, everyone says itís hot. When the mercury goes down a centimeter, itís cold. And since no one wants to appear too obvious about the slight difference, there are no thermometers. 
If someone says itís hot and there is no thermometer around, itís impossible to argue the point. 
Iíve lived in Santo Domingo for a year. Iíve never seen a thermometer.

But, there is a system. In December and January it is supposed to be cold ótherefore itís cold. In July and August, itís supposed to be hot, so everyone complains of the heat. 
Spring is rain and October and November are supposed to be specially beautiful. The fact that thermometers must remain in hiding to make complaining legitimate is beside the point. 
It could just be that my sympathy button isnít working properly. I just returned from the United States for two months. 

Want hot? Go North!
There are thermometers in Colorado because they have a right to complain. The days usually hit at least 100 degrees (38ļ centigrade). The mercury plunges to 45ļ degrees at night (7ļC).

If all the degree changes in the Dominican Republic were added together for a year, they wouldnít add up to as many degrees as the shift in temperature in Colorado in 24 hours. My body is still in shock.

It isnít just Colorado. Try Seattle, Washington. Rain and cold predominate rather than heat. I spent ten days wearing a down ski parka and wool socks (shirt and slacks too!). Try Wyoming. Back to hot days and cold nights. 
So, stiffen those upper lips, grab those fans and smile! It is so nice to be here. The beautiful Caribbean is good for swimming day or night, the sun is good for tans and the tropic breeze is perfect for quiet and relaxed evenings under the stars.

Besides, it is only a short time before winter comes, the thermometer drops three degrees and everyone must endure the "terrible" cold. (Marian Duteil) 

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