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 Santo Domingo

   The capital city, vibrant nightlife, fashionable shopping, superb dining, culture and history. Starting point for the Spanish colonization of the Americas, city of parks and sports, beauty and health parlors, art and meetings…

   The capital city of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo is the most active metropolis in the entire Caribbean. Where business and government deals happen, the city is constantly evolving to cater to thousands that are attracted by its contrasting modern lifestyle. The city is known for its vibrant nightlife, fashionable shopping and superb dining.
   The city’s skyline has changed as dozens of new skyscrapers now peak out to the Caribbean Sea or look over the sprawling neighborhoods. This is a city that celebrates culture, with continuing showing of Dominican and international performances booked for its many venues. Santo Domingo (also known as the National District) has a population of one million, while another two million live in the environs of the province of Santo Domingo.

Getting there

   Las Américas International Airport is the city’s principal port of entry. It is located on the outskirts of the city, some 20 minutes east of the historical colonial district and 10 minutes from the popular beach town of Boca Chica.
This airport offers scheduled service by:
United States: American Airlines (New York, Miami, Boston), Delta Airlines (New York, Atlanta), Continental Airlines (Newark), Spirit Airlines (Fort Lauderdale), US Airways (Philadelphia).
Caribbean: American Eagle, Caribbean Sun Airlines (San Juan, Puerto Rico), American Eagle and Liat (Antigua), American Eagle (Saint Martin), Acerca Airlines (Caracas), Aeropostal Airlines (Curaçao, Caracas), Air Caraibes (Pont-a-Pitre, Fort de France), Cubana de Aviación (Havana), AeroCaribbean (Santiago de Cuba).

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