Dominican Republic Hurricanes When hurricanes do hit the Dominican Republic, they have the potential to cause quite a bit of damage because so many structures in the rural and poorer urban areas are not very sound. As the hurricane moves inland its winds naturally lose force but it can continue to dump tremendous amounts of rain. These heavy rains can result in mudslides and other dangerous problems. Today, most people have the benefit of news mediums to warn them in advance that a hurricane is approaching but there are many people in remote parts of the country that have no access to this information and therefore have little or no time to prepare.

For those who have advance warning that a hurricane is approaching, the best action to take to preserve personal safety is to evacuate the area by heading inland until the storm has passed. If you do not have the time or the means to evacuate, you should make sure that you take several precautions. One thing you should do is make sure that you have a decent amount of cash to hand as bank and ATMs may be temporarily unavailable. You should also prepare your house by installing storm shutters. Another thing you can do is make sure you have precut plywood, a hammer and nails available so you will be prepared to board up windows and other entrances.

You should have any trees within close proximity to your home manicured so that there are no heavy or loose branches that might snap off and cause damage due to the heavy winds. It is important to have a disaster kit prepared with a supply of canned foods and bottled water that can last a few days, a first aid kit in case of injuries and a lengthy supply of any prescription medication you may be taking. Lastly but very important is to have a flood safe evacuation route prepared.
If you do stay in your house, the safest place is usually a room without windows such as a bathroom or large closet. If the eye of the storm happens to pass over your area, make sure not to venture outside, as the ferocious back end of the hurricane is still to follow. If there is water coming into your house, make sure to turn the electricity off and use a flashlight. You should also be very careful what you do after a hurricane has passed. People are frequently killed after hurricanes due to electric shocks from fallen wires or lacerations.

DR1 has the only active hotel and resorts status page relating to hurricanes in the Caribbean. In case of a hurricane, the status page is updated to reflect any damage or closings that major hotels and resorts around the country have experienced. You can subscribe to receive en e-mail alert as the status of hotels and resorts are updated. To visit this page, click this link DR1 Status Alert.

History tells us that hurricanes do not strike the Dominican Republic often, but occasionally they do and when this happens, there is always the risk of destruction. The threat of a possible approaching hurricane should always be taken seriously and all necessary precautions should be taken.
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